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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Department Of Jerks -- [Explicit Content] Revelations from John Bolton's new book; Trump tried to get several dictators to help him cheat; The trade war wasn't about trade; Finland and Russia; Trump censored Bolton's book; The Supreme Court's decision on DACA and Trump's horrendous reactions; Trump will blame coronavirus on migrants from Mexico; Junior's getting his dad to help him sell books; The murder of Rayshard Brooks; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Arthur Nasson and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

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Arthur Nasson – “Unglued”
The Bitter Elegance – “Chasing Eden” from Hiding In the Spotlight

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  • notanncoulter

    FYI: This episode is not showing up on STITCHER as of 9:45 AM ET Friday 19th.

    • notanncoulter

      Now on STITCHER as of 2:33 PM ET.

    • Stitcher has always been slow to update my show. I have no clue why.

  • katanahamon

    Jody hit the nail on the head..he’s a sociopath, that’s why he never really laughs, or seems to appreciate music, or anything or one else. Music requires several mental processes before an outward reaction, Rump realizes in a millisecond whether or not some stimulation, situation, or conversation, has any meaning or ability to influence others’ opinions of himself and instantly dismisses anything not directly about or benefitting himself. Bolton is scum, but, hey, if we can use him to depose this f*cktard, mores the better. The only thing the R Party is for, is, “rich people and corporations can or should be able to do anything they want, and we will espouse any anti Dem policy or idea to win elections.” Think of the literate, beautiful language of the Constitution, and then contrast that with the ignorance or the R’s allowing Rump to be their nominee..yeah..not a great idea to let a total dumbshit to be president.