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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonWomp Womp -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump signs meaningless executive order regarding family separation; Young girl sexually assaulted in an internment camp; Torture chambers in Virginia camp; Melania goes to the border; Ivanka thanks her Dad for not terrorizing more children; Justin Trudeau condemns Trump; Trump says Canadians are smuggling shoes; Corey Lewandowski is a dick; The Million Micropenis March; Trump's Duluth Rally; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Yeah, ok. I just lost my sister today. She’s older than me, considerably, raised two kids, had a technically and scientifically demanding job, smart. I’ve always avoided political discussions and steered away from them, knowing she votes Repub, but today I made the mistake of responding to a comment and she said that CNN was “propaganda.” I politely ended the call, because, what can you say to that? Now I know the country really is in trouble when otherwise sane, educated people are perpetuating the Fox agenda. Oh well..guess it was nice having family while it lasted…

    • mnpollio

      You are a better person than I am. I would not have been polite about ending the call. The cutting off of family like this is depressing and unfortunate, but has become a necessity. My mother worked with nutty woman who was constantly spouting bilge received from her even nuttier sister in Florida about the Deep State, Repubs are great, etc. Woman’s daughter told her at the last election that Trump was evil and if she voted for him consider herself banned from contact with her and the grandchildren. Guess what, idiot voted Trump and now wants to cry the blues that her daughter and grandkids refuse to take her calls/emails. My heart bleeds…not. Sometimes saving our way of life and preserving our mental health takes precedence over sparing the hurt feelings of ignorant family members.

  • “Don’t Stop Believing” is the perfect tune – if the MAGA rubes decide to take 45*’s lies for what they are, the guy is likely to disappear up his own asshole.

    And don’t forget to keep those cards and letters comin’ in, kids. Uncle Paulie loves to hear from us.

  • These Red Hats and their, “don’t try to make me feel bad for those kids”. We shouldn’t have to make you, you heartless Nazis.

    The whole idea that the border is this porous thing is a complete fiction but I’m not hearing anyone really reporting on the fact. Both Bush and Obama heavily funded and staffed border security. Pres. Obama, in particular, was making deals with the GOP Congress throughout his terms (usually to get budgets passed) and they always included him caving on border security demands from McCain. Ultimately Obama deported more people in his first four years than Bush did in all 8 of his (but he wasn’t separating children from their parents, no matter what the right says). In the meantime the Mexican economy improved. As a result we’ve seen a dramatic drop in attempts to illegally enter. Nowadays those who are trying to come in are coming from Central America and they are true asylum seekers. I read the other day that someone, can’t remember if it was border patrol or an immigration attorney, who said that almost no one is getting through the current border. They are catching almost everyone and the border has never been more secure. WTF isn’t the MSM blasting these facts far and wide as part of the story?!?!

    Furthermore, the entire basis of Trumpov’s argument–that “catch and release” (a horrible term, they’re not trout FFS) doesn’t work, that they don’t show up again is a complete fiction. No one has looked at the actual facts until Chris Hayes tweeted 2 days ago that something like 95% of asylum seekers who are released on bond return for their hearings. That’s roughly equivalent to the American rate of return for pretrial defendants released on bond for felony offenses (the rate ranges from 95% to 92% across jurisdictions). So they’re behaving in a law abiding fashion at the same rate as good ole white American criminals.

    Bob you are not alone, a lot of us have been dropping F-Bombs, talking to ourselves, and waving our arms wildly every time we see the news.

  • I actually live in an area with an MS-13 presence, and they just don’t scare me much. Certainly far less than neo-Nazis.

  • katanahamon

    Hey Bob..and own personal solution to political blues..make homemade ice cream on your vacation! Toasted walnut strawberry amaretto (fantastic) or many choices. Ignore all the bullshit about how to incorporate the egg yolks, just mix up the batch of cream, milk and or half and half, use half white sugar and half light brown (tastes great, plus the different sugars have different properties) per recipe, add the egg yolks, (anywhere from zero to one per cup of liquid) vanilla pod split etc and whisk in a stainless bowl over simmering water (bottom of bowl not touching the hot water) and use a thermometer to bring between 170-178 for a full fifteen minutes, then chill it down over cold water or ice and refrigerate overnight, remove vanilla pod, scrape out seeds and return to mix, add some amaretto or liqueur of choice (not too much or it won’t freeze) then churn in your favorite ice cream maker. Add pre frozen fruit and nuts etc in the last few minutes. Transfer to containers and freeze in your freezer. Guaranteed to lift the mood! (If it won’t freeze because you were too optimistic in the booze department, just stop the churn, open the container and add heavy cream until it freezes..! (I chopped up organic strawberries and added a generous pinch of sugar, amaretto and smells like heaven just with that..then put that in the freezer with pretoasted chopped walnuts, add at the end..) For coffee ice cream, grind coarsely as much as you want, maybe a full cup per quart, and add while you cook the custard, pass the custard through a fine metal chinois to remove the grounds either before you cool it, which is easier, or right before you churn. You can add instant espresso powder, but, fresh is best. More egg yolks equals more richness, more freezer stability. Four extra large or five large per quart is sufficient.

    • Oh man this sounds great.

      • katanahamon

        Base recipes are at Fine Cooking, Aug/Sep ‘95, online..! Highly recommend making some..

    • Um, if I buy some off of you can you ship to AZ? I need a mood pick-me-up and it’s three thousand degrees here now, so something cold would be perfect. 😉

      • katanahamon

        Yeah..same here in UT..I remembered an old Fine Cooking article from Aug/Sep ‘95 where they recommended skim milk powder, but now ppl think because of oxidized cholesterol it’s not so good for you, but those recipes were great. You can still find that online. Started making it again, so far had good success. Tried substituting high protein yogurt for the powder, it’s good, but doesn’t perform the same function as the powder. Learning about invert sugar, commonly used in ice cream because it’s hygroscopic, or water absorbing, you can make invert sugar easily by boiling regular 4 cups white sugar with 2 cups water and 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar to 236 degreesF. It’s fun because there’s so much variety with the science between the sugars, eggs and creams all having different properties. Ran across more cool recipes, like caramelized Pineapple slices with a rum infused ice cream, some pistachio gelatos and others.

  • katanahamon

    I don’t understand what sound ppl are attributing to Corey Lewandowski..he’s saying “wah wah!” as in a crybaby sense.

    • Yep. Was “womp womp” ever a thing?

      • That’s a representation of the sad trombone, isn’t it? They are two different things, if I get you and katanahamon right.

      • katanahamon

        Maybe “Womp Rats,” but other than that I can’t think of anything..

      • Ziggy Blue

        Thanks, Bob. Good question. I never heard or read the words “womp womp” EVER; ANYWHERE.

  • katanahamon

    Unconscionable “I don’t you” coat worn by Melania on her way to Texas. Oh, we are not supposed to focus on that..that’s just liberals freaking out. Well, here’s a woman who wears 50,000 dollar articles of clothing suddenly deciding on a 39 dollar shitty coat with that written on it? Not a message? Sorry..that’s just unforgivable. This whole episode just caps off the whole fucking thing. When are we impeaching? No more waiting..Rump lies every day, multiple times, so..impeach. Since when is a president allowed to lie? Ok, when is someone going to ask “who is paying for Rump’s rallies? Why is he allowed to spend taxpayers’ monies to lie and spread propaganda?” Yeah..these ppl saying a terrible crime has been committed by immigrants are so ignorant..we have a terrible ignorance problem here, and Fox News is capitalizing on it and promulgating it. I just feel like, we’ve reached a “celebration of stupid” in America now..Rump lies, his ppl are ok with it, and now, we are normalizing it. Where is the media and Dem politicians pushing back and demanding the truth? We are sinking..we must, must impeach, and soon…