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Bob Cesca
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There Are Four Lights -- NSFW! Despair can be fun; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here as we discuss the metastatic cancer infecting the country and how it will be at least 500 days before it can be treated; The Chuck Todd interview normalized Trump; Crickets from Mueller and Congress; We have a new press secretary; Prison camps filled with children; Trump says Jean Carroll isn't his type; With music by Richard Turgeon; and much more.

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  • Badgerite

    No emoluments is a rule. Checking your watch is not a rule. Bush was not “disqualified” for “checking his watch”.
    He just lost because Bill Clinton ran a better campaign and actually acted like he wanted the job to get things done rather than to open a library with his name on it.
    No “gate-keeper” took George HW Bush out of office”. He just lost the election. His party did not desert him.
    And he did a lot worse than check his watch. (See Iran Contra. The idea that Bush was “out of the loop” was utterly ridiculous. Bush was a in the loop kind of guy)

  • Badgerite

    “Why do we need those people?” Oh, I don’t know. Because they know what they’re doing. Expertise in their field and all. It’s like asking why do we need NASA to get back to the moon. Answer. Because they know how.
    Reminder. trump declared bankruptcy 6 times. He went bankrupt running a casino. Reminder. trump was born rich.

  • Ross W

    Bob, I love your show and comments on SM show. Can you give us an update on your plans to do a Gen X podcast? I’d love to hear this, and I agree with you that there is a real shortage/absence of content for our forgotten generation.

  • Charlie Sykes was deep into advising the GOP the whole time that party was slouching towards Cult45, and we can all see how fucked up it is.
    There’s absolutely no reason for anybody to take anything any “Never Trumper” has to say about one fuckin’ thing. Ever.

  • Jeremy Gren

    The impeachment crowd is engaging in magical thinking. Impeachment relies on norms… the same ones Trump currently ignores on a regular basis.

    The Watergate impeachment hearings were comprised of witnesses from the Nixon administration; all of whom Nixon didn’t block from testifying because he was worried how that would look. Well, Trump doesn’t care how it looks. He is blocking anyone from talking now and putting “impeachment” in the name of another hearing doesn’t make him stop doing that. The House subpoenas so-and-so, Trump orders so-and-so to ignore it, so-and-so either doesn’t appear or does appear and refuses to answer.

    “But the courts can force them to testify,” you say. No, actually, they can’t. The expectation that the executive branch follows the rulings of the judicial branch is just a norm. The judiciary has no way to enforce what they hand down. It’s just assumed that the executive branch will comply because it almost always has. It’s a norm, not a law. But there has to be a president that cares about the separation of powers for said norms to work. Trump doesn’t.

    And, besides all of that, impeachment will not remove Trump from office (which is the entire point) because Mitch McConnell won’t schedule a trial. Anyone that thinks the constitution says the senate absolutely *must* hold one after a house impeachment hasn’t read it. It says no such thing. Impeachment articles will die in McConnell’s desk drawer. The majority leader of the senate has absolute power over what it does and does not do. He’ll even brag about it like he bragged about denying Judge Garland a hearing.

    Much of how our government works is not based on laws or rules; they are actually just norms we’ve mostly agreed upon. Well, the republican party has abandoned that agreement, And the impeachment crowd still haven’t figured this out.

    • So what do you suggest for remedy?

      • Jeremy Gren

        Te 2020 election is the only one. And it is unlikely Trump will accept the result should he lose. He will claim it was rigged against him in some way. And what happens then is anyone’s guess.

        However, 2020 first has to be fair in order for the Democratic nominee to win. But with the extent of the ongoing Russian psy-op on the United States and the sheer volume of republican voter suppression of democratic voters, it likely will not be.

        When political scientists call Trump and the current republican party (which includes their voters) an existential threat to democracy in the United States, this is the reason why.

        Our constitution has always been incredibly susceptible to a fascist threat. Now it’s here.

        • Whether it leads to outright impeachment or not, I don’t think we can discount the positive effects that a series of investigations will have on the 2020 elections.
          For good or ill, something’s at work that’s making Pelosi hold back – and I only hope we live long enough to get the whole story.

    • mnpollio

      There is nothing that I can see within the law that gives him the option of doing that though. Isn’t Roberts the person that presides over this over McConnell? And if McConnell does defy procedure and law, then he owns it. But at least the Democrats have demonstrated they are willing to take it to the limit to protect the Constitution and the Republic. What is your solution? No accountability and do nothing? Allow this to become precedent? Unacceptable!

      Plus – you are doing the same thing that too many are doing and acting like there is the luxury of a choice here. The Democrats – whether they like it or not – took an oath when they took their seats after election to protect the Constitution and protect the Republic from any threats – including those coming from within the Oval Office. The Founders view of how to do that was impeachment. No one enters into it lightly (OK, maybe the Republicans do since they have shouted impeachment during every Democratic presidency since Bill Clinton and were threatening Hillary Clinton with it pre-outcome of the election), but it is the solution the Founders gave us to reign in something like the Trump Administration. With Trump authorizing his people to defy subpoenas and ignoring the Rule of Law, they have no choice given their oath but to start impeachment proceedings. Investigations cannot go forward at this stage with hostile witnesses that are giving the middle finger to even showing up. Again, Trump is allowing them no choice and unless you are familiar with something I am not, there is no footnote in the oath of office for Congress that says they can opt out of their legal obligation to the oath if it is inconvenient or may cause the opposition to say bad things about their party on Fox News and conservative outlets. This is the oath they took – if they cannot abide by it, then they have demonstrated that they cannot perform in their positions and need to step down.

      Every single day that they allow this to slide, the Democrats are allowing precedent to settle in for future leaders in the Oval Office. Future behavior like this is unacceptable and untenable. There comes a point where their inaction due to fear or indulgence in their own future election chances or personal/party gain crosses the line into being complicit with what is happening. The Republicans for the last 40 years have thrown caution (and the rule of law) to the four winds and have won over and over again. The Democrats have argued caution ad nauseum and have little to show for it except allowing the country and its leadership to degenerate into a shambles of lawlessness and corruption. If they want to reclaim the mantle and show they have leadership ability, then they need to start with accountability for the opposition. Anything less is utter nonsense and will just open the door to even further atrocities in the future. It is time for some action and backbone from the Democrats and so far a lot of us are unimpressed with what we are seeing from the established leadership. No more pearl-clutching, no more empty strong words with no action to back them up, and no more alerting us to further and further corruptions that are just allowed to steam on unimpeded by accountability. Enough!

  • Michael B

    Please, please, please stop talking about the 11,000 lies. Please! Every time you do, it becomes like griping about the weather. It is a fog. It’s white noise.
    Pick the 5 biggest, most provable, blatant lies. Just 5. THEN HAMMER ON THEM! Over and over and over!
    That is how the GOP does it.

    I beg you. Stop.