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Bob Cesca
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Chimp In A Baseball Suit -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, Jody and TRex, are here for the debut of their new t-shirts; We recap last night's first Democratic Debate; MSNBC's coverage; The standouts and the guys who need to quit; Donald Trump's disruptive comments; Donnie vs Lawrence; Pregnant Alabama woman shot in stomach and charged with manslaughter; The Supreme Court on gerrymandering and the citizenship question; With music by Rebel Queens; and more!

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  • Hey Bob! Longtime listener here (all the way back to the Elvis Dingledein days), so I hope that you understand that this critique is meant entirely in good faith. Your podcast has been endlessly amusing and during the Obama years, it was an excellent source of the latest news and comment about right-wing malfeasance. However, since 2016, I have noticed a somewhat unsettling trend that has started to lay bare what I feel are the limits of liberalism to address the systemic problems plaguing the world at the moment.

    It’s not so much that you critique Bernie Sanders himself (he makes plenty of boneheaded statements and frankly I think he has trouble articulating the intersectionality of class-based politics with race and gender), it’s how you critique Sanders. Bernie shouldn’t have said that 2016 was rigged against him, but you didn’t say he was wrong because there was no evidence that there were any actions taken against him by the Democratic Party, you went to the “first world problems” argument of “look at these migrants in cages, they have the right to complain about stuff being rigged, not this old rich white guy!”

    Not only is that a tu quoque fallacy, but it’s the umpteenth example I’ve seen in “liberal” circles of bad-faith deployment of identity politics. Folks (particularly women) of colour undoubtedly have it worse in our societies, which is why it’s critical to resolve the underlying systemic issues rather than bandage over the gaps in capitalism.

    I can appreciate that Trump has been an ongoing trauma to the American psyche and you want to be rid of him by any means necessary, but it’s equally important to think beyond him.

  • The pushback from GOP and ConservaDems about “making insurance illegal” is pure bullshit.
    Jody nailed the main point (even as David stepped on her input), and the facts are pretty clear:
    We have a system of single payer police departments, and that in no way encumbers my right to hire a bodyguard or install burglar alarms at my house.
    So it’s an empty argument, even tho we do have to provide a transition from one to the other in order to prevent too much destructive disruption. We love to shit on the Execs, but there’re 1000s of real people working for those companies and we have to look out for them.

  • I wasn’t impressed with Beto’s Spanish. His accent sucked. Booker’s was MUCH better. I think Warren came out of it as the winner. My dream ticket is Warren/Harris.

  • gescove

    Small correction, Jay Inslee is governor of Washington. Yes, I too hate the horse race crap. And Chuck Todd is an insufferable POS. Can someone sew Chris Matthews lips shut, please?

    • galileo126

      Amen on Chuck Toad.

  • galileo126

    While I did watch the Dem debate, I also flipped back and forth between that and the Congressional baseball game on C-SPAN2. Dems beat Reps 14-7, with Speaker Pelosi in the stands at Nationals Field.