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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Young Frankenstein -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank is here today; The New York Times vs MSNBC; Donald Trump's stupid tuxedo; Trump embarrasses America while in England; Bob included in American Conservative list of anti-Trumpers; Jared Kushner shouldn't talk; George Nader arrest for kiddie porn; Manafort's headed to Riker's; How many Trump loyalists will go to jail to protect their cult leader?; House to vote on contempt charges against Barr and McGahn; with music by Quivvver; and more!

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  • You hit on this – ‘specially Buzz:
    It’s not unreasonable to think of Lawrence as “partisan” because he rarely comes down in opposition to Democrats, but Rachel is not – there’s a pretty obvious ideological slant, but she’s particularly not just all in for the Dems.
    It’s just as obvious that DumFux News is indeed partisan because with few exceptions, they carry the water no matter what Republicans do.

    You guys did another good one today – keep doin’ that.