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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Don't Get Happy -- [Explicit Language] Trump's most vile tweet ever; Trump and Infowars; OANN reporter moonlights for Sputnik; Good news in the polls; The origins of Don't Get Happy; The 'Defund the Police' slogan; Bill Barr contradicted Trump about the Bunker; Trump got into a fight with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs; Mr. Do and Mr. Don't, Good cop, Bad cop edition; Bill Barr and Pepper Spray; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Michael McDermott and Central City; and more!

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  • debrianna2075

    Why on earth would you need plexiderm in Corona Kitchen? Ravioli hides everything!

  • katanahamon

    My father died from less of a head injury than that protestor suffered. He got a slow subdural bleed, it was eventually responsible for his death. All these horrible incidents..yet, police are today “demanding respect,” still getting paid at least many of the ones actually suspended, union officials getting airtime to demand the respect of these thugs. At least ppl are realizing Cops, the show, and LivePD are merely “Copaganda.” These shows are meant as propaganda to reinforce in the American psyche that black, brown, “others” are all “bad people, criminals, killers, drug dealers, etc.” Time to stop giving airtime to propaganda. How can police across the country justify the assault of the populace with military weapons caught on thousands of videos? We need to have much, much harsher punishment for all law enforcement officials for their use of force. It’s been obvious cops are never punished, they’re actually rewarded for this behavior. The police has always been a repository for little men who want to wear Batman body armor, pull their stun guns from their utility belts and stun the populace into submission, and get cleared from their shootings because all they have to say is “I perceived a threat.”

    I worry that the right will simply continue to cheat their way into power until we radically change our system. Look at Georgia..sorry Buzz..we’ve just been beaten down so far, and the horrors revealed in the last four years only serve to reveal that there are worse horrors not yet in public view. I don’t trust that they won’t simply change the numbers to favor Repub candidates, including Rump. When Bob says “we have a turnout problem,” do we? Do we really, or are the numbers say, like, in just the right precincts in just the right places as in 2016 simply being altered? What verification do we have? Yeah, I realize it sounds like conspiracy stuff, but, the right talks about how they don’t care if a candidate gets dirt from foreign countries, or cheats to win, and we’ve seen some examples of Dem ballots being tossed in the garbage, so..yeah..I don’t trust them.

    • Michael B

      Cops have been getting away with busts for years by saying, “I smelled something funny.”

  • Don P

    Trump did nothing less than put a hit out on a 75 year old man with a lifetime record of peace activism by encouraging stochastic terrorism.

    The problem with “Police Reform” is that it has been a meaningless dodge since the riots of the 60’s (even further). No, we need a hell of a lot more than reform now. We gave them body cams, they shut them off, or don’t give a damn because they get away with it anyways. They target journalists now because they have learned from the Israelis occupying the West Bank & Gaza to go after them first; and when questioned, just answer “FU”.