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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonThe Evil Wizard: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; The full scoop on the CBO's scoring of the Senate Trumpcare bill; Millions will lose insurance; McConnell's confounding strategy was doomed to fail; Fox and Friends giggles at notion of people dying; Thousands of unwanted pregnancies; White House lied in Obamacare tweet; Trump attacks Obama for doing nothing to stop Russia attack; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Near the end, you guys made exactly the point that needs to made over and over and over. ie: We have to drop our Presumption of Regularity.

    We can’t assume there’s anything Normal about the circumstances of any given election right now. Until we get some kind of resolution for the hacking and rat-fucking, we have to stop seeing politics thru the lens of the Usual-n-Customary, and start digging for the story behind the results of every election.

  • Don P

    Under the ACA, Insurance Co. must spend 80% of revenue on health care payouts (ie. limited to 20% overhead compared to Medicare’s 4%).

    Under the Senate plan, Planned Parenthood is only defunded for ONE YEAR, so they have will always have the issue on a year to year basis to fund raise on. There is no accounting for the poison pills the Repubs have dropped in (Rubio’s Risk corridor defunding stunt especially has been CRIMINALLY undercovered).

  • katanahamon

    It makes virtually no difference what happens, the ridiculous premiums will continue to rise due to profiteering by everyone in the chain..starting as low as doctors and their staff with the lowest level of outrageousness, with things like pharmaceutical companies at the high end of profiteering with markups of thousands of percent. Add in the truly outrageous insurance executives (Shkreli, who bought a two million dollar record album..) and personnel costs and the system just doesn’t work FOR THE PATIENT. It never will as long as we continue to have a for profit system with the insurers making their money on the backs of patients. I was on the gurney, headed into the operating room, and the doctor said “we couldn’t use the hardware we asked for, the insurance approved something different.” So, now, I’m disabled by chronic pain, can I sue the insurance company? I’ll bet not. The way insurance companies make their money is by limiting your care. Why can’t Americans understand this?

  • katanahamon

    Sekulow…sleazeball..him and his family have a nonprofit that calls up elderly and infirm people, telling them ISIS is coming for them to get money, then, just give it to themselves. Oh, he’s Rump’s lawyer by the way..or, his lawyer’s’ lawyer’s’ lawyer, something like that.

    Healthcare..yeah! Let’s prognosticate..without ongoing structural support in the form of supportive legislation to improve it, the Repubs will chip away at Obamacare until it’s useless. Or, they will pass something odious. They now have three and a half years to keep trying. Unless we find enough election tampering to throw Rump out. So..not looking good. If they work it so preexisting conditions make us ineligible, well..that’s pretty much everyone. This is can the right be so utterly incompetent and evil? Seems like they just want to rape and pillage as fast as they can without even trying to cover it up.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Of course if you read the entire WaPo article you’ll get a whole different picture, but we know Rump doesn’t read! Yeah, Obama shut down the influx of Russian “tech workers”, and Kushner and family started selling wealthy Chinese investors green cards. Maybe we should look into a link between Russia and China.
    Oh, and I LOVE what Buzz said about no smoking gun, just a room full of gun smoke—–To quote Malcolm Nance, most people who die in fires aren’t burned to death, it’s the smoke that kills them! And BTW, someone needs to square for me how Obama can’t do enough to stop something that Rump says never happened.

  • Tom Gladstone

    Bob, gotta know, what is the music you play in the lead in? It sounds incredibly familiar, but Shazam comes up with nothing and I love the tune.

  • I sooooo agree with you Bob….when Herr Orangenfuhrer was doing the “bye bye” crap in Iowa, I wanted to rip his trachea out.

    My clinical depression started when I was 6 (true story). So I guess I’m responsible for that “life choice”. And I’ve worked since I was 14 first at laborious, physical jobs and for the last almost 20 years in IT as a programmer. So for all that hard work, which the GOP encourages, I now have carpal tunnel in both hands. But that hard work must have been a bad “life choice”. In GOPLand, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But they’re always so very happy to watch us struggle.

    PS: Look closely at the image, can you see McConnell celebrating?