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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBig Potty: It's Comey Day with the great David Ferguson from Rawstory; We review James Comey's bombshell testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee; Plus, the four heads of the intelligence community stonewalled Congress yesterday; Republicans insisted that Trump didn't know what he was doing; John McCain had a very, very senior moment; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    What is clear but from the evidence that is now in the public record is that this last national election was illegitimate and altered, as James Comey testified, by an assault from a foreign and hostile power. Nothing could make that clearer than the way the GOP has been behaving. They are doing everything they can to cover for trump knowing full well the harm he is doing to this country, its alliances, its place in the world and its security.

  • Villemar

    Found this today and it gave me a chuckle. Now Biff, don’t con me!

  • Bob, I’m glad you got a “break” but thank goodness you’re back. My sanity needed a “pick me up” from your show.

    What’s so infuriating is that he is so obviously guilty and admitting it with every tweet but nothing will come of it. That’s like watching your house burn down and the firemen are there with the hoses ready, full of water, in their hands but they just refuse to open the hose and point it at the goddamn house.

    I believe Trump will continue to obstruct for two reasons–he simply doesn’t understand and/or care that it’s wrong and he can’t help himself. I don’t agree, however, that he will end up firing Mueller. But we’ll see.

    FYI…..I ordered the Harry’s Razor father’s day gift set for the hubby BUT it wouldn’t accept your coupon code (which I think you were saying BOBC). Kept telling me it wasn’t valid. So chatted with customer service and they are saying it’s BANDC.

    The sponge in David’s sink may be smarter than Biff/Trump but it couldn’t be dirtier!

    • Dammit. I’ll contact the ad agency about the promo code asap. Thanks!

  • katanahamon

    No need for sophistry in changing minds..votes and vote totals could be changed with our current system and we simply can’t know. It still boggles my mind that everyone is willing to believe that ALL polls were wrong about Rump. Everyone seems perfectly willing to believe every single poll was wrong, and Rump received just the right number of votes in just the right districts to win despite millions of votes being cast in the plurality for Hillary Clinton. Sorry..doesn’t wash for me.

    Americans need to open their eyes and see that Repubs are completely disinterested in governing, just lining their and the one percents’ pockets. It saddens me that someone so transparently greedy, incompetent, stupid, narcissistic, morally reprehensible etc could be elected president in an age where information is allegedly so available and we have supposedly progressed so far.

    • Badgerite

      Exactly. As Malcolm Nance has pointed out, with the evidence that is now already in the public record, in any other democracy in the world, this last election would have been thrown out and a new election would be called.
      I have always been suspicious as well. I don’t accept the Trump Monster as the legitimate president of the United States because we don’t yet know the extent of the collusion during the campaign. But we sure know the extent of the collusion after the campaign. His trip to Europe laid any bullshit about that to rest. He is doing Putin’s bidding without any doubt.

    • Scopedog

      It saddens me that someone so transparently greedy, incompetent, stupid,narcissistic, morally reprehensible etc could be elected president in an age where information is allegedly so available and we have supposedly progressed so far.

      Agreed. But sadly, the same technology that allows us to get information was used against us. Malcolm Nance noted that it wasn’t the voting machines that were hacked, it was the American mindset. And not just on the Right–there were enough gullible people on the Left who fell for the bots claiming that Hillary was the worst thing ever, that she and the DNC screwed Bernie over, and that Trump wasn’t going to be a warmonger like Hillary. Add to that the fact that Jill Stein was most likely part of this plan (as detailed in the dossier) and you can clearly see why this happened.

      Oh, and don’t forget a news media more interested in emails instead of informing the public about the policy positions of the candidates.

  • Badgerite

    There is such a thing as prosecutorial discretion. That is, a prosecutor can decide which cases are in the public interest to pursue and choose to not pursue each and every case which could be prosecuted. However, does anyone not seriously believe that if a prosecutor decided not to pursue any cases against clear criminal activity on the part of his friends, business associates or cases which might expose his own perhaps criminal behavior, that that would be a serious and unacceptable abuse of discretion that is simply an attempt to obstruct the laws of this land? That that would not be intended and acted upon obstruction of justice? Would anyone seriously accept the excuse that to prosecute his friends or associates would put a cloud over his ability to pursue his other agenda of prosecuting drug offenders or whatever? I think not. Justice and the US Constitution cannot be made into a collection of meaningless words. There has to be some reality to the” justice for all” part for this country to remain a viable, healthy democracy. The kind Comey spoke of. The “shining city on a hill”. The one with the Statue of Liberty that promises safe harbor to the oppressed.

  • Badgerite

    Oh Myyyy! Rachel Maddow was on fire last night. Her coverage of the Comey testimony is a must see. Her analysis is like a bright light on the cockroaches.

  • Badgerite

    I believe Senator McCain is 890 years old. “Get off my lawn.”

    • And AZ will continue voting his tired old ass into office until he croaks. Sometimes I think representational democracy is not all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Badgerite

    We need to immediately go back to paper ballots counted by little old ladies from the League of Women Voters. Now.

    • katanahamon

      Now you’re playing my song…! Totally agree…

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    American Psycho, all the way, David. American Psycho!

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  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Watching McCain was like watching a group of Alzheimer’s patients trying to reminisce. It was pitiful! John McCain needs to go away already, and past time for retiring for him. And I think McCain’s apparent need to equate the 2 campaigns is another case of “both sides do it”. He seemed to me to be saying “If you were still investigating Trumps’ campaign, why are you saying that you were done with Hillary Clintons’ campaign?”, Like if one might be involved, then clearly BOTH sides must be! It’s a must!!!!! Goddamned Fool!

    • Badgerite

      So does Lindsey Graham. If they don’t care about what this Orange Turd is doing to this country on the world stage and especially with respect to our European allies, then they don’t care about anything but maintaining their own power.