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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonSoy Boy Munchkin -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We're launching our Wednesday show starting this week; Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court; Kavanaugh's opinion on investigating the president; How this can backfire against Trumpers; Kavanaugh's speech included obvious lines suggested by Trump; Kavanaugh's Minnesota Law Review article; The Kennedy Deal; The WalkAway campaign is a Russian op; The Trump Putin Summit; and so much more.

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  • The FSB Ate Our Votes

    Soy Boy Munchkin?! That is such a lame troll. Everybody knows that you are tall and thick set!

  • Michael B. Conway

    “No organ. No organ. You’re the organ.”

  • Another good show. I know you needed another day, Bob. But I’m glad you’re back. And adding a Wednesday show is awesome!!!! The Guest Lineup sounds great.

    I had to take a break last night. I refused to watch the SCOTUS announcement or read about it. I just couldn’t deal. Just one night off seemed to help.

    I think Buzz is right about the House and that will bode well for the Senate. There are a lot of people who can’t protest but will vote. Here in AZ it’s been well over 105 degrees every day and a lot of people can’t or won’t come out in that kind of weather. And I don’t blame them. But they will vote, thank goodness. Plus there really is not that much media coverage on the real size and enthusiasm of many of the rallies.

    What kind of SCOTUS nominee would read that kind of shite out loud–nothing but an a$$ki$$er and a liar. Why would we want anyone like that on SCOTUS!?!?

    Recognizing Crimea would be a disaster of HUGE proportions. Former Soviet Satellite States are going to be terrified and rightly so. And I predicted this would happen right after Trump was elected. Let me predict now that Putin will invade one of those countries and NATO will want to react, may even do so without US coordination, and Trump will not follow through on our NATO obligations. And then we are done as a world power. Completely, utterly screwed and I don’t think we will ever recover.

  • jaq

    yaaaaaasss, wednesday show… woo-hoooooo!!!!!1one