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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonMassive Head Wound Harry -- NSFW; David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Trump knew in January 2017 that Putin ordered the attack; Tucker Carlson freaked out by 'intelligence community'; The dumbest tweet of the week; Poor Vladimir Putin; Republicans eliminate funding for election security; Voter ID; Republicans block motion to subpoena Trump's interpreter from Helsinki; Trumpers defend their leader's horrendous treason; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Rump’s whole excuse about “would vs wouldn’t” is so utterly ridiculous it’s mind boggling that anyone could accept it, and wouldn’t immediately call him the liar he is. He clearly was defending Putin, his manner and tone clearly confirmed it. We are accepting a president that lies. Now that’s very clear. Why we accept and then normalize these lies is our fault. We really need the Dem party to step up their media efforts, the media to actually pay honest attention to the Dem party, and the media itself to realize the danger that a fascistic society represents to the future of media itself and stop normalizing all the lies. When citizens are so ignorant that they welcome the interference of a foreign power and the cheating of elections to gain power, drastic measures are needed. What those measures are though..I don’t know. First we need the Robert Muellers of the country to complete their work and expose the lies and crimes, next, media needs to return to the truth in broadcasting and not give advantage to ppl like Rump while excoriating ppl like Hillary. Media needs to report on the facts of what is going on instead of normalizing every tweet that comes out of Rump’s ass. Get out and vote kids, for Democrats, or your future is bleak.

    • Badgerite

      To be fair, trump has a whole network devoted to gop propaganda that supports and reinforces whatever he says.
      No matter how ridiculous. Like those trumpers who were interviewed and we heard during the podcast. All of what they said is BS. The economy hasn’t changed significantly in the last year. Except….the health insurance markets are being destabilized and the gop ‘tax cuts’ which are being financed through borrowing has raised the federal debt and will continue to do so in the future to alarming proportions and there are now industries that are supposed to be helped by trade wars that are actually suffering job losses. Farmers are suffering and will continue to do so but probably Devin Nunes won’t run into them on his trips to Vegas and State TV won’t mention it. Unemployment has not changed significantly either. But it will as the ‘policies’ of stupid take hold. This is only phase one of the Taj Mahal project. Grandiose spending and ridiculous projections and a lot of money going into the trump family pocket along with trashing everyone else. To know what is going on requires actually paying attention to policy and trumpers, like the gamblers at the casino, don’t actually do that. All they know is they notice is the price of the drinks. For them.
      They don’t just “normalize” him. They actually believe him when he touts the economy. It took 8 years of “the fundamentals are sound” GW to ignore a brewing crisis til the economy went over a cliff. It took the Obama administration policies 4 years to significantly turn the economy around after that crisis in 2008. Unemployment went down to 4.9 % right after the 2012 election. And it has stayed down ever since. And that includes for blacks and other minorities that trump is always taking credit for. There have been fluctuations but nothing out of the ordinary this past year. trumpers really don’t notice much. President Obama was inaugurated to an economy that was bleeding jobs to the tune of almost 10% unemployment rate and in 4 years with the gop opposing him at every juncture, that unemployment rate came back down to under 5%. And kept coming down. trump inherited a healthy economy. Nothing about what he or the gop have done is going to make that last.

  • Michael B. Conway

    I’ve spoken using an interpreter scores of times. I am very uncomfortable with this. There is a trust. A trust that I respect.
    If I thought Boss Trump was guilty of treason that would cost American lives and the only way to save the world was for The Interpreter to speak out? No other way?
    Nope. Not even in the face of Armageddon.