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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Danny Rising -- NSFW! Buzz is on vacation so the Goth Ninjas are here for a Tuesday show; Pence's mysterious return to DC; Ivanka Trump and the vice presidency; Ivanka Trump at the G20; Trump's North Korean blunder; Trump thinks western liberalism means California; Trump also thinks homelessness began two years ago; Sherman Tanks in DC for the Fourth; The atrocities in the migrant prison camps; House Dems sue for Trump's tax returns; With music by Cougar The Tiger; and more!

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  • There’s a palpable tension in this episode of the podcast that really can’t go unremarked on. For all the lamentations about what Americans are or are not doing about the obvious concentration camps on the southern border, for the hosts to then turn around and call the one group of people–that would be Antifa–that are actually putting their bodies on the line against publicly declared neo-Nazis and white supremacists equally bad as those they’re opposing just spelled out why exactly nothing is being done about those concentration camps.

    T-Rex asks “why aren’t we on the border taking the camps down?” The answer should be obvious: you’re risking not only your physical safety by directly provoking armed CBP officers, but also your future employment and monetary possibilities with a possible criminal record. It’s probably what keeps most people from direct action.

    But it’s telling that all three hosts were unanimous in their condemnation of Antifa as “doing it wrong”. What’s doing it right then? Podcasting? Posting articles in Salon? Will the proper deployment of words and paragraphs take down the barbed-wire fences or provide potable water?

    Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the need to record these wrongdoings for posterity and demand action in any way possible. But other podcasters, namely Chapo Trap House, at least acknowledge that Antifa does actually put their physical well-being on the line in a way that they themselves don’t have the courage to do. That’s what Heather Heyer was doing. I can’t say she was Antifa per se, but her antiracist activism clearly intersected with Antifa’s goals and she was there in solidarity with them.

    In short, be careful about drawing equivalence between outright neo-Nazis that want to set up a white ethnostate and those that are actually stepping up to oppose them at risk to their lives.

  • Don P

    Bob & T-Rex going Full Driftglass™ at the end with their railing on Chuck Todd’s worthless behind. Always go Full Driftglass™!

  • Michael B

    Why do I think Boss Trump is going to do something really despotic on the Fourth of July?

    • Wookie Monster

      Because you’ve been paying attention for the past three years.

    • Don P

      A military parade, including tanks, through the Capitol honoring “the great leader” and concentration camps on the border. He’s already doing despotic things.

  • T-Rex, hang in there. I understand how you feel…truly.

    • Badgerite

      I would have to say, T-Rex was on fire in this show. Right about everything on fire.
      I can’t understand how anyone and everyone isn’t outraged about what are clearly illegal concentration camps at the border where women and children are literally living in conditions that are dangerous and abusive.
      One could surely that say these women and children are not the ones “doing the raping.” Or gang members.
      He is also very right about our infrastructure spending vs Japan.
      “Flushed our of an air lock” on fire. Loved it. This one was the T-Rex show. Well done.