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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonRESPECT -- NSFW; David 'TRex' Ferguson from The TRex Report podcast is here; We remember Aretha Franklin's life and music; Trump says Aretha worked for him; Trump's Enemies List; Trump asked Sessions to arrest Omarosa; Georgia Republicans eliminating polling places in a big African American county; Trump's NDAs; Mel Gibson and torture porn; Huge turnout in this week's primaries; Russians successfully interfered to help Dana Rohrbacher win; and so much more.

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  • Michael B. Conway

    I was in a Western Auto Store in Memphis with a dozen TVs on when the news of Elvis hit. Everybody who came in stayed to watch. Every station went to blanket coverage. There were 100 or more who crowded in.

  • Amen, give me some Aretha over Trumpov ANY day! I spent yesterday listening to all my favorites of her songs. The Nessun Dorma performance still gives me chills to this day. One that I truly love (because it has so much personal meaning for me and it’s such a wonderfully classic bluesy number AND I can sing along with it passably well) is Ain’t No Way.

    I love the addition of Walter with the TRex roar!

    OMG, I had forgotten about that memory of Elvis’ death! I was born and raised in Memphis and my oldest sister actually babysat one of Elvis’ band members kids in a trailer on the Graceland property. Anyway, the night Elvis died they interrupted regular programming. My Mom and all us girls were home in our pjs and we crouched in the dark in front of the black and white TV watching the coverage. My mother and my oldest sister cried the whole time. I wasn’t a fan but I understood what it meant to them and I felt bad for them and all his fans. I was 7 at the time.

    David hit upon an important point. The MOST important reason that high ranking former Intelligence people keep their clearance after leaving public service is precisely to maintain that institutional knowledge, particularly in crisis situations. So the loss of access to folks like Brennan is a big deal and if this continues as a trend over time it could potentially put our national security at risk.

    Bob, I totally agree that a lot of these young Trumpov supporters are simply doing it because it gets them the attention and power they crave. Posobiec is the perfect example of this. He started out tweeting about Game of Thrones as ANGRYGOTFAN and gained attention that way. After a while his tweets stopped being funny and people stopped paying attention to him. So he started to become really obnoxious harassing the author of the books, fan sites, etc. When that didn’t work, he jumped on the Trumpov wagon and he’s been riding it ever since.

  • Badgerite

    Very good show. Wonderful to be able to listen to people talking about something good like the life and times of Aretha Franklin. Especially the stories David Ferguson added to the legend and the insiders view of the music business.

  • katanahamon

    Glad you mentioned Ella..I hope PBS does for Aretha what they did for Ella..there’s a fabulous DVD and double CD set about Ella Fitzgerald’s life and art, in the American Masters series, and Both the dvd and cd’s are just absolutely necessary for every person’s music collection. (I think the single greatest recording of all time of “Summertime” is on this.) I don’t know Aretha’s music like Ella, but I recognize the tremendous loss. We’ve lost so, so many great, iconic artists over the last several years.
    NDA’s will never cover illegal acts, that’s worth mentioning. They can’t say that they can’t answer a question either from a court..that supersedes any NDA. Unless I’m grossly mistaken, if a judge commands you to answer a question, you pretty much have to do it. Speaking about the idiots that don’t understand history, one of the “dumb blondes” or “couch tumors” at Fox said today that America defeated “communist Japan.” Sorry, David, about the insurance’s utterly ridiculous for us not to have healthcare in this country. We really need a Medicare for all push..

    • Badgerite

      “Communist Japan”? Dear God. With De Douche Bag claiming that Hitler and the Nazis were ‘socialist’ because its somewhere in the name and State TV (fox) trying to pretend that Japan was ‘communist’ it would seem the trumpers and the ‘alt’ right want us to forget that what the US fought and defeated in WWII was something ‘left wing’ as opposed to the fascism they now so readily embrace. Nice try.