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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Adults In The Room -- [Explicit Language] We recap the highlights from Day One of the Democratic National Convention; MIchelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Biden on the train; Michelle triggered Trump; Previewing next week's GOP shitshow; The highlights from Vol. 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia report; We have collusion!; Roger Stone and Manafort were the direct links; Louis DeJoy backs off, but will he reverse the damage?; Congressional hearings and 20 state lawsuits underway; Trump's attacking drop boxes now; Buzz Burbank is here; With music by Black Sugar Transmission, Alexia Chambi, and Rocky Mountain Mike; and more!

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Black Sugar Transmission – “The Resistance” from The Flowering
Alexia Chambi – “Into You” from Bolivia

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  • Wookie Monster

    Hey, guess who was found to be one of the 13 followers of Kilimnik’s burner Twitter account?

    Hint: He used to be your podcasting partner.

  • Should be fun watching the RNC just to see it fall flat because they don’t have the programmable meat bags to play the part of human laugh track.
    The formula for the average GOP convention speech is:
    “Stupid Libtards”
    Intermittent booing
    Lock her up
    “Yay America”
    5-20 seconds of cheering
    Build The Wall
    Verbal tongue bath for Trump
    Repeat as necessary to stretch
    Next speaker

    Without the crowd, what’s the point of throwing up all those applause lines? How do you fill the time?
    Could be pretty bleak – kinda like that “conservative comedy show” Buzz mentioned.