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Bob Cesca
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Thanks, Obama -- [Explicit Content] It's been a bad day for BIff; Steve Bannon arrested for fraud; We Build The Wall; Kris Kobach, Curt Schilling, Erik Prince; Dave Clarke also involved; Don Junior and Trump himself endorsed the scam; Why Barr tried to fire Geoffrey Berman in SDNY; Judge rules Tump has to turn over his tax returns; Trump files another appeal; Massive state lawsuits against DeJoy and Trump for high crime felonies and conspiracy to manipulate the election; Barack Obama's remarks at the DNC; Kamala Harris is the VP nominee; I know a predator when I see one; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Jim Wuster and Amanda Green; and more!

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Amanda Green - “Put Down That Weapon” (Midnight Oil) from Put Down That Weapon (Make Music Not War)

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  • The Orgy of Caring will be followed next week by the Orgy of Karens.

  • katanahamon

    Well, as I predicted..from the Guardian..

    ““I’m more for Trump than I was before. As a dairy farmer, I feel like I’m sitting better than I have in 10 years,” said the fifth-generation farmer in Howard county, north-eastern Iowa.”

    F’ing morons…

  • On conservatives (paraphrasing):
    “Never underestimate how deeply they hate this country and its traditions of democratic self-government.” –Driftglass

  • katanahamon

    I made the same mistake earlier wasn’t Bannon’s boat that he was arrested on, that boat is a 38 million dollar, 150 foot monstrosity owned by an exiled Chinese businessman (that Rump intervened for apparently)..a different, smaller yacht is the boat that was bought with the private border wall funds.

    When does the facade finally blow up? We thought it would be the impeachment..but no, the R’s continued to protect him. All these things that happened..when do the scales finally tip? I almost cried at President Obama’s words at the top of the show..the disparity between him, his eloquence, his integrity, his intelligence, his competence, and’s so disgusting and repulsive.

    I’m sorry, but, this election is no different to me than the last one..the same alleged 55 million that voted for an incompetent, malevolent fool over an intelligent woman will vote once again for a confirmed incompetent, malevolent fool, or, the same algorithms that forced the votes his way last time may do it all over again. What we see is absolutely no different. I’m going to scream the next time a media outlet says “Biden/Harris needs to excite/entice/encourage/bribe/appease us for our vote.” That’s where Obama saying “your responsibility” comes in..where is the public’s responsibility in not electing a reality show fool?

  • Michael B

    The MAGAloids never learn.