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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonWe Got Him -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump confesses to felony hush money payments; One juror was the holdout in the Manafort verdict; Republicans warn Trump against pardoning Manafort; Michael Cohen could implicate Trump and Don Junior in collusion; Nation Enquirer publisher Pecker cooperating with SDNY; Trump wants to ban flippers; Trump's bizarre 'gestate' rant; Lindsey Graham says Trump will fire Sessions; and so much more.

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  • Badgerite

    Emperor Tiny Hands want to make private media policies ‘illegal’. OK. Let’s bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Of course, that doctrine and its requirements would apply to ALL private media and that would include Brietbart, Drudge, and Rush Limbaugh and Fox ‘news’. Works for me.
    And FYI, Lindsey Graham’s spine if Gone with the Wind. Has been for some time.

  • Badgerite

    A jury of your peers is the last, best check on abuse of power both public and private. The jury convicted.
    We call that….the Rule of Law. And no one is above it. That is the essence of the American system. The backbone of all those rights enumerated in the Constitution. And no one should be above indictment for crimes. Especially so when it is someone who broke the laws of the United States to acquire the Oval Office.

  • You two always make me laugh. A good show.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump wants to ban flippers huh? I guess that doesn’t apply to Lindsey Graham.

  • katanahamon

    After hearing that the 11 jurors couldn’t convince the twelfth to convict on all counts because the eleven thought it was obvious, maybe we should move to a 9 out of twelve majority, given that 20-30 percent of Americans are apparently crazy. I think given this information they should retry those counts with a different judge and hope for a better outcome. We can’t have partisan judges or jurors. The media needs to communicate the number of Rump’s crimes and their seriousness. Getting sick of the propaganda and the willingness to accept it. Let’s see some legislation forbidding a president from pardoning crimes involving himself, family or associates. Keep the media focus on Rump and his crimes. Jody, I had a fascinating course involving how people respond to differing sets of data, sounds similar. Manafort is getting signals he will get a pardon. Unless there are obvious signals that it (pardon) won’t happen, or there’s some stuff pushing Manafort behind the scenes, we won’t see Manafort fold and cooperate. Wouldn’t pardoning him for crimes involving himself be obstruction of justice? It bears repeating that Rump is a criminal, his past is full of unprosecuted criminal activity, everyone knew that, so being president has now exposed him to a searchlight of supernova intensity. The whole concept of not indicting a sitting president comes from two single documents, two opinions, not something constitutional. It’s time to remove a criminal (or rather several) from the White House.