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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

No Quarter For Trumpers -- [Explicit Language] Sexy Liberal Virtual Tour 3 has wrapped; We recap the awfulness from day one of the Republican Convention; No platform; Mark Meadows is a superspreader; Kimberly Guilfoyle yells at the world; Don Junior was jacked up on something; The NY attorney general is suing the Trump Org; Louis DeJoy's testimony; Kellyanne Conway is out; Trump is ignoring the Supreme Court on DACA; Maryanne Trump Barry recorded saying awful things about Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Jason Berk and Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Ok, let’s get something straight..the right wing IS cheating already. Look at the USPS..the sorting machines according to what I’ve read are not being reassembled as they were trashed and can’t be fixed. (Maybe it’s just some of them..) DeJoy has said they’ll stop making more changes until the election, but will not reverse course and restore their capacity. Damage is done. We don’t even know what other cheating is happening other than the obvious Hatch act violations occurring daily and possible foreign interference. Their arrogance tells me they really do expect to win, and that scares me. Hillary was polling great, it was more than obvious she should be president, but…….here we are.

    I’m worried the public isn’t getting the pushback, correction, denial, or outright refutation of the lies, especially the right wing that only watches Fox. No consequences for ppl lying to Congress, the ppl that actually have been convicted or gone to jail don’t seem to have impacted public opinion or the right wing questioning the morality of their situation. I just..I’m worn out. I can’t take four more years of seeing Rump’s face four times a day in every media piece there is and the constant reporting of insane tweets, and democracy will be utterly damaged not to mention the environment, relations with the rest of the world…unless we do follow through with putting all these crimes in the light of day and punishing the criminals, there won’t be any impetus to return to a more normal form of democracy.

    One last thing from me in this rant, protests are great, but..if all those ppl put the energy they use up doing that into getting others to vote D, we could build a better America. I had a famous music teacher that taught masterclass style, this kid played a passage, missed something, then stopped and stomped their foot and muttered something derogatory. He stopped the student and said “you stop that right now! You’re just rewarding yourself. Instead of stomping and complaining, you take that energy and do the hard work of analyzing why you messed up and you All that..other stuff is wasted energy, wasted time, and ultimately you do it to mentally punish yourself and relieve yourself of the responsibility of further work. You mess up onstage in the middle of Beethoven Five you can’t stop, stomp, and curse, so you’d better unlearn that nonsense right now.”

    That has really stuck with me and applies here..protesting..great. Now do the hard work…

  • Roy Phoenix

    Oh lord, Bob done mentioned Wonder Showzen.
    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

    I still sing that show’s White People song TO THIS DAY

  • debrianna2075

    Buzz’s dirty dozen may help me sleep tonight!

  • debrianna2075

    So great to see you in Sexy Liberal Show! So funny. They keep getting better and better! The fridge was hilarious and Alex Jones was fantastic.