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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonTrump's Funeral -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump attacks Google for liberal bias; The same old Republican trick; Both Sides; Whiny Trump refuses to acknowledge McCain's death; Too little too late; Who's the next indictment; Roger Stone is poisonous; Buzz reads a telling passage from Dickens' A Christmas Carol; Pastor John Kilpatrick says Trump is being attacked by witchcraft; Pastor Jeffress and optional Christianity; Great news about gerrymandering in North Carolina; and so much more.

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  • ciskoepike47 .

    Two possible origin stories of ” Eff-ing-A!”:
    1. Mis-spelled Canadien affirmative response: “Eff-ing Eh! ”
    2. Out of date US Military radio jargon shorthand, as in “Eff-ing Affirmative!”

    Either way, I’ve always heard it used as a hearty affirmative.


  • katanahamon

    Rump has to denigrate McCain because of Rump’s draft dodging..he has to make the whole issue “unimportant” because he can’t stand people with actual accomplishments, honor, dignity, intelligence, etc. I’m not making McCain into anything more spectacular than he was, but it is important to recognize the man’s service to the country, and point out what a severely mentally impaired, disrespectful, snide, snarky, repugnant f’tard Rump is. Witchcraft..good god..”an attempt to remove him from power,”…yeah, no kidding, it’s called “indictments.” I’m getting to the point where I don’t even hate these con men when they spout their bullshit..if people want to give their money away to these guys, it’s their own fault for being dumber than rocks. Hmm, no, guess I still hate the conmen too. (Funny..wrote that just before you said virtually the same thing. My fault for ranting before I’ve heard the whole show.)

  • Chuck Todd (of all people): “Well, Mr President, you’re right – we’ve done nothing but present the negative side. By way of example: For 2 full seasons, whenever we reported on Cleveland Browns football games, we only reported good news once. We were awful. We had 32 opportunities, and we reported that they had lost 31 times. Disgraceful.”

    Like grandma said: I’ll stop telling people you’re a brat when you stop being a brat.

  • A lot of Trumpov supporters said they didn’t mind him being so petty about McCain because “it was honest”. Well three-year-old’s are honest but they’re also rude and childish. Why do they assume the President can’t be decent AND honest at the same time? I’m was never a big fan of Sen. McCain but he deserved respect at his passing and I was greatly offended by Trumpov’s childish display.

  • Aynwrong

    That music that plays with the pastor warning of witchcraft sounds like the synth music from an early 80 sci-fi or horror movie. The poor man’s version I mean because I love a lot of that stuff. Was that actually playing while he said that?