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Bob Cesca
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The Doy In Deutsche Bank -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Lawrence O'Donnell fumbled the Deutsche Bank story, but it still rings true; Deutsche has the documents; Trump's inescapable NDAs; Andrew Gillum's remarks about Trump manipulating the stock market; Trump aides tell CNN Trump lied about China to manipulate the markets; Deploy the nukes as Dorian heads toward Mar-a-lago; Miller and Trump ramp up the cruel whimsy; Trump to deport kids with cancer; Starve the beast is back; With music by Battle Tapes and Cloud Party; and more!

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  • Something shifted when the Mueller report was released, and then it became a much clearer thing when Mueller testified in committee. The Press Poodles had always couched everything very carefully in fuzzy language, but then a lot of the legal contributors on the cable shows started eliminating the caveats, stating things much more positively. eg: the list of 10 instances of probable obstruction.

    I think the consensus inside the Beltway is that the probability is very high that Trump has done practically everything we suspect he’s done. They’re just not ready to state it that way because they have to get lots and lots of confirmation and re-confirmation if they’re going to make it stick (ie: you can go for the king, but you’re fucked if you miss). Especially when the Republicans are panicked enough to seize on any little thing and blow it up into another media blitz of “total exoneration”.

    Now add the problem of trying to make sure you haven’t been roped in by the usual Daddy State tactic of making sure everybody’s guilty so nobody can hold anybody else accountable without exposing his own culpability.

    I have to keep telling myself, “Patience, grasshopper.” This is what they mean when they say FUBAR. We can only continue to apply a steady pressure and wait for it to pop in its own good time.