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Bob Cesca
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Toledo -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The weekend massacres in El Paso and Dayton, and how we need to change as a society to end this cycle of violence as a first resort; Trump's speech was a mess; Trump says Toledo instead of Dayton, and what the hell's wrong with his mouth; Video games and mental illness; Our first weather report; Trump made it easier for mentally ill people to buy firearms; With music by Jesse Terry; and more!

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  • Don P

    Regarding the gun violence issue:
    1) It also doesn’t help that this country has been at war, or at least involved in multiple “low intensity” (certainly not to the people fighting them) military conflicts, for the the last 18 FRIGGIN’ YEARS!

    2) These shooters tend to be a couple years out of High School, middle class & unsuccessful at school with few job prospects, looking at a lifetime of McWork jobs at best. Forty years ago these guys could get a decent factory job and maybe provide a life. These jobs are gone, Our economy has failed us, especially for the young. Out of control capitalism kills. (or is that just the price of doing business?)

  • Wookie Monster

    The problem with Biff’s delivery is that he is being forced to stick to the script and express sympathy for people who aren’t Donald Trump. This happens every time his staff tells him he has to go out there and not riff on his enemies and just be empathetic. It’s such a foreign concept to him that he drops his normal manic delivery and just mumbles robotically through words like he’s an eight year whose parents just took him over to his neighbors house and made him apologize for breaking their window. He just can’t do it in any way that sounds even remotely sincere.

    Couple that with the fact the speech was written his personal Wormtongue Stephen Miller, for whom empathy is also a foreign concept, and it’s amazing he managed to make any noises that resembled sympathy and healing at all.

  • It’s not necessary to neglect the immediate gun violence problem in order to address what’s driving that immediate problem.
    We push for the cure, but we have to figure out ways to manage the symptoms in the meantime.

    I love it when you guys get after it. You never get shitty with each other, but there’s a good give-n-take that carries the discussion forward. Keep showing us how to do that.

  • 🤓 Zero Dark Thirsty ✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You and Buzz do know that Nora O’Donnell has always been a STAUNCH Republican….. right?