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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonMalcolm Nance's Thong -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Bryan Cranston as Howard Beale in Network; Sexy Liberal Announcement; The Ohio 12th special election; Greens and Voter Turnout; Trump's budget deficit is another eff you to Obama; Bill Nelson says Russia hacked Florida's election systems; Rachel Maddow's Devin Nunes audio; Don Junior's circulating a fake meme again; The Space Force; and so much more.

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  • Another great show!

    If you like crochet thongs, you’re sure to love macrame thongs! Who DOESN’T want some jute twine between their butt cheeks?! :0

    What is up with Rand Paul and his Russophilia lately? I just don’t know where that came from!

    Speaking of Russian meddling….Yahoo News has been really pushing the “Walkaway” story even though it’s been debunked. News aggregators should be held accountable.

    Jody, my personal motto is “it’s always 5 pm somewhere”.

    Really enjoyed Schmidt on Maher. His response re: the “extracurricular” and Pro-Trumpov behavior of Border Patrol officers at the bus stop asking people for their papers was too right.

  • katanahamon

    I forgot to mention, as I have before, but given these times especially I so, so, so miss Carol Burnett…..her voices and expressions were just priceless….nice to hear Jody on the show as always!

  • katanahamon

    Yeah..right..”finding” some votes, “missing” votes, strange how they get “just enough” to win. I don’t believe our voting system is safe or remotely secure.. Since Repubs have been saying they don’t care about cheating, I can imagine them counting votes..”one for you, two for me..” No, I still think any Green Party’s sole purpose is to split off Dem votes. In a de facto two party system, that’s what happens. We lost the democracy when a Democratic President was not allowed to appoint a lawful appointee to the Supreme Court within his own term by a scheming Republican Congress. Corrupt people corrupting our nation., I’m thinking full on depression..Rump’s tariffs combined with tax benefits for the rich combined with everything else will create conditions we’ve never even seen before. We must, must get the facts out there and combat the right wing propaganda. Didn’t we sign things already a long time ago to specifically not militarize space, and not have nuclear platforms, etc? healthcare, mothers can’t even give birth without high fatalities force. Utterly ridiculous. Ugh..Devin Nunes before the weekend..evil. Just despise him..completely..despise..that episode where he marched information directly to the White House in the middle of the night, an ethical explosive wet turd he never faced any consequences for.

    • Ziggy Blue

      I will NEVER forget or forgive the installment of Gorsuch. McConnell’s usurpation of this SC seat was unconscionable, underhanded and the first step in the dismantling of our democracy. The damage has already been done. It can only get worse…..unless. Unless we stop fucking around and call out these monsters for who they are. Like I’ve said before, “No providence and no quarter for Trumpanzees.”

  • Election System Hacking: Shaving a tiny percentage off the total number of votes is how it works best. The general narrative is that we’re “closely divided”, so a very small margin of victory is what’s expected, because that’s believable. Michigan Wisconsin & Pennsylvania in 2016. Florida in 2000. Ohio in 2004.

    It all points back to the simple fact that it’s more than a little possible that turning out in very large numbers is the only thing we have in our favor.

    • katanahamon

      Except without verification, these numbers just come out of the ether, so, the public believes any result as we have no choice. Your reasoning about the even split is dead on. I haven’t believed anything since Gore…

      • Fair point. If we can’t document The Wave, then it plays into the GOP bullshit about “massive voter fraud”. But then again, the rubes aren’t real good about accepting concrete evidence on much of anything.
        I guess all we can do is keep hammering on it.

  • Chris Budesa

    Did you read the news while on college radio?
    we had an AP teletype which provided 24 hour news for WMSC-FM, Montclair State College.

    • I read the news while working at WEEU in Reading, PA. We had an AP teletype, which was just a big ass dot matrix printer. I also pulled AP wire stories for Buzz when we were both at WJFK on the Don & Mike Show.