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RELM_buttonFire Fire Fire: Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, joins us today; Half of Republicans are okay with postponing the 2020 election; Creepy Stephen Miller continues to crush on Trump; North Korea calls Trump's bluff; The Cuban Missile Crisis Test; Pastor Jeffress says the Bible permits nuclear attacks; Missing the ocean and hitting Guam; Paul Manafort hit with a predawn raid at his home; The next predawn raid; Mitch McConnell is Trump's Frenemy of the Week; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • My silly random thoughts:
    Can I call Trump the “Cornholio in Chief”?

    “Peyton’s Fetus” reminds me of Seth McFarlane’s “prom night dumpster baby” .
    Bob is right, it is funny. Please, please make this!!!!!!

    The only way Stephen Miller could be any creepier would be if he grew a pornstache

    Not a spider, a centipede crawling in and out of Trump’s hair. And then a chimp grooming him, picking and eating his nits. /snort Fits with Chelsea Handler’s theory that Trump is a “brainless chimp” and missing his frontal lobe.

    Somewhat Serious Thoughts:
    Fellow liberal co-worker told me yesterday about the 55% of Republicans that would be okay with postponing the next election because of the non-existent voter fraud occurring. I told him that “Thus Democracy ends not with a whimper but a Duhhhhhh and some drool”

    68% of them don’t trust him BUT they WANT to believe the lie that there are illegal voters because doing so justifies their victim status, explains why they are losing their control over the country, and it gives them some sense of control. If they can say it’s a fixable problem, they can control the future. Otherwise they would have to accept the reality–that the demographics of this country are changing rapidly and they are simply dying out and will inevitably lose control no matter what they do. Essentially the lie gives them comfort and, unfortunately, is incredibly damaging to our democracy.

    Today the Cornholio in Chief is saying we’re locked and loaded but didn’t CNN post an online article about all the things that would need to happen before we went to war with NK? I do know we’ve been seeing A LOT more fighter jets flying in formation out of Luke AF Base. We’re so screwed.

    Generals are very ambitious men and they only know military solutions and they have their own agenda. That’s why we are supposed to have civilian control over the military. So I’m with you guys, I don’t trust the military to do what is ultimately right for civilization.

    3 am is also a great big FU to the suspect and to the Orange Cornholio they mean serious business. It’s also good use to rattle the suspect, to avoid publicity, to stop them from destroying evidence, to get the search done before their intention gets leaked, etc. The military routinely engages in middle of the night attacks because 3 am is the time when the sleeping human body is at it’s weakest, most vulnerable point–the nadir of our circadian rhythms so to speak.

    With all the pressure he is under, Manafort will fold soon enough. He changed his team of attorneys so it’s a sign he is in trouble and feeling the pressure.

  • Lancelot Link

    Steve Bannon was once involved in a World of Warcraft-related scheme…

    • Jon Oliver has a good segment about how Bannon started with this WoW scheme and that’s where he discovered the power of the dudebros.

  • Badgerite

    Reza Alan points out that expelled diplomats are still employees of State Department and are therefore still being paid.
    And also mentions that if anyone wonders whether the Trump Monster is compromised by Russian intelligence it would seem undeniable at this point. Putin’s Puppet.

  • Badgerite

    That last tweet you mention about thanking Putin for “cutting the diplomatic staff”………the guy (trump) is not all there. #25Amendment.

  • Michael B. Conway
    • Draxiar

      Thank You! Every time I hear that name I immediately think of Big Trouble in Little China.

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  • ProudLiberalAlways

    We heard this “God wants the pres. to…” with the shrub, too. Remember? God wants W.(jr.) to attack Iraq. How’d that work out for us? Not great!! Kimberley is right on—-Rump is a Russian agent if he’s breathing!(and unfortunately, he’s breathing)! My opinion. Not Bob’s or Kimberley’s.

    • Scopedog

      Funny how the “God wants the pres. to…” was never applied to Clinton (Bill) or Obama….

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Actually, Fire and Fury is from Harry S. Nothing this asshole does or says is original.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    O.K., again—–Steven Miller looks like actor Max Schreck, (Nosferatu), and after his stupid “bluff” the other day, Rump just looks like a weennie! Actually, Rump IS a weenie!! A ridiculously, gutless weenie!

  • katanahamon

    Easier to justify nullifying the last election due to tampering and awarding it to Clinton. (Don’t spend time refuting the right’s idiot stories about things like alleged voter’s ridiculous.) Miller should have been forced out, if he has any actual position, because of the high school video that surfaced..people are already formed by that age, he isn’t changing.
    Rump’s “on vacation” seems a lot like his regular working. Jeffress? What about church and state? Now we have a president listening to a crazy fundamentalist? Oh yeah..most of his advisers are crazy, …
    Listening to Bob say what won’t happen, I see it happening exactly like that. This is why Rump or advisers are having religious dudes say “yeah, war is fine” and Rump has generals in his ear advocating taking Un out. This is the only way to keep him in power..Rump, that is. I guess he thinks the Russia investigation will evaporate. How can we justify the enormous cost and military industrial complex to maintain nuclear weapons if they’re never used ?(is what Rump thinks…).
    Manafort? Shouldn’t we instead rejoice over more Benghazi investigation? Secret Service isn’t in Rump dispute, remember? or maybe, Rump realized it was too easy for them to spy on him and raised the rent.
    Funny y’all talk about expertise..there are articles floating around today about experts having the last word on Brexit as the economics are finally starting to go the way of experts’ predictions, thus negating the “we are so tired of experts” quote. I always think of Chez when this idea of having to discuss Rump and the right wing influence on America, how it affected him. I’m afraid the public doesn’t have the patience to pay attention to the investigations in the bright lights of Rump sound bites. (The Russian diplomat’s a schoolyard taunt..”thanks for hitting me..I liked it!!”)

    • Scopedog

      I always think of Chez when this idea of having to discuss Rump and the right wing influence on America, how it affected him.

      Man, how I miss Chez. I would have loved to have heard his views on what’s going on, and to hear him tear into the alt-Left fools who were telling us that Clinton was just as bad or would be even worse.

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