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Bob Cesca
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The Kardashian Straw -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank's Hatch Act Justice League; How to report the Trump White House for Hatch Act violations; You can't win if you don't play; Trump says people from the dark shadows are helping Biden; Michael Schmidt's new book; Rod Rosenstein stopped the counterintelligence probe; Trump wanted to personally prosecute Comey and Clinton; Trump's cerebral event at Walter Reed; Don McGahn's last straw; McConnell fell asleep during Russia briefing; The latest polls and the convention bounce; Six million COVID cases so far; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Mia Montenegro; and more!

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  • “It’s under investigation” is 45*’s new favorite dodge, and a dead giveaway that he’s talking out of his ass, &/or projecting his own shit onto someone else.

    BTW – never forget who Laura Ingraham is (Repub Nat’l Convention, 2016):

  • katanahamon

    The actor who was on Star Trek Next Gen that in the episode kidnapped Data as an objet de art was on Stargate SG1, played a reporter interviewer guy, had an excellent, emotional tirade about the role of reporting in a democracy..would make a great opener for the show. I’ll get the particulars later..being disabled I get tv series and catch up on them as I never saw much tv when working.

    Let’s win the election before worrying about whether Rump handcuffs himself to his desk. I’m worried that the USPS being sabotaged has already screwed us, or that they’ll simply disqualify a bunch of ballots. If Rump truly does get a majority, first, I won’t ever believe it, and second, democracy will be permanently bruised. As far as Mueller, Rosenstein..we are seeing the results of a truly partisan-ized checks and balances, meaning we no longer have any checks or balances. The future is bleak as Rump and his enablers have now installed a butt load of extreme right wing judges. Bye bye judiciary. (Funny..wrote that before you talked about it..)

    I just don’t see how they can even renominate this guy for president..he’s been impeached, he’s been videotaped talking about grabbing pussies, he wrote checks to pay off affairs, prostitutes one might say, brain is fritzing.

    I googled yesterday and Rump cannot pardon him, at least as far as I googled. And yes, the kid’s attorney has said it was self defense just as Rump said.

  • Michael B

    I wish the media would cover covid deaths the way they covered troop deaths in Vietnam.