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RELM_buttonSmarter Moles -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Remembering 911; Trump bragged about having the tallest building; The Fear Convention of 2004; Obama's tough love for young voters; More on the Anonymous officials inside the White House; Bob Woodward's Fear; Gary Cohn and Trump's Debt Ignorance; Pigman John Dowd said Trump is 'disabled'; Trump plans to write his own history; Midterm polling confirms the Blue Wave; Trump tweet almost precipitated another Korean War; and so much more.

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  • As always a good show!

    Bob Lodestar…does that sound like a weird porn name or is it just me? Especially in light of Buzz’s comment.

    The 2nd round of tax cuts wasn’t JUST about buying votes. I think it was also an attempt by some in the GOP to grift as much as they could before they lose power.

    I’m not a big fan of Woodward BUT this book will be a seminal historical source students writing about the Fall of the United States 50 to 100 years in the future. As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think we’ll be coming back from this.

    I almost did a spit take when Bob said, “Forrest Gums”…

    I think that Trumpov would have to waive client/attorney confidentiality for Dowd to be able to talk. And that will never happen. So if Dowd does talk, he would never work as an attorney again.

  • katanahamon

    Every year I rewatch the differing then-live news coverage of the 9-11 tragedy to analyze how the media responded, how the individuals and networks did in terms of reporting and whether their biases affected their coverage. It’s an interesting exercise. As to the Woodward book, it’s yet more evidence that Rump should never have been allowed to run, and surely should be removed from office ASAP. In other words, no surprises for us. I’m convinced the “nuclear football” they give to Rump is an old Atari console that lights up but isn’t actually connected to anything, or that’s what I hope. Looking at the right side of Rump’s mouth and face, esp when he mispronounces words like “anonymous” it looks like he either had a stroke or has a nerve problem in his face. Judging from other sources, I’d go with brain dysfunction. Polling..yeah..I don’t trust the integrity of our voting system right now. I worry that we will never know what the real totals are ever again. We need to fix the problem of Earth I And II, and get to the pursuit of the truth and facts being sacrosanct.

  • mnpollio

    I would be more impressed about polls showing something if they had not been so completely off base in the last election. I say, trust nothing. Never accept that this is a win and vote, vote, vote. And encourage everyone you know to vote. Unless the idiot you know is voting for Trumpers, then feel free to slip them a mickey on the way to the voting booth.

  • Badgerite

    Bob Woodward is right. This is worse than anyone imagined because the truth about the inner workings of the trump regime is actually not seeing the light of day. We have gotten hints of it from the fawning sycophancy of people like Scarmooch and Pence and that God awful cabinet meeting where all had to pledge an oath of allegiance to trump.
    (Holy King Lear) But for the most part they have managed to keep quiet just how absurd and dangerous a situation the gop has placed the country in with trump. Our allies certainly know. And they also know that a major and established political party in America has enabled this and allows it to continue. But for the American public at large, I think the mask has only slipped off completely a few times. Once was that ridiculous meeting with Kim Jung Un. And the other was the stunned reaction to the Putin/trumpov press conference in Helsinki and everything that followed it. Particularly upsetting was Sarah Sanders basically telling the country that trump was considering turning American citizens over to Putin for ‘questioning’. Bill Browder whom Putin has been trying to get at for years. And Michael McFaul and a Congressional staffer who wrote the Magnitsky Act. We know that Woodward’s book is true because we have seen it. We know trump is exactly as portrayed because of these break outs where the mask they try to put on everything slips and the country, even the gop, is left in a state of shock at the absolute absurdity and perfidy of something trump has done or proposes to do. It happens time and time again and they are covering it up for tax cuts and right wing radicals on the Court, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and abuses of asylum seekers and other immigrants their children.
    FFFFF the gop. There are no heroes in this.

    • Your mentioning Trumpov’s willingness to turn over American citizens (and former diplomats no less) to Putin brings up another point–that the recent pushback against the ICC is such flabbergasting hypocrisy. So Trumpov is okay with giving American citizens to a former KGB agent, now murderous dictator for interrogation, but the ICC, a law abiding org that we originally helped to create, we can’t? Nothing this admin does makes any sense. The anonymous writer was only partially correct when he said Trumpov was amoral. Apparently his staff is too.