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RELM_buttonDevil's Triangle -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Sexy Liberal DC recap; Bill Cosby sentenced; The world laughed at Trump today; Trump attacks Ford at UN; The Monday morning chaos; Trump uses Rosenstein to distract from Kavanaugh; Kavanaugh's yearbook awfulness; Kavanaugh claims to have been a virgin; New allegations from two women; Michael Avenatti to represent woman who was gang raped; Choosing the next president; A final thought to the women; and so much more.

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  • Badgerite

    Jesus. Another word for Kavanaugh……..jerk.

  • Badgerite

    Bret Kavanaugh might not be aware of this but every single tobacco executive in the country got in front of a Congressional committee under oath and testified to the fact that they believed nicotine was not addictive. Every single one.
    Under oath. And internal documents revealed beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt really, that they had been lying through their teeth and they not only thought nicotine was additive, it was part of their market strategy.
    Not a one was ever charged with lying to Congress and not a one ever went to jail. FYI to the federal bench.
    Had they lied under oath the the FBI, however, that would have been another matter.

  • Badgerite

    Oh my ffffing God. When Feinstein questioned Kavanaugh as to why he would not insist on a FBI investigation, his response was to pretend that he is somehow powerless and has no say in any of this. Which is totally preposterous.
    He, indeed, can insist on one. He is the nominee. He can simply say either we get an FBI investigation where all these people coming forward must swear under oath and penalty of lying to the FBI, or I withdraw with the explanation that I required and was not given an FBI investigation. And as Feinstein continues to question him on this point, he just keeps trying to smear Dr. Ford for needing ten days to come and testify because he, Bret Kavanaugh, wanted to testify the next day.
    Riiiiiiight. This is an obviously scripted line. And as she continues to question him as to the need for an FBI investigation and the need for people like Mark Judge to testify, he keeps repeating the line about how he, Kavanaugh, was ready to testify the next day while avoiding the question about Mark Judge entirely. Uh huh. And he appears to trip up a little and the “outrage” facade slips as he goes back to the “I was ready to appear the next day”. He keeps returning to that not because it somehow enhances his credibility. He returns to it because it is what the script calls for.
    Then he raises all sorts of internet crap he has ‘endured’ similar to Elvis sightings that has no bearing on anything. He is not honest. He is putting on a show.

  • Badgerite

    I would have to say, having heard Dr. Ford’s testimony, she is even more credible then before. For one thing, I don’t find it out of the ordinary that she would recall the events of that day and others would not. I remember an incident in my own life when a bully from out of the neighborhood invaded our neighborhood. I was with my brothers and I would guess they don’t remember that day or the incidents of that day at all. I do, because the bully grabbed me by the throat and choked me. Because of this and only because of this is that day seared into my memory. I’m guessing no one else remembers anything about that day. What’s more I find her story of how she ended up at someone’s house after a day of swimming with teenage friends to be eminently credible. That is in fact, exactly what teenagers do. Not only did the vaunted “prosecutor” not lay a glove on her or her story, I found that her story was more personal and credible.
    We need an FBI investigation. Now.

  • katanahamon

    His speech problems aren’t “denture” related..they are “organic brain disease” related. It’ll only be worse today as Rump is chairing the UN Security Council..yeah, really. Should be a laugh. Ok, why say women are going to turn the tide? Rump was a known pussygrabber and they still voted for him. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m just aghast that America seems so easily led down this corrupt path. Where are the hidden, withheld documents about Kavanaugh..that’s just as important and we aren’t hearing anything about it anymore..? Why not press to replace him with Garland? Election prediction scares me..I’m afraid we won’t regain either house or senate, just because Rump could be elected in the first place. There are invisible forces at work, we don’t know just how far their influence goes. Was thinking if Rump is too much trouble, he might have a mysterious stroke or heart attack, but, he’s a useful clown..they’ll just keep letting him cause chaos while appointing judges and legislating the right wing agenda, and if the law catches up, was all his doing. This is all still very frightening in that Rump has been normalized, and that’s very’s already going to take a decade to clean up if we had a Democratic President and Congress tomorrow..a lot can still happen before the adults come home to stop the party.

  • Buzz nailed it at about the 39:00 mark – think critically and be critical, but make sure that criticism isn’t doing the other side’s work for them.

  • DKE’s reputation goes back a long way. My Grandfather’s fraternity had DKE for neighbors at Penn back in the 1950s, and their reputation for sexism, drunkenness, and drunken sexism was exactly the same in 1952!

  • Michael B Conway

    When I used to drink, the more I drank, the funnier, smarter and more charming I became. As far as I know. I think so, but then I was drunk at the time.

    • The Three Stages Of Drunk
      1) I am awesomely witty, and irresistible to women
      2) I am incredibly strong, and cannot be bested
      3) I am invisible and no longer accountable for anything I do or say

      Been there too, but damn I’m sick of these frat boy legacy pukes.

  • Trumpov doesn’t care about Roe v. Wade getting overturned…he doesn’t care about anyone’s rights other than his own. Everything he does is geared only toward what he can get out of it. The rest of the world be damned.

    In regards to Trumpov’s continued support for Kavanaugh, you also have to remember that he NEVER admits he was wrong. So unless he can find a way to cut Kavanaugh loose without it reflecting badly on him, he will cling to him to the bitter end. And if Kavanaugh loses the confirmation vote then Trumpov can blame Congress. I can already hear him blaming it all on McConnell and Ryan.

    Bob, you’re right about the triggering nature of news lately. But, in all honesty, ever since Trump won it has been like this for many women. And the thing that drives me the craziest is when other women excuse sexual assault (one good example are the Republican women shown on a recent Daily Show bit saying that all teenage boys are full of testosterone and don’t they all do that, etc, etc.) It just makes me want to scream hearing them trying to normalize that behavior. It ISN’T effing normal and most teenage boys will NOT do that. If my son ever did something like that I’d knock him into next week.

    Okay, now i need a drink. Good show!