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Bob Cesca
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The 750 Dollar Question -- [Explicit Language] How was the debate, people of the future?; Trump's tax returns revealed by the New York Times; The major takeaways in Harper's Index format; Trump is a fraud and a loser; Trump's killing Americans and taking their tax dollars to keep his failing resorts from closing; Trump paid zero in taxes for 10 of the last 15 years; Trump says the NYT article is fake news, then confirms it's real; Brad Parscale arrested in Florida; Parscale tackled by cops; Parscale under investigation for stealing millions from Trump and the RNC; Channel 4 bombshell about Trump suppression of the Black vote; Wilbur Ross is ignoring the courts; 860,000 Americans have already voted; Buzz Coney Burbank from Buzz Coney Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Brad Brooks and the Gypsy Moths; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Well, guess I’m psychic. Rump, used to adoration from rallies and meek reporters backing down turned the “debate” into yet another f’ing circus. Fox News should forever be banned from legitimate..anything, if they must have another debate, the microphones must be strictly cut off, and the moderator will have to interject, and fact check at will. I mean, come..on..ppl, what a f’ing farce! Plus, my fears of legitimizing Rump and bringing Biden to his level were realized..even some decent media outlets are criticizing Biden too. Let’s face it though..there’s no way to respond to Rump without moderation in any other way. This was another Fox News propaganda event for Rump. Anyone else infuriated?

  • katanahamon

    Fox News is hosting the presidential “debate.” Why? This only props them up as legitimate and sets Biden up for failure. Mike Wallace has already said he won’t stop Rump from blood pressure is completely out of control today..

    Biden simply can’t play by the old rules..unless he comes out swinging, accusing Rump of being a lying scumbag failure and giving examples every..single..question, then he’s sunk. It’s too late..they’ve secured the Supreme Court, federal judges, normalized corruption, graft, grift, eliminated emoluments issues…geez..we have to increase the number of justices to counter, then try to get rid of his lifetime appointments, somehow. That’s of course if we aren’t cheated (again) out of an election. Brad Parscale is another criminal thug, one of many surrounding Rump..yet we aren’t hearing anything about his hiring by and association with Rump and what this says about Rump, and all the remaining ppl surrounding him..

    Hypocrisy..that’s the keyword describing the right wing. These guys have never done one honest day’s work. They grift, steal, borrow, play with money, but produce anything meaningful? No. Yet they’ll call others “takers.” In f*cking furiating.

    I’m wondering if Rump, being emboldened by the last several years, will act like a total ass at the “debate.” I’m betting he thinks he can get away with anything, and since Fox is hosting, he probably will..