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Bob Cesca
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Dad Jokes -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Restoring Chez Pazienza's old website; Trump's never heard of a Category 5 storm, except all the other times; A Place For Don; Trump congratulates Poland on Nazi invasion anniversary; Gun 'splainers and Buzz's Top Ten List; Texas is number one in mass shooting deaths in August; The Loudest Voice, Roger Ailes and Donald Trump; With music by Freekbass and Dave Molter; and more!

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  • Michael B
  • Michael B

    So we have a President who is eager to be known as President who presided-over the worst-ever-biggest-most-worst in history, and a VP who gets on his knees each night and prays out loud for the End Times.

    Let that sink in.

  • Tony Lavely

    “Restoring Chez Pazienza’s old website”
    Where will it be? I see the old one appears to be an Indonesian tribute page.
    Donations? (Silly question.)


      • Tony Lavely

        Thanks. I see it redirects to your home, so I’ll tuck it away and wait.