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RELM_buttonLodestar -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; The Bombshell article written by an anonymous Trump insider; Trump goes volcanic; More administration officials speak out; Who is the turncoat; Should Anonymous go public; Trump says Anonymous committed treason; The witch hunt inside the White House; Trump's response is to brag about his accomplishments; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; The beginning of the end; Kamala Harris nails Brett Kavanaugh; Cory Booker leaks Kavanaugh emails; and so much more.

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  • Other folks are also saying that word analysis says it’s someone in Pence’s office but if they tried to hide themselves by using language from other people, then word analysis isn’t going to be work.

    I agree with Jacki, we didn’t elect them and the things they are letting him get away with are damaging us. They aren’t doing us any favors by letting a madman run around and do what he’s doing. They need to grow a pair and do the ACTUAL patriotic thing–remove the crazy Russian Puppet from the WH.

  • Badgerite

    Oh Myyyyy. There’s a war going on inside the Republican party these days. It’s the gop versus the GOP.
    Eliot Cohen sited Karl Frisch’s article in Esquire – John McCain’s Funeral Was a Council of War.
    Check it out.

    Eliot A Cohen@EliotACohen
    And, I note, those who bleat most loudly about respecting the troops by fussing about anthems, flags and the NFL –see Walker, Scott or trump, donald — have somehow, oddly enough, never worn a uniform. Curious.
    Angry Staff Officer @pptsapper
    As a person in uniform, I feel respected when members of this nation can respectfully and peacefully protest police
    violence without being browbeaten by elected officials. It’s the flag of the United States, not the flag of the United
    States military.…..
    Eliot A Cohen@EliotACohen
    Works for me. I’ll cheerfully retire to a life of grandchildren, cruises, bread baking, reading and magic conventions and let you kids sort it out. First, though, the job at hand. @PeterLucier @KoriSchake
    Peter Lucier@PeterLucier
    By ensuring the new order is safe for democracy and republicanism, the “Ancien Regime” — the Cold Warriors fighting
    fighting trump, will ensure the death of the world they once lived in, like cowboy heroes of Westerns who save the
    newly moved in homesteaders from the free range ranchers.

    When trump decided to trash a dying hero of the Old Guard like John McCain,…….to quote a movie line…..”that was a

  • Badgerite

    Paul Ryan thinks that “Anoumynous” is “living in dishonesty”. Dude. The leader of your party just used Kim Jung Un as a character reference. Any questions?

  • Badgerite

    Did Captain Queeg find the person who stole the strawberries yet?

  • Badgerite

    Kamila Harris was excellent. And Kavanaugh was sooooo lying. He was reduced to using the Fredo Gonzalez defense of
    “I don’t recall”. Of course he ‘recalls’ exactly and if he admitted it he would have to recuse himself from any cases involving the Mueller investigation what would land at the Supreme Court. And I suspect there were hidden discussions via the infamous “back channels” as to this very point that perhaps have a lot to do with this particular nomination to the Court. Swamp things gonna swamp.

  • katanahamon

    I’m leaning towards this is a “make the Repubs look better” campaign..I think the whole thing is them trying to get away with the legislation that destructively benefits them while covering their ass trying to look better to the public. honor in anything they do. They’re allowing the worst things to still happen..legislatively. This person “says” they’re preventing “the worst” from happening, but, since we haven’t launched a nuclear bomb, they are what, “proven” right? No, logic says they aren’t doing jack. They aren’t preventing global economic meltdown from tariffs..or our reputation suffering..or immigrants being persecuted..or, or, or, or.. (picking words out to identify the author is no good, I would purposely use distinctive words others used to camouflage myself.) Before Rump gives the command to arrest ppl or surround the White House with tanks, I’m imagining someone simply tasing him, and he drops drooling into the carpet. Then again, I imagine Rump getting tased on a minute by minute basis. Yeah, unless Rump has instituted full body searches, (and it will come out I bet that he probably has..) everyone is wearing a wire. Since it’s anonymous, Rump (or a supporter) could have written it himself for the purpose of confusion and distraction. Of course this is getting ugly..we all knew he was a criminal, how long before the presidential spotlight burns through the bullshit surrounding him and the criminal indictments start?

    • No way Trump wrote this himself. Anonymous op/eds are SUPER rare, and the NYT wouldn’t break the seal on another one if it was a Trump scam.

      • katanahamon

        Well, I don’t really think he wrote it, just that things are so..royally f’ed up there’s no telling what is honest, and what is smoke and mirrors. Rump believes in all kinds of publicity, even bad, so, a negative blitz to rail against wouldn’t be out of bounds for him..’s a post in Huffpost..bolstering all our theories..
        “That New York Times Op-Ed Is Propaganda Disguised As Resistance
        Michelangelo Signorile