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RELM_buttonRocket Man: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment joins us today; Buzz Burbank vs Hurricane Irma; Trump's horrifying address to the UN; Kim Jong Un is Rocket Man; Don Junior turns down Secret Service protection endangering national security; Paul Manafort was wiretapped under a FISA warrent; Manafort's home raided after picking the lock; The attempt to flip Manafort; Senate committee cancels Michael Cohen hearing; Mueller attains Facebook documents after issuing search warrant; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • ironicNik

    I think the larger aspect of the Manifort raid that you didn’t address, is that it may have been a 4 Alarm Bell warning to the rest of Trump’s gang of horribles to DESTROY EVERYTHING now! before THEIR doors get kicked down by the Feds. Was it leaked by the NY Bureau perchance?

  • Ya never go full Alex Jones, but 45* could get an awful lot of mileage outa staging a kidnapping.

    And at this point, we know there’s practically nothing beyond considering for these jokers.

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mike Allen wrote this on Axios – It’s regarding Sean Spicers copious note taking.. Parts of it are interesting:

    Another potential Mueller honey pot: Spicer’s notebooks

    …Now we can tell you about another potential honey pot for Mueller. Former colleagues of Sean Spicer tell Axios that he filled “notebook after notebook” during meetings at the Republican National Committee, later at the Trump campaign, and then at the White House.

    When Spicer worked at the RNC, he was said to have filled black books emblazoned with the party’s seal. Spicer was so well-known for his copious notes that underlings joked about him writing a tell-all……

    When we texted Spicer for comment on his note-taking practices, he replied: “Mike, please stop texting/emailing me unsolicited anymore.”

    When I replied with a “?” (I have known Spicer and his wife for more than a dozen years), he answered: “Not sure what that means. From a legal standpoint I want to be clear: Do not email or text me again. Should you do again I will report to the appropriate authorities.”

    About an hour after Spicer’s texts, he replied to a polite email I had sent earlier, seeking comment:

    Per my text:

    Please refrain from sending me unsolicited texts and emails

    Should you not do so I will contact the appropriate legal authorities to address your harassment


    Sean M Spicer

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
  • katanahamon

    Shuttered houses stay remarkably don’t have the warming created by the sun through the windows.
    It’s a conceit right now that we can “shoot down” missiles. This is why you haven’t seen us even try it. What happens if we miss? The accuracy of these systems is far from 100 percent.
    I like Buzz’s idea of removing Rump from office to save Twiiter from the “difficult” decision to close his account..
    “I have a plan!” “Remember Commander, we can’t liquefy ALL of the Earthlings..” “……. I have ANOTHER plan!!” John Lithgow, Third Rock
    Don jr, I don’t know. Maybe a “Ransom of Red Chief” type situation.
    As to Rump UN speech, Lavrov seemed to love it. Funny, that.
    Just wondering when America will get sick of the Repubs lying their asses off.
    Decrypted, decryption, decrypt is the word. As opposed to “De Crips.”
    I’m kind of stream of consciousness today.
    I try to space things and indent for clarity, but disqus usually condenses it. Yeah..talking openly at a Chili’s equivalent shows the spycraft skills of those surrounding the Rumpster. And yes, the committee was pissed Cohen went public with his testimony when they specifically told him to keep his yap shut, so now instead of a closed session, he will have to show up to an open one. No..Facebook is definitely a mob type organization. I ditched it years ago, not only because being on pain meds makes my keyboard looser, but their advertising, their policies, and the climate of it is repulsive.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Interesting question, isn’t it? Whether Baby Rump let his SS protection go because of privacy concerns or secrecy concerns. If he had I/8 of a brain, he’d keep it. Don’t forget, a lot of the business he and “I’m Eric” do is in the Middle East. I wouldn’t think that that’s the safest place for them to be without protection.

    • Maybe they hire Erik Prince and his Merry Band over there.