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Bob Cesca
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RELM_button70s Heartthrob Graham Cassidy: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here; Graham Cassidy is dead; Fake News and Breitbart; Bob's First Podcast Partner Linked to Russia; Six White House officials used private email for official business; 21 states targeted by Russia; Trump's horrendous tweets about Puerto Rico; Trump's Katrina; Trump talks about the Big Ocean; Thousands of Wisconsin voters blocked by Voter ID law; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • I like the uncensored thing – I appreciate being treated like a grownup, even tho’ behaving like one is not my default mode.

    We’re not in a hurry to send a lot of help to Puerto Rico because we need to soften them up a little more so they’ll be more amenable to privatizing the whole fuckin’ banana – ie: Disaster Capitalism. It’s being auctioned off to The New American Oligarchy – and I realize that’s a cliche, but cliches don’t get to be cliches if they aren’t true. Face it. Deal with it. Never adapt to it.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    As far as Puerto Rico goes——-Rump has been desperate to shake the blame for a golf course he built there going bankrupt——-ergo, the infrastructure sucks balls, the grid has been TERRIBLE for so long, so how can anyone possibly blame his mismanagement (or Jr.’s, or Eric’s or anyone’s) It couldn’t possibly be the family’s fault!

  • katanahamon

    It’s interesting that an offensive part of the Rump/NFL thing isn’t getting coverage..when he said that basically they should hit each other in the heads harder, that penalties for rough tackles were ruining the game. As to the hubbub, I have to say I’ve changed my mind. I objected to the players kneeling for two, when on the field, they are at their job, representing their employers and are part of a performance; and along with that secondarily, I thought it was a lazy way to protest that cost them the least amount of effort they could put out. Why not protest before the games outside the stadium, talking to patrons, distributing leaflets etc, or something more productive? However, they are using their visibility, so I can see both sides now. It’s easy for Rump to say they are being disrespectful to the flag or whatever else simply by using his own visibility, regardless of the lack of veracity. The public needs to support the protestors, and provide as much resistance to Rump as we can, and also remember the reason for the protests in the first place is unnecessary, purposeful police violence.

  • Bob, I’ve been listening to you so long that I remember the Elvis days but I never heard your podcasts with Lee.

    I agree with you both–the Russians were able to change people’s minds. However, I also believe the Russians were able to change Voter Registration data and until the states who were hacked do an audit, we will never know 100% on this particular issue. Between the voter id bullcrap and the MANY instances where people couldn’t vote, there’s plenty of evidence that something hinky was going on. Clearly we need to have audits BUT let’s not hold our breath while we wait for them. From an IT perspective, it blows my mind that audits haven’t already begun. The professional IT directors of the various states’ election commissions/departments are probably pulling their hair out because they want to do the audit but the politicians won’t let them.

    Bob, you HAVE to say it in your whispery Trump…”It’s a big oshun…so bihhhhhh…”

    • I went Full Trump during the Post Mortem Show. πŸ™‚

      Here’s the episode of the Bob/Lee show with Chez.

      • I’m saving the post-mortem for manana. I need something to keep me sane at work every day. Thanks for the link to old show as well. Today must be my lucky day!

      • Ziggy Blue

        Very interesting perspective from, what, 8 years ago? It’s fascinating to hear a political conversation without the Evil Clown Dictator mentioned once. Hell, back in ’09, I don’t think anyone on earth could’ve foreseen the hellish miasma that is our present reality.

  • katanahamon

    It’s not surprising that Rump and staff get duped by tricksters, they already believe lies and propaganda.

  • katanahamon

    What are the chances that whatever they try to roll the dogshit smelling Obamacare repeal into will be tasty enough to cover up the flavor? I’m betting zero. Dogshit, plus more dogshit, doesn’t bake up into goodness. You’re shocked, I know. Oh, by the way, good call on not bleeping the show anymore, since our illustrious president doesn’t bleep himself. I can guarantee that there is more oppression by right wing fundamentalists going on in Twin Falls ID than any other organization. The evidence we have points towards the goal of election fixing through vote total altering. A candidate like Rump getting “just the right number in just the right precincts” screams election tampering. I firmly believe the election should have been completely redone. We need a verifiable and permanent way of making sure the votes are what they are. Maybe it’s finally dawning on our stupider brethren that maybe, just maybe, a complete idiot can’t be president…

    • Ziggy Blue

      Abso-fuckin’-lutely!!!!! I’m telling ya, at least in PA where I was born and raised, I’ll NEVER believe Drumpf won here in 2016…..McGinty didn’t lose to Toomey either as her polling and final vote total were this/close to Hillary’s numbers. I said all along that as Hillary went, McGinty would go. NO. This shit was rigged with precision in just enough precincts to tip the totals.

      • katanahamon

        I find it interesting that the public accepted the idea that every single poll was wrong. No questions were raised at all.

        • I agree. There is enough evidence to warrant audits in all the states but they won’t do them.

  • Ziggy Blue

    Twin Falls? Twin Peaks? What year is this?

    • katanahamon

      Think Twin Peaks, only with KKK hoods and you’ve got it. Just as creepy.

      • LOL! Boy I needed a laugh today. Thank you.

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