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RELM_buttonRocktober Surprise: Trump's psychotic rant in Pennsylvania; The horrendous congressional vote on JASTA is the dumbest thing ever; Wikileaks' October Surprise is canceled; Trump hasn't paid any federal income taxes; Marla Maples might've leaked; The latest polls and Don't Get Happy; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    If we give the “candy we stole in fourth grade” back, will he (the Trump Monster) go away?

  • muselet

    The vice presidential debate wasn’t boring, it was just predictable. The only thing surprising was Mike Pence’s unwillingness (or inability) to leave his scripted ad libs behind and actually defend what Donald Trump has done and said. I figured Pence would come armed with the best bafflegab the campaign could generate, but no.

    The second presidential debate could be fascinating, in the same way plane crashes are fascinating. Hillary Clinton is very good one-on-one, and Trump is … well, we really don’t know because he doesn’t interact with voters that way. Interviews he’s done show a superficial charm, but he’s always relied on dodging questions.

    Trump’s supporters are with him all the way. Nothing will change their opinion of him.

    Bob, Trump supporters will not slink away, because they really and truly believe they are in the majority. If Trump loses, they will insist the election was “rigged”—Trump’s favorite word—and will make Tea Partiers look calm and reasonable.

    Bob, if Trump runs with your idea, I can see him making it the flagship show on Trump TV or whatever he’s going to call his TV channel (assuming of course other people stump up the money to make it real).

    Juan Cole had a good explanation for why JASTA is a dumb law. Steve Benen had a good explanation for why the veto override was a depressing example of stupidity and irresponsibility (the piece had a great title, too: “GOP leaders flunk Governing 101 test on 9/11 bill”). And Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are dumbasses.

    The thought of a more-illiterate society is terrifying. Yet another reason to fear a Trump presidency.

    WikiLeaks has always been, and I use this term advisedly, anti-American. The “Collateral Murder” video was intended to make the entire US military—and by extension the United States as a whole—look like a pack of conscienceless monsters, not merely to call attention to an atrocity. That WikiLeaks generally advances the Russian agenda seems more a happy coincidence than a plan (if Russia were stronger than the US, WikiLeaks would probably be messing with Russia right now).

    Let us hope the world’s news media react to Julian Assange’s bait-and-switch the same way they did to Donald Trump’s.

    Wait, what? The WikiLeaks crowd—for which, read Julian Assange—wants everyone to believe that Hillary Clinton wanted to order a drone strike against Assange? I knew Assange suffered from hypertrophy of the ego, but holy cats. He’s an annoying little pest. He’s not worth committing an act of war against Ecuador, and in the middle of London, no less.

    Donald Trump lost close to a billion dollars. Running casinos. In an expanding economy. But we’re to believe he’s a great businessman, even a “genius.” (Some have suggested the losses were all on paper and that he parked the money offshore—meaning Trump employed sneaky accountants—but we don’t know for sure because he refuses to release his income tax returns.)

    “It’s impossible—you have to really try to lose money with a casino.” According to one of his former casino managers, Trump hadn’t the faintest idea how a casino operates, plus he has never shown any inclination to work hard at anything. Maybe he just has a natural aptitude for losing money.

    Hillary Clinton won’t have to say a word about Donald Trump’s casino losses at the debate if she and her allies and surrogates spend the next few days tweaking him on this. He’ll be on such a hair trigger that he’ll start ranting about the casinos and his taxes even if nobody mentions them. That could be fun to watch.

    The Commission on Presidential Debates said there was a problem with Trump’s mic on the house feed during the debate (but not during the sound check, and anyone who thinks that’s suspicious has never dealt with sound systems). I can understand why that would be disconcerting, but it’s not the reason he lost the debate and it’s certainly not worth moaning about for a week. Unless you’re Donald Trump.

    I’m not sure which was more deranged at that rally in Pennsylvania: Trump or the crowd.

    Bob, go to the party, spend time with your mom, have fun. You deserve it, your mom especially deserves it.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s shits at 28:29 and 55:29.)


  • At this point every syllable out of his puckered asshole of a mouth sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. And the way he says Putin may very well be the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • katanahamon

    How can Trump say he’s “contributing?” “Winning temperament?” No…wrong. He’s a loser, he’s a cheater, he’s a fraud.. He’s been given life on a gold platter, lost it all, received breaks over a billion dollars, yet somehow having no experience whatsoever, deserves to waft into the highest, most important position in the US.. No. Just,… NO.

  • Why not have the After Party at your mom’s house, with your mom on the air?

    • A Cesca Family After Party?! I second that notion. 🙂

  • Cugel

    Did you see this? Lead article on Politico. These people are literally insane: “said Stuart Jolly, who ran Trump’s field program during the NC Republican primary. “When you see so many people rallying and listening to him personally, they leave ecstatic. They leave over the top and ready to do whatever they can do for him. It’s a cult of personality and the more you get the personality out, the better.”

    A “cult of personality”? You mean like Stalin? He actually said that? Not that he’s wrong. But, how tone deaf can you be?

    • That’s like two steps away from saying “Look at all the erections on these people coming out of Trump rallies! Rock hard erections! That’s the power of Trump!” (Note: Scott Adams actually made the opposite claim, that the Democratic Convention literally lowered the testosterone of any male viewer.)

  • katanahamon

    Bob..Trump won’t have enough money when all this shakes down to operate a shadow anything. He ran because he needed cash, we are discovering that he has done even more fraudulent things, bribed officials, has a fraud trial coming up..people have speculated he isn’t worth a billion any more. Media needs to keep up the digging, because Trump has a lot of crap in his closet.

    Congress can only obstruct, they cannot govern..or rather, repubs can’t. Dumbing down means Congress is now playing “Unicorn Fantasy Land,” instead of “Thermonuclear War.”

    How Trump gets away with characterizing not paying any taxes as good just amazes me. If no one pays taxes, how can we function? Why should the full burden of taxation fall on the populace that can no longer afford health care or to put money away for retirement? And the “less educated” still want to vote for him?

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I swear, every time he (Rump) says Clinton, he reminds me of that Treehouse of Horror on the Simpsons when Bill was running against Bob Dole. You remember, the one where Kang and Kodos took them into their ship and impersonated them? One of them kept saying Clin-ton. Rump sounds just like them! Every time. Oh, and Jina!!!

  • Badgerite

    Pat Robertson has an ‘interesting’ take on the Trump Monster’s sniffing all night. Robertson hypothesized that it was actually the ‘Holy Spirit’ leaking out of his person through his nose.
    IMO, what was coming out of his nose was ……LOSER phlegm.
    What an FFFFFFing Orange Diaper Baby.