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RELM_buttonSpinbot: One week to go; The FBI Email Story; The race is definitely tightening; Trump could win all the tossups and still lose; The brilliant New York Magazine profile of the Trump campaign; 17 months versus four years; The Ironic Kellyanne Conway Tweet of the Day; Hacking the vote; The Evan McMullin Robocall; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • katanahamon

    And here is why Trump won’t release his taxes..there aren’t any..he won’t have to pay them…ever, by utilizing other people’s losses added to his own. Disgusting…

    11.01.16 3:45 PM ET
    “Donald Trump can enjoy income tax-free living for the rest of his life, my new analysis of his tax documents shows, adding to the reasons the Republican nominee for president should make his tax returns public before voting ends next Tuesday.
    Thanks to a diligent team of New York Times reporters, we learned Halloween night that Trump’s top-notch tax advisers warned in 1991 that his extremely aggressive tax strategy to convert nearly a billion dollars of taxable income into tax losses would likely be rejected in an IRS audit. But, as we shall see, there was little risk Trump would be audited (doubly ironic, given how he’d used supposed audits to justify becoming the first post-Watergate presidential candidate who hasn’t released tax returns).
    The documents in The Times confirm what I told readers a month ago about how Trump transformed taxable income into tax avoidance on a grand scale. Since then, numerous tax practitioners and professors have written their own essays applying the same line of analysis first published in my Oct 3. column, headlined “Art of the Steal.”That column drew on three pages of 1995 state tax return summary sheets leaked to The Times and the New York Daily News. In its initial report, The Times said that Trump could use $916 million of net operating losses or NOLs shown on those documents to eliminate income taxes for up to 19 years.What I can now report is that Trump is not restricted to using or losing his tax losses over 19 years but can offset income for as long as he lives.”

    Yeah..maybe he could help America by paying HIS FAIR SHARE. Although, he’s been given so many tax breaks and forgiven so much, that would be impossible to calculate. Again, Trump is a disgusting fraud.

  • If Dems take back the Senate, they could change the filibuster rules – as they pertain just to certain nominees – so the minority couldn’t just always shut everything down.

    It’s kinda dangerous politically, but it could actually be a solidly bold move that helps ’em show us they’ve got something more or less like a backbone. And wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

    They hafta to do something that allows the government to function again. Stasis ain’t cuttin’ it.

  • muselet

    “Why are we even sounding upbeat? Why are we even trying?” Fair questions, Chez, but the alternative is depression and madness.

    Chez, there has been a deluge of bad news for Donald Trump, but our glorious news media has been busily pursuing the “clouds and shadows” that something something Hillary Clinton something corruption.

    Bob, you’re right. The numbers show Trump rising, not Clinton falling, so those aren’t voters switching from one major-party candidate to the other. It’s depressing that so many people would vote for a vulgar talking yam, but there you are.

    What makes James Comey’s actions so infuriating is the obvious double standard. It was too close to the election to say anything about Trump’s connections to Russia or even to acknowledge an investigation early in October, but it wasn’t too close to the election to release—or at least hint at—damaging information about Clinton late in October. Now, in fairness, apparently there’s a sizable contingent of Clinton-haters in the FBI and they would have generated much the same innuendo if Comey had stayed shtum, but that is, let’s face it, an indictment—yes, you see what I did there—of Comey’s leadership.

    Steven Waldman this morning summed up and deflated the hysterical reactions to Hillary’s emails!

    The Trump campaign may be a Charlie Foxtrot, but (nationally) his poll numbers look damn’ good. If Trump himself weren’t so squirrelly, we could have been looking down the barrel of a Trump landslide about now.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see what a Trump administration looks like, but it’s a horrifying thought.

    I’d have been surprised if people around Trump hadn’t tried to monetize his campaign. Grifters gotta grift.

    If (when) Clinton is elected, the Rs will abandon whatever shreds of principle they have left and obstruct everything, and why not? They haven’t paid a price for the past eight years of obstruction, so another four or eight years is just more of the same for them. And they’ve bullied our glorious news media into pretending that’s the way things have always been.

    Bob, Donald Trump will not go away even if he loses. First, he’ll whine and complain and moan about losing, but then he’ll apply himself. He considers himself an authority on all aspects of government now—and his followers also think so, too—so he’s going to pretend to be a sort of shadow government (or at least he’ll play one on TV). A few podcasts ago, you somewhat whimsically said Trump TV would have a show of him pretending to be President on an Oval Office set. I’m increasingly of the opinion that really will be his first project after the election.

    Kellyanne Conway is the Trump Whisperer. It’s good she found her niche in life, and all it cost her was her soul (objection, assumes facts not in evidence).

    Bob, you’re right, a Trump administration would make the George W Bush administration look competent, peaceful and inclusive. You’re also wrong that people don’t remember the GWB administration. There are people who are nostalgic for GWB, people who now support Trump, because the country was in the hands of white Rs. Those people cheerfully and deliberately ignore the horrors of those eight years—even horrors visited on themselves or people they know (the Iraq war, for one)—in order to bask in the pleasant warmth of a world in the right hands.

    Hacking the US election would be a colossal project that would likely not work. Elections are run on a state—well, really on a county—level, and there are 3144 counties or equivalent in the 50 states. Knowing where to hack and by how much to turn the election but not look suspicious is unlikely. What a hack could absolutely do is raise uncertainty about outcomes and thereby cause chaos.

    I was actually slightly amused by William Johnson’s robocall, because he spent ten or twelve words referring to—well, caricaturing—a policy position of Evan McMullin’s, then the rest of the call was homophobic blather. Yeah, Mormons as a group are anti-gay, but character assassination isn’t exactly persuasive. I don’t think that call will change a single opinion.

    The number on that robocall is William Johnson’s mobile phone (the 718 exchange means his provider is Cellco Partnership doing business as Verizon Wireless). Area code 213 is downtown LA, which of course means nothing since it’s a mobile but it’s hilarious to think a “farmer and White Nationalist” gets his phone service from a DTLA provider.

    Reality is like kryptonite to crazy people, or would be if crazy people weren’t so good at ignoring inconvenient reality.


    • To add that grifters are like magnets for other grifters. Or maybe a more appropriate metaphor is they swarm on an “opportunity” like flies to shit.

      • And there’s no better opportunity than a bunch of seniors for whom computers are utterly obscure magic.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    As for Conway’s method of “handling” Rump—-would you like to venture a guess how many wives live this daily? Some men cannot be dealt with as adults, they have to be ‘handled’. It’s literally the only way they can be lived with day-to-day.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show today, but a little depressing, fellas. Not your fault, though, it’s just the news. Thanx for the perspective, I needed a new one today. You know, if someone could invent a way for humans to hibernate until the election, I have a feeling that person would become the next billionaire!

    • Badgerite

      Ooooooommmm. Oooooommmm. Naw. That doesn’t help either. (Meditation that is)

      • ProudLiberalAlways

        No, no. I know meditation doesn’t work for this, I’ve tried! I’m talking about ACTUAL hibernation. For the whole country would be nice, I voted two weeks ago!

  • katanahamon

    Susan Sarandon..just endorsed Jill Stein.. what is wrong with her? Batshit crazy?

    • Villemar

      She’s just another Putin asset, along with Trump and Assange.

      • Badgerite

        I seriously doubt it. Nor is Cornell West. They are just the irrational left wing of the left wing.
        Irony of ironies. Jill Stein has endorsed the Trump Monster and so has the KKK.
        So the party that Ralph Nader claimed to be building by his entry into the 2000 presidential race just endorsed the same candidate that the KKK did.
        Uh huh. And what does that party he was building stand for again?
        Talk about a cautionary tale. This is what you do not do if you want to further liberal or progressive causes in the country or the world.

        • Villemar

          I agree with that, although I should have called Stein a “Useful Idiot” WRT Putin, with her visits to Russia, her work with RT, and her heaping of lovey-dovey praise on Putinism.

          The Russian Greens hate her for this. Sorry for the long copypaste, but I think it speaks volumes.

          Writing on Facebook, two prominent Russian environmentalists have taken Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein to task for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin without criticism, saying her silence “silences our struggle.”

          In a video posted to YouTube last year, Stein thanked her supporters for making her trip to Russia possible as part of a conference sponsored by Russia Today, where she sat at a table with the Russian strongman.

          Speaking about “basic human values, human rights, around the need for international law,” Stein criticized a “U.S. policy of domination” without once mentioning life under Putin.

          This did not sit well with Yevgenia Chirikova and Nadezhda Kutepova who took to Facebook to express their displeasure with Stein for ignoring their plight, reports Radio Free Europe.

          “After your visit to Moscow and your meeting with Vladimir Putin you said that ‘the world deserve[s] a new commitment to collaborative dialogue between our governments to avert disastrous wars for geopolitical domination, destruction of the climate, and cascading injustices that promote violence and terrorism.’” they wrote. “We agree with you. But how can this new “collaborative dialogue” be possible when Mr. Putin has deliberately built a system based on corruption, injustice, falsification of elections, and violation of human rights and international law?”

          “How is it possible to have a discussion with Mr. Putin and not mention, not even once, the fate of Russian political prisoners, or the attacks against Russian journalists, artists, and environmentalists?” the letter continued. “Is it fair to speak with him about ‘geopolitics’ and not mention new Russian laws against freedom of speech, restrictions on NGOs and activists, or the shameful law that forbids ‘homosexual propaganda?’”

          “By silencing Putin’s crimes you are silencing our struggle. By shaking his hand and failing to criticize his regime you are becoming his accomplice. By forgetting what international solidarity means you are insulting the Russian environmental movement,” they concluded, before asking for Stein to address their situation, saying they hoped, “our questions will not go unanswered,” by the Green Party presidential nominee.

          According to the Green Party, the plea has been forwarded to Stein, with spokesperson Scott McLarty saying, “I think the letter exaggerates Dr. Stein’s alleged deference to President Putin.”

          I’m so tired of the Troika of Trump, Stein and Assange working to advance Putin’s influence in their desperate attempts to try to stop Hillary Clinton. And of course, the Far Left is whining and crying about “Red Scares” and “The New McCarthyism.” Such insanity. They must want a Kleptocratic Oligarchy, interventionist globalist policies that would put even the most diehard Bush-era Neocon blush, and a state of complete managed domestic chaos keeping the masses in a state of constant confusion as Sarkov has done.

          • Badgerite

            Yes, thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. All of the above.

  • katanahamon

    Yeah..let’s have somebody like George Bush again…only not as qualified, and even dumber, and more aggressive…

  • Aynwrong
    • katanahamon

      Are you kidding? Trump probably never spent ten minutes caring for his kids..didn’t he say that was women’s work?

      • Aynwrong

        Good point. Children Goblins.

  • Badgerite

    Lying is not an “art form”, Bobbers. Kelly Ann Conway is LYING ….a lot. Comey has lost even Grassley.
    And that is pretty bad. What he did was a clear violation of the Hatch Act and three complaints have been filed so far and one of them by the former Ethics Chief during the last two years of the Bush administration.

  • StripeTheGremlin

    I was just going to comment that I was feeling nauseous while listening to today’s show, and then you mention the “wave of nausea.” Talk about being prescient, or obvious.

  • Badgerite

    I’m not so sure that there isn’t more to the Russian connection than is evidenced yet. There was no way he can release his tax returns, obviously, and there has to be a reason and I’m thinking it is money flowing in from Russia. As Trump Monster Jr. stated. And the fact is, certain people like Mike Morrell, General Hayden and Michael Chertoff coming out against trump suggests to me that, their being people in the know when it comes to intelligence scuttlebutt and its credibility, there may be a lot more here as opposed to less.

  • Re: Managing Trump….one of my kids was very contrary…what they call a “strong willed child” and I had to give her the illusion of having control in order to get her to do even the most basic things like eat, bathe, etc. Trump sounds just like her.

  • katanahamon

    I don’t think it would be good at all to keep being a reporter or writer during a Trump presidency, because he will definitely go after people in what ever way he can…legal, or not.

  • katanahamon

    I always flash back every time Chez says “I can’t believe we are having this conversation” because I remember when this all started, he said the same thing. And, it’s true..what reasonable person could vote for this charlatan? Among the biggest losers will be women if Trump wins. Roe v Wade, out. Healthcare..out. Basic respect..out. If someone like Hillary can’t win against a disgusting fraud like Trump, how can any woman win? Also, how stupid is America if we can’t make up our minds before one week before such a major election? One minute polls say 98 percent chance Hillary wins, then a day later Trump is winnng? Shouldn’t a presidential election have less volatility? Especially in light of the fact that this email thing is truly a big nothing, and Hillary’s supporters already knew that?

    The whole thing..Emperor’s New Clothes. Let’s just ignore the fact he has two court dates already scheduled. What about never submitting his taxes? The Mar a Lago insurance fraud? New allegations of tax evasion? Terrible debate performances? Thousands of other things… Jesus H Christ…

  • To add….did anyone see the Full Frontal video on state sponsored Russian trolls for Trump? Bee said that 1/3 of all pro-online tweets, comments, etc are Russian trolls. I was shocked…could it actually be that much? And if so, why isn’t this headline news. Every American should know this.

    • Victor the Crab

      We should start pointing that out to those trolls at TDB in order to get under their skins.

  • Ceoltoir

    You need to stop following Click Bait Nate, he has been over estimating Trump’s chances with no actual basis in reality for months. It’s entirely the result of him trying to appease his RWNJ critics and to advance his business model which is to tell pitchfork left that the sky is falling to drive clicks.

  • We ARE the best listeners!

    When it started tightening I was dumbfounded because what kind of person looks at a person who has engaged in sexual assaults and think, “Sure he’s good enough to vote for!” Then when I heard about Comey’s stunt, I was furious and dropped a lot of F-bombs. Now I can’t even look at 538. I’m very disgusted with my country and if Trump wins, it will cement my downward spiral toward complete misanthropy.

    • Based on my own very small sampling of potential Trump voters (I think I convinced him to just not vote and focus on down-ticket races), I think the not-obviously-crazy people just shut out all the negative press as baseless rumor or overblown speculation. Of course they eat up just that kind of shit about Hillary but so it goes.