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RELM_buttonDo These Chickens Have Large Talons?: Last Show Before Thanksgiving; Russian Jet Shot Down Over Turkey; Black Lives Matter Protesters Gunned Down By Douchebag Military Cosplayers; Trump Says He's The Least Racist Person In The World; Trump Doesn't Fact Check Himself; Ben Carson Doesn't Know Anything About the Constitution; St. Elmo's Fire; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    I agree with Bill O’Reilly that Trump is not a racist. What he is, is a demagogue who will say anything to get the rabid and quite racist GOP base in his corner. That there is a candidate who will say, with no apology, what they have always and continue to think about others is exactly what makes them loyal to him. And that loyalty gives him power over the GOP. The GOP is Trump’s ‘bitch’ at this point. He will not be the nominee for president. But he could leverage his way on to the ticket as the VP. And his minions would vote for the ticket because he pretends to be ‘bat shit’ nuts, like them. The ‘ Art of the Deal ‘ candidate has leverage and his leverage is a threat to run as an independent and thus torpedo any chance the GOP would have in November. If the GOP would tolerate Sarah Palin as the VP nominee, why not Der Donald.

  • On the tweet thing:
    That was classic DumFux News – O’Reilly puts up a segment where he “holds the candidate accountable”. And the only reason that got on the air was to give ’em a clip they can recycle next time the rumblings and grumblings start to get a little too loud about how DumFux News in is totally the tank for the GOP, or for one particular guy or whatever.

    “I dunno what you’re talkin’ about”, Billo will spout – as he always does when he’s in Auto-Fellation Mode. And then the guys in the booth will run a 20 second clip from the time big bad Bill took Trump to the woodshed blah blah blah. Of course, we won’t see any of the crap where he turns right around and strokes Trump’s worried brow and coos at him, “We’re lookin’ out for ya…” Everything else is straight down the memory hole and neatly Etch-A-Sketched out of the rubes’ consciousness.

  • Victor the Crab

    Can anyone explain why JM Ashby hasn’t posted anything this week? I haven’t read anything of him taking the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving.

  • Lady Willpower

    Har har, “dindo.” I get it.
    At least it’s better than “bantu,” which is a very common epithet among the Breitbart crowd.

  • jcgarp

    Although I feel that a Trump’s victory in the GOP primary is far-fetched, I do not think he can’t win the primary or the general like Nate Silver’s math suggest. Why?

    There is a certain % ( I dare to say 30%) of the population who are angry/racist/scared that feel legitimized by Trump outrageous comments. We know Trump is lying his teeth or fing-hair out but they don’t care. He understand them and he says things they want to said but couldn’t. Now, they can said; “Mexican are rapists”, “Muslim are terrorists”, “Blacks hate White people”, with impunity.
    I truly think this percentage is enough to win him the GOP nomination in this cycle.

    Surely, if he keeps spurting conservatives extreme views he won’t win the general election. But as soon as he wins the primary, he is going to shift positions to appease to independents and democrats. He is going to lie, lie and lie about every damn position he has taken that it will make your head spin. We know, the GOP will fall in line with their candidate. All Trump needs to do is to fool enough low-information independents and democrats to win, and we got a lot of those.

  • Ari Belasen

    it isn’t bindu. it’s dindo. as in dindo nuthin.

    Being in an interracial marriage has exposed me to all kinds of hateful rhetoric that I otherwise would have never heard.

    if these weren’t white christian males they would be at the top of the terror want list.

    edit: oops looks like I posted too soon. I’ll leave it up for context

  • Patient Zero

    Those two idiots driving to the Minneapolis protest were using some very obvious terms that originate on the 4chan message boards. “Loli” (won’t provide the definition here, but beware of search results), and they make mention of “Paul”, which is actually 4Chan’s /pol/ message board — ostensibly short for “politics”, but mostly a spot were people post tons of racist and bigoted drivel (anti-Semitism, white supremacist rhetoric, etc… Much of it tongue-in-cheek, but some of it not).

    Thought perhaps those not in the loop on “chan culture” (i.e., most of the internet) could benefit from that insight.

  • muselet

    Bob, you’re being rational again. The Russians have been supporting Bashar al-Assad by bombing the Syrian resistance (or insurgents or whatever it is we’re calling them), including Turkmen; this has mightily pissed off the government of Turkey. That plus Putin’s claim that Turkey is in league with Da’esh meant a conflict between Russia and Turkey was inevitable. It’s possible, if only just barely, that NATO will be able to talk Turkey down, but Putin has lost face and will not be very accommodating. I don’t think he’s stupid enough to start a shooting war with Turkey (and NATO), but the conflict between the two countries isn’t going away any time soon.

    Robert Bateman this morning, after reminding readers of Vladimir Putin’s “recent belligerent comments towards Turkey” which are “tailored for his own domestic audience,” laid out Putin’s problem:

    Turkey is in NATO. Russia is, to say the least, “not happy” with Turkey or the fact that Turkey is part of NATO, for that matter. The question then becomes pretty simple. “Oh yeah?” asks Turkey. “What are you going to do about it?”

    This is entirely unsurprising. Indeed, given that Turkey has warned off three prior Russian incursions into their airspace and very clearly expressed to Russia what would happen if they tried it again, it was nearly inevitable. It also demonstrates how Putin, for all his bare-chested bravado, may not know what the hell he is doing. And more specifically, he is paying for it.

    Josh Marshall this morning expressed a similar opinion:

    For all the worry and Putin worship we see today, what I find most worrisome about the Russians is that I strongly suspect their readiness, expertise at military craft, hardware etc are all basically third rate. That means that when they get into confrontations with first rate military powers – the US and NATO signatories, for instance – they’ll likely embarrass themselves. That’s great in nationalistic terms and as comeuppance for the destructive and reckless actions Russia has been taking in recent years. But it also means, they’ll be driven to save face – especially given how much nationalistic resurgence and cult of personality is central to Putin’s rule. And that is especially dangerous.

    “You’re not doing recon. You’re just being a prick.” And a tiny one, at that. *rimshot*

    Oh, absolutely it’s cosplay. It’s too bad the gun fetishists didn’t develop an obsession with Sailor Moon or something else less dangerous (I have little problem with creepy and disturbing).

    Mockery would be the only rational response to tossers like “Psycho Marine” and “Black Powder Ranger” if they weren’t armed and feeling belligerent.

    Charlie Pierce went beyond the shootings in Minneapolis to the state of race relations today, and came away feeling less than encouraged.

    Donald Trump is, at heart, a slightly sleazy used-car salesman. He knows how to sell people something that benefits him more than it does them. And he’s not ashamed to—I’ve been using this word a lot lately—pander, if that’s what it takes.

    Bob, maybe the thinking—if that be the right word—is that being waterboarded is like getting a facial (not that kind, you degenerates!), and in the end the terrorists are just so relaxed and happy they’ll tell their interrogators anything. Either that or the torture fans don’t have the first idea what they’re talking about.

    Bob, it’s possible the halfwits responding to that survey stopped listening at “pardon,” which I find less disturbing than the thought that people actually care about the silly tradition of pardoning a turkey at Thanksgiving.

    Nancy LeTourneau at Washington Monthly in a piece on Americans’ discontent with government:

    It is important to make the distinction between being distrustful of politics and being distrustful of government programs. All of us are angry at the former, sometimes for different reasons. But it is the Republicans who decided that their best play against a Democratic president was to completely abandon their responsibility to govern. I would simply remind you that when touting the idea of a “permanent Republican majority” back in 2003, Grover Norquist was asked what that meant for when a Democrat won the White House. His response was, “We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.” We’ve seen that plan in action now for 7 years. And yes, it is infuriating.

    “I’m probably the least racist person on Earth.” Feeling compelled to say a sentence like that is what’s known as a tell.

    Charles Johnson chased down the original tweet with the inverted murder statistics: a neo-Nazi whose profile contains the charming sentence, “Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache.” And Ben Dreyfuss at Mother Jones points out that Trump’s re-tweet almost certainly didn’t originate from the short-fingered vulgarian but rather a staffer.

    The Base wouldn’t stand for the GOP Establishment torpedoing The Donald’s candidacy, and if the Establishment is thinking about doing so, they’re being very quiet about it. Although, given the explicit threat coming out of the Trump campaign, Trump is concerned about it. The magic words from the campaign are that Trump wants “to be treated fairly” (whatever that means).

    Bob, after all the crazy stuff that’s fallen out of Ben Carson’s pie hole, you really think attributing the Constitution to Thomas Jefferson is going to end his presidential run? Which campaign have you been watching? The Base doesn’t know or care who wrote the Constitution. It can’t possibly hurt him in the primary race.

    Sorry about all the links and blockquotes. I got a little out of control tonight.

    Happy Thanksgiving, gentlemen.


  • HilaryB

    Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble ’til you wobble!