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RELM_buttonThe Golden Turd: Our big plan to troll Donald Trump; The Trump Dictatorship Day 14; Our new Imperial March clown car music; Trump threatens to deport or imprison flag burners; The Recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania; Obamacare Opponent Tom Price taking over HHS; The cultural rot in America; The Delta airlines Trumper; Trump's double chin photos; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    Oh and to the guy on the plane. Sit down and Shut the Fuck up you useless Moron.

  • Scopedog

    Great show, guys. But Bob, a quick reminder about G.W. Bush and how long it took people (well, not everyone, of course) and the news media to realize just what a fucking disaster he was–the reason it took five to nearly seven years was due to 9-11. Remember that prior to that day in 2001, Bush’s approval rating was down, the media was looking into the imbroglio in Florida and realizing that yeah, Bush “won” under very unusual circumstances, Enron was still in the air, Bush had fucked up on stem-cell research, and there were grumbles about how he was, well, a lightweight.

    And then came the 9-11 attacks, and after that, the press dropped to their knees and proclaimed Bush the new FDR and the greatest leader since, I dunno, Lincoln. They continued the verbal fellatio up to Iraq and up to the 2004 campaign and only started to question things after the flooding of New Orleans due to Katrina.

    I am seriously worried about a 9-11-type even occurring under Trump, especially with the Legion of Doom that he’s assembled for his cabinet and the fact that the Orange Turd Blossom has no fucking qualifications or experience to be President. But if nothing happens for a whole year or two, expect the realization that he’s just fucking awful to hit very quickly.

  • On the 2011 Tweet story about Trump supporting flag-burning – Snopes calls it bogus (Poe’s Law strikes again).

    But how exactly are we supposed to know? Bob’s Tennis Ball thingie is the perfect metaphor. Trump flings shit to the point where the whole system is overwhelmed, and one crazy fucking thing that turns out to be false from “our side” is no different from any of the crazy things that he and his gang actually say.

    And so here’s my solution: Stop trying to sort thru every new piece of shit that floats by. If I don’t already have more than enough to make a decision on this guy, then I’m playing Trump’s game according to Trump’s “rules”. Trump is a bad guy who deserves nothing but contempt for himself, and opposition to everything he wants to do.

    And don’t gimme none o’ dat shit about how we mustn’t “institutionalize obstructionism” – like fuck we mustn’t. These goons are counting on “liberals” to be open-minded and to give the guy a chance, just as they were able to count on the GOP Establishment to play nice while he pissed in their Chardonnay. Well, he’s had chance after chance after chance. There will be no pivot. There will be no amelioration. There will only be more of the shit storm we’ve seen for 5 years already.

    Fuck him, and fuck his little Nazi play-toys.
    We know where this goes, so remember:
    Appeasement bad
    Resistance good

  • Teaflax

    Hey, didn’t Clear Channel go bust a while back?

  • Teaflax

    Just a note, you *wreak* havoc, not *wreck* it.

  • Badgerite

    Trump Monster-Elect is chinless. Surprise me.

  • Good point about how close the counterfactual was (just a few thousand votes and it’s President-elect HRC) but again, the county-by-county maps weren’t much different from the last, what, half-dozen national elections? The bigger picture is that Democrat/Republican dominance at the national level is really fragile and sensitive. That’s bad for Democrats.

    Then at the local level there’s a lot of Republican control. Which is also bad for Democrats. I don’t know how sensitive those races were, but still.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Sometimes lately I think (almost) that we’d be better off with Bidondi as pres.-elect than what we got. By the way, I have my own conspiracy theory——-Rethugs know that Rump is easily impeachable and they will do just that on day one of his administration, making Pence the pres. Pence is one of their wet-dream presidents that they knew would NEVER win a national election, and once Rump picked him for vice, Rethugs started planning this. How do you like it?

    • Keith Olbermann pointed out that the 25th Amendment actually has a clause wherein the Vice President and 2/3rds of the Cabinet can, with a corresponding vote by the House, permanently overrule the President due to lack of ability to execute the office. So, not impeachment, but sidelining to figurehead status.

      I mean it was probably meant for the case of a President coming down with a mental disability (stroke, Alzheimer’s, etc.) but Trumpism is its own special sort of mental illness…

  • Nan Moder

    OK Bob… Let’s Troll the Mango Hitler….single and broke, but I will help. Please Professor. I would be honored.

  • Nan Moder

    Thanks Ed Z… the Trump Theme is a thing of beauty…

  • Nan Moder

    I think they captured the mango orangutan perfectly.

  • I’m finally on my hubby’s plan but my 6 year old is still under the ACA. I get angry all over again every time I hear about their “repeal and replace” BS.

    I agree, Putin meddling and hijacking our election is the story of our generation. I can’t understand why the press seems so sanguine about it.

    In re: that guy on the plane…why would any woman stand up to a man who is obviously drunk and who would easily become violent? And the consequences of the fight would see you ejected off the flight that you probably spent thousands of dollars on? I’m glad that Delta punished the guy and maybe that will help shut them up.

    And in re: the woman in Micheal’s…she comes across as a super spoiled brat with mental issues. The level of her 30 minute freak out just doesn’t match the supposed offense.

    Let’s call the air sac under the Cheetoh’s face a “wattle”. Do the GoFundMe thing and I’ll contribute!

    • Aynwrong

      The woman at the Michael’s has done this before at a coffee shop back in July. Crooks & Liars posted video of that one. Apparently this is a regular occurrence for her. Which means she probably needs help.

      • Yes, there is definitely a pattern–she’s the one constant. Something mental going on there and maybe something we should probably pity her for rather than being derisive.

    • Aynwrong

      There was a running gag years ago on Ally McBeal about a creepy guy being really turned on by a “wattle.” Maybe that’s the deal with Trump voters.

      *shudders at the mere thought*

      • I just threw up in my mouth Edited to add: And Ally McBeal is where I got the term from!