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RELM_buttonPuppy Dogs: Five Days to Go; Some good polling news for Hillary; Bob's Twitter fight over stupid crap; Congratulations to Cubs fans; A show exclusive about Hillary's ground game; The left is turning against Nate Silver; Trump attacking NBC's Katy Tur; Kellyanne Conway flummoxed; Trump struggles to stay on message; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • <—<< Deranged

    .. 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls promises

    The Romney Standard: Mitt Romney said during the 2012 campaign that if Americans elect him, he’d get the unemployment rate down to 6% by 2016. Obama won anyway and the unemployment rate dropped below 6% two years faster.

    The Gingrich Standard: Newt Gingrich said during the 2012 campaign that if Americans re-elected the president, gas prices would reach $10 per gallon, while Gingrich would push gas down to $2.50 a gallon. As of this morning, the national average at the pump is a little under $2.38.

    The Pawlenty Standard: Tim Pawlenty said trillions of dollars in tax breaks would boost economic growth to 5% GDP. Obama actually raised taxes on the wealthy and GDP growth reached 5% anyway.

    “By the party’s own standards, Obama is succeeding beautifully. They established the GOP benchmarks and now the Democratic president is the one meeting, and in some cases exceeding, the Republicans’ goals.”

    May 2012

    Mark Halperin Would you like to be more specific about what the unemployment rate would be like at the end of your first year?

    ROMNEY: I cannot predict precisely what the rate would be at the end of one year. I can tell you that over a period of four years, by a virtue of the polices that we put in place, we get the unemployment rate down to 6 percent, perhaps a little lower.

    Shortly after making the promise, Romney appeared on Fox News to tout his ambitious prediction. “People all across the country are saying, ‘Wow, 6 percent sounds pretty good,’” the Republican boasted.

  • muselet

    Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs.

    (I’m not a baseball fan, didn’t watch a second of the World Series, and watched two (three?) games this year for the sole reason that they were among the last games Vin Scully called.)

    Bob, you (should) know better than to pay attention to the noise on Twitter. Leave a tweet if you must and walk away.

    No, Bob. If Donald Trump gets elected, we won’t have to go through the agony of rerunning the past year and a half, because either Trump will have cancelled the election (“We don’t need an election like all those weak countries. Sad!”) or we’ll be too busy with World War III.

    Chez, puppy dogs are a worthy topic. Just be sure to include lots of pictures. (Baby sloth videos are also well worthy of attention.)

    On the 8th, I’ll be ignoring the election results as much as I can. I will have argued with the persuadable, I will have voted, I will have done all I reasonably could have done. I will not need to watch things happen in real time. (Yes, I’ll take a look online every so often, but I’m not going to be glued to a screen, any screen.)

    We have become a tribal nation. I hate it, I hate not being able to have polite political discussions with people I disagree with, I miss sane conservatives, but that is the reality the Republican Party has imposed on the country. The saddest thing is that the GOP has, by nominating a vulgar talking yam, empowered self-proclaimed white nationalists (a/k/a Nazi wannabes, and yes, I just Godwinned myself), a population which should have been ignored by any party worthy of the name.

    No, a Trump presidency would not be fun, and I say that as a middle-aged white guy. What an ineffably stupid thing to say.

    In the good universe, Donald Trump was laughed at when he announced his presidential run and was never heard from again. Well, acually, in the good universe, no one outside the Tri-State area has ever heard of Donald Trump.)

    It’s good to know the Clinton campaign has learned from the Obama campaign.

    I have no problem with Nate Silver or his analyses. Everything I’ve seen indicates he follows the data wherever it leads. Want to make sure his more dire—from the liberal point of view—predictions don’t come true? VOTE!</b And make sure everyone you know does, too.

    “Well, he loves the fact that he’s got big crowd sizes.” Well, if you don’t have anything else that’s big … *rimshot*

    I have no idea why Trump has a hard-on for Katy Tur, and I don’t care. I’d say his behavior is beneath a fifth-grade bully who believes pushing girls down is the height of wit, but that’s insulting to fifth-grade bullies (his behavior is even more childish than that).

    “He didn’t mean it in any malicious way.” Crikey, even for Kellyanne Conway, that’s a stretcher.

    I don’t know if Trump was talking himself down or making a cackfisted joke about his habitual indiscipline (presumably quoting his adivsers). Either way, it’s not terribly presidential.

    For anyone who’s getting too stressed out this election season, consider buying this book. I can’t guarantee it’ll make you feel good, but I can guarantee it’ll make you feel better.

    DON’T GET HAPPY</b (Also, Don’t Panic.)

    (Bob, you missed Chez’ fucking at 45:14.)


  • Aynwrong

    What about when Matt Santos transitioned from Josiah Bartlet? They were both Democrats! Huh, what about that Bob?!

    *Hope everyone has a sense of humor.*

  • Ceoltoir

    Click Bait Nate must not ever be questioned. Click Bait Nate is perfect. Click Bait Nate is never ever wrong about anything. You’ve made it very clear that you think this way.

    • ranger11

      He wasn’t even the most accurate forecaster in 2012 and 2014. Why is the left so in love with this guy. I’m sick of the Democratic Party’s emails creating panic in my inbox because of this guy. Drama Queen Nate the Grate.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Chez just said THE most depressing thing we all know about this election cycle (in my opinion) this election speaks volumes about who we are as a country. For quite a while now, I had been thinking that we had progressed farther than this, and I was happy with that notion. Really happy. Then Rump happened! Now I’m not all happy with America any more. We are Idiocracy. I’m depressed! God help us all if Orange Idiot gets elected!
    And I’ll bet most of those emails (if not all) are automatic cloud storage copies. Possible?

  • Jeremy Grunloh

    Nate Silver got Donald Trump winning the Republican primary completey wrong. Over and over, he said it wasn’t likely. Did you guys just forget or…?

  • Badgerite

    Please God let that Orange Monster get his Orange Wrinkled Butt handed to him on a platter.
    Please God.
    Cubbies rule. Somewhere, Mike Royko is smiling.

    • Aynwrong

      “Basket of deplorables” was far, far too polite.

      • Badgerite

        Midwesterner. Can’t help it.

    • StripeTheGremlin

      It truly pisses me off that there is no place for anyone to have proper discussions/discourse/debate on anything without morons making threats. It starts at the top too, with the House not doing a damn thing while Obama was in office instead of actually discussing things and coming up with compromises. This Country is really full of of whiny diaper babies and they control the conversations. Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo Stick!

  • katanahamon

    Probably all Clinton supporters are experiencing the same thing..complete disbelief that anyone could vote for Trump, and, he actually could end up president. Unbelievable. Also, how disappointing it is that the right makes up these outrageous lies and propaganda, which then must be discussed and refuted instead of discussing important, factual matters. To us, Trump is a horrific, disgusting fraud who manipulated other’s losses into a lifetime of tax evasion. He’s never had to actually work, only lie, cheat and defraud. Yeah..I can’t listen to Trump or his surrogates..they’ve proven that no truth comes out of their mouths. We’ve said it before, but they spin everything into lies. Trump is a disaster, and if elected, it’s mob rule over intelligence.

    • Ken Kohl

      Exactly, same with me. And my wife. Actually, I’m not stressed at this point. Just get out and vote!

  • I’m so stressed about this election, I’m having nightmares. But I don’t blame you guys! I had to take 3 hours out of my work day yesterday to go and vote because I never received my early ballot in the mail. That’s very conveeeeenient in AZ, a battleground state for the first time ever. It’s out of my hands now and the control freak in me will be sweating it until the 8th. I keep telling myself, “think of squee puppies, think of squee puppies”