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RELM_buttonPoofy Little Douche: We Recap the State of the Union; Nikki Haley's Clenched Response; Steve King Prays for the Unborn; Fetuses Attending the State of the Union; Oregon Militia Putting Local Officials on Trial; Reactions to Our Bernie Segment; Planned Parenthood Suing Video Producers; Trump's Freaky New Campaign Song; Ted Cruz and Phil Robertson Hunt Ducks; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    I have to agree with Bob and Chez 110%
    We have to keep our eye on the ball.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Blackface Duck Hunt is still a step behind Machine Gun Bacon.

  • Loving the show lately. I will have to throw some bucks your way.

    “Does he or she luv Gawd…does he or she luv Us….” That Duck guys acccent sounds fake, like this actor on the new show Into the Badlands ( video go to the 3:14 mark, as a Southerner, I think the accent is appalling). I (honest to goodness) know how to field strip an M-16 in less than two minutes. I can also shoot from the hip and hit ducks with a pump action shotgun. Not to mention fry it all up in a pan and never let you forget you’re a man! Sign me up for 2016….IrishGrrrl for Presydint!

    Did you know that the GOP did a separate SOTU response for Spanish speakers given by Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-R) and the section on immigration was different. Haley spoke about security and in Spanish he spoke about Amnesty. Did they really think that Spanish-speaking voters wouldn’t notice? The bigotry of low expectations…..

    Bob, great points about Bernie. I wish he could win but there is no way and I’m getting really tired of his supporters insisting he can win without any realistic plan on how that can happen.

    Chez, the Founding Fathers were really busy trying to run a war, manage an unmanageable group of colonies, argue with each other to represent their particular colony’s interests, AND dealing with the practical issues of taking those colonies and birthing an entirely new type of governance. They did a great job and you’re being too harsh. It’s too easy to look back through our current lens and blame the FF for the intransigence and stupidity of the modern conservative movement. It’s not their fault conservatives are fundamentalist idjits. I think Jefferson (hell, even Washington) would have been horrified by their religious and political fundamentalism.

    Cruz is crazy like a fox and he is purposely not attacking Trump. Cruz will bide his time, wait for one of three things to happen. 1) Trump implodes and then he doesn’t need to say anything against him and picks up his voters. 2) Trump wins nomination and GOP refuses him, so Trump goes to third party and Cruz will step up as GOP nominee and lambast Trump. 3) Trump wins nomination and Cruz keeps his mouth shut in order to be VP. There’s been lots of demagogues in history who were like this. Extremist positions but they were pragmatic and ruthless. Cruz is much more of a threat than Trump could ever hope to be. There’s a reason why his fellow politicians hate him–they see the sociopathic fox under the crazy and it raises their hackles, as it should all of us.

    Either those little girls are very brainwashed or they and their parents are cynically trying to take advantage of the Trumpmentum. Love the keyboard drum synth nature of the song though. Could they have done it more on the cheap? Those girls should be out playing, not singing about killing their political enemies. Fascism gives me hives.

    • muselet

      Phil Robertson is an educated man trying a bit too hard to sound like an unlettered peckerwood.

      IrishGrrrl for Presydint! I’d vote for you.

      The folks at Disqus have decided to allow videos only to be embedded. It’s stupid and irritating, it’s a relatively recent change (within the last 12–18 months, I want to say), and I’m sure they would insist it’s a feature, not a bug.


  • cddb

    If your primary interest is defeating republicans nationally, you ought to look at the national polls pitting Bernie against Trump, as opposed to Hillary vs Trump, etc. It may surprise you that Bernie does better than Hillary in those situations…!

    There are also indications that Hillary may provide strong motivation among the right generally to get out and vote *against* her…

    • And none of that takes into account financing, one of the most statistically significant predictor of who will win the general election.

      • Financing and ground-level organization and party endorsements. The nomination is not sewed up by any stretch of anybody’s imagination, and god love Bernie, and I’m with him all the way – until it’s time to be with Hillary.

        It’s hers to lose, but I’m sure glad Bernie’s around, and I’m more glad that at the least, he’ll prob’ly head into Philadelphia with enough punch to put some Democrat back into the Democratic Party Platform. I think that’s what he’s there for and I think he’s doin’ that pretty well. Go Bernie Go.

  • Uhmm, there are no ducks in that Cruz commercial. But really – what’re we lookin’ at here?
    Two men in costumes, wearing makeup; sitting together and sharing a private moment; and then shooting their guns in the air. The symbolism seems pretty obvious to me.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump may have taken potshots at Ted Cruz all evening, but Cruz will have continued to hold his rhetorical fire. Polling shows that Republican voters really like the fact that Cruz doesn’t counterattack Trump; Cruz isn’t stupid—he’s crazy, not stupid—so he’ll keep saying nothing. He may trash his greenroom and kick the cat after the debate, but he won’t do anything in public.

    I was busy Tuesday evening, so I didn’t see or hear the State of the Union or the response, which may help explain my relaxed, carefree attitude this week. What I’ve read leads me to believe Barack Obama gave a very good speech and Nikki Haley did as good a job as could be expected but will never be heard from again, politically. Saying anything that could be interpreted as moderate—heaven forfend!—is a sure path to seeking employment somewhere other than elective office for a Republican.

    Paying attention to Ann Coulter is a very silly thing to do. The woman has never had anything of value to say, and now that there is an appalling number of other Righty women saying terrible things in the various mass media, she’s desperate for attention and is saying even more vicious and vacuous things.

    No, Chez, Righties don’t consider fetuses equal to actual persons who are murder victims. Righties consider fetuses superior to actual persons who are murder victims.

    Not voting for the Democratic nominee out of pique is the same as voting for the Republican nominee, full stop. Anyone who’s not insane or sociopathic has to do the same. I’m note entirely sure the US—or the world—could survive a President Donald John Trump or a President Rafael Edward Cruz.

    I’m happy to hear Planned Parenthood is suing the Center for Medical Progress (‽), but it seems a stretch to think any court will sustain a RICO claim. Don’t get me wrong, I hope I’m wrong and wish Planned Parenthood well, but the specific complaints are supportable without invoking RICO.

    Oh, the Heroes of the Battle of the Gift Shop are going to “arrest” Harney County officials for mocking them (and for treason, no less), are they? That’ll end well.

    I’m convinced the Heroes of the Battle of the Gift Shop haven’t the first idea what they’re doing. Forget a Plan B, these losers never really had a Plan A (no, “Take over remote federal wildlife refuge, everyone at every level of government resigns, we win!” is not a plan).

    I tried very had today to avoid the video of the Donald Trump Song (or maybe that should be Horst-Wessel-Lied for the 21st Century), and now you guys make it part of the show, damn you.

    Bob, the Trump campaign had to go back to 1917 for a campaign song. Otherwise, it would have had to pay royalties. Effing cheapskates.

    Chez, Kevin Drum is thinking along much the same lines.

    You’re a cruel man, Cesca. We got the damned idea how utterly terrible that song was after fifteen seconds! Why oh why do you torture us with more? (It’s going to take at least one listening of Workingman’s Dead just to purge that crap from my brain.)

    Phil Robertson knows Ted Cruz loves people like him: dimwits. Yes, he has a Master’s degree (in education, of all things), but he’s got the intelligence of a sheet of drywall. Cruz knows that’s who will fall for his line of patter—he also knows he’s never going to get an endorsement from any of his colleagues, none of whom would piss down his throat if his guts were on fire—and Robertson can deliver a substantial percentage of the ignorant poor white vote. As far as Cruz is concerned, that’s a win.

    Bob, you’re having trouble with animal expressions today. It’s a duck blind, not a duck hide. Close, but no banana.


    • “wish Planned Parenthood well, but the specific complaints are supportable without invoking RICO”

      But the penalties would be less severe without RICO, wouldn’t they? I think RICO is the only thing that puts any teeth into the potential repercussions.

      • muselet

        RICO would undoubtedly increase penalties, but I have my doubts whether a court will see CMP as a criminal enterprise. Again, I hope I’m wrong and again, Planned Parenthood has a solid civil case to present, regardless.


  • Badgerite

    That is the problem with the left. My electoral interest will not be served by who can “defeat Hilary”. My electoral interest will be served best by who can defeat the loonies of the GOP. That is one scary clown car.

    • Scopedog

      Thank you. But sadly, it seems that some would rather have the GOP burn the whole f*#!ing place to the damned ground instead of casting a vote for Hillary. Funny how some of them screech on that she’s “really a Republican!” Say what? Have they looked at what has happened over the past 20+ goddamned years?

      • Badgerite

        I shake my head. If Trump doesn’t scare the life out of you, I don’t know what. That is one creeeeepy dude. Cruz, Palin. The GOP has become a wholly owned subsidiary of crazy town.

  • Badgerite

    Never, then!

  • Badgerite

    Those “little girls” aren’t Prussian Blue, are they? Prussian Blue was a duo of blonde haired, blue eyed little girls that were all the rage in Neo-Nazi-ville not that long ago.
    My God. Trump is a HORRRRRIBLE person.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      I was also thinking of Prussian Blue when I saw/heard that. Deeply creepy.

      • Badgerite

        Couldn’t agree more. If Prussian Blue occurred to me, you had better believe it occurred to those Neo-Nazi groups supporting Trump. And I believe that was what it was meant to do which make him seriously creepy. Character matters. He has none.

  • Aynwrong

    “Millennials: a generation divided by whether they think of Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber or Severus Snape.” ~ Annie Lowery

    Well said.

    Of course I realize by posting this quote I’m also living up to it, but I van live with that.

    “Uh, no, I’m afraid not. But, you have me at a loss. You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he’s John Wayne? Rambo? Marshal Dillon?”

    R.I.P. Alan Rickman

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Those kids need to get a rhyming dictionary! Sidenote: George M. Cohan was given the Congressional Medal of Freedom for “Over There” and his contribution to the American Military Efforts in WWl. I HATE that tRump co-opted this. He blows.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    About those holding that “court”, I’d love for the people they “served” not show up and tell them that they didn’t because they don’t believe in them.