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RELM_buttonPee Pee Tape: The Trump Crisis Day 80; Putin reignites the Russia urination story; Trump under investigation for espionage; Bravo to SNL, Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels; Nobody Likes Trump; Trump says polls are rigged; Infowars might get press credentials; Trump vs John Lewis; Monica Crowley steps down amid plagiarism allegations; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • To add, Trump is the Dan Bidondi of Politicians.

  • Badgerite

    “America is essentially a dream. It is a dream of a land where men of all races, of all nationalities and of all creeds can live together as brothers.” ML King
    John Lewis put his body on the line and let himself be beaten without fighting back for the sake of justice. And for the sake of the American dream. The Orange Crisis cannot even restrain himself from a friggin tweet.

  • Badgerite
  • Sazba

    Just listened and enjoyed but… you missed a small point on the ‘expanding’ press corps coverage : Trump gets his news from Infowars. It’ll be a strange News circle if they get to ask questions of him at press conferences!

  • Badgerite

    Comey has to go. Knowing what we now know, his actions are even more unacceptable then they were then. He has forfeited any trust in his honesty or integrity.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob, I have a question. Since you were so good at translating Palinspeak for the rest of us, are you going to do the same with Rumpspeak? This man either needs a translator or an English class. I vote for both! Listening to Rump may give you a sick headache, but at least (unlike Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods) you’re ears won’t bleed.

    • I’ll translate it for you ahead of time.

      “Me…blah….blah….blah……..blah….blah…blah….me….” /ad nauseam

  • muselet

    You couldn’t pay me to watch/listen to/become aware of the inauguration on Friday. My gag reflex is too strong.

    Of course Donald Trump believes the approval polls are rigged. They don’t show what he wants them to show.

    Jill Stein fans are terribly stupid. Full stop.

    Thing is, the vote didn’t have to be hacked at any level (perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn’t). A steady drip-drip-drip of information unfavorable to Hillary Clinton—which was enthusiastically repeated by our glorious news media because of their collective hard-on for anyone named Clinton—was enough to affect the vote, especially combined with the staggeringly unprofessional behavior of James Comey.

    Chez, if the neo-Nazis—”alt-Right” my arse—formed their own party, conservatism per se wouldn’t be split. The loonies would just be the party of political untouchables on the Right, at least until they won some elections somewhere, in which case the Rs would try to make common cause. It’s happened before, with the FN in France and the NF in the UK, only here the National Front would be a mob of armed inbred yahoos.

    What the Rs will do about their association with an unpopular President is up in the air. They may well try “narrowcasting” because a noisy 19% that votes reliably R will defeat a nonvoting 81%, but that’s risky. If they were to try to oust Trump in favor of Mike Pence, they’d need to be clever and stealthy, two things Rs generally are not. They can try to brazen it out the way they’re doing now—basically telling new lies with every breath—but that’s untenable in the long term. Hoping against hope that Trump will sign any bill that crosses his desk is the most probable strategy.

    Vladimir Putin is basically flashing his arse at this point. He owns Trump—okay, fine, he seems to think he owns Trump—and he’s gloating. He’s using US political traditions against the US and is enjoying the hell out of doing so.

    Cooking with Chez. I smell a Daytime Emmy.

    I’d be surprised if the Trump administration didn’t give Infowars press credentials. Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi asking questions at press conferences. *shudder*

    Echoing Scopedog: we’ll see if the White House press corps still has the capacity to function as actual reporters. If they do, it will take a goodly amount of time before those old, long-unused abilities start to be used again. And maybe, just maybe, if we’re very lucky, dealing with this administration will drive a garlic-laced stake through the heart of Broderism (I wouldn’t bet on that).

    Joe Scarborough reliably regurgitates the Republican talking point of the day. That’s his job, and he’s good at it. He’s appalling, but he never forgets why he draws breath.

    I’ve never been a fan of SNL, but that cold open was pretty damn’ good.

    Chez, Donald Trump isn’t just incapable of laughing at himself, he’s incapable of laughing, full stop. Al Franken made that observation a couple of months ago and others have since said the same thing. To me, that’s even scarier than most of the rest of Trump’s personality.

    Bob, on Top Gear a few years back, Jeremy Clarkson made a bizarre suggestion while they were in the Australian Outback, and Richard Hammond turned to James May and said (quoting from hazy memory): “What must the world look like from inside a head like that?” That was asked for comic effect; asking the same question about Donald Trump is just plain disturbing.

    I agree that someone should disclose what Congress was told about Trump, but at the same time, we must realize the Rs will weaponize disclosure because that’s what they do.

    Trump is poised to destabilize the post-WWII institutions meant to reduce the probability of future wars (NATO and the EU, to name two). That doesn’t mean Europe will once again become a charnel house—or so I fervently hope—but it will blunt any common response to crises. This is where Trump is most clearly doing Putin’s bidding, by bad-mouthing our European allies and encouraging more countries to leave the EU.

    Bob, I agree that Barack Obama was the most presidential President in my lifetime and I think historians will agree. However, read the Letters to the Editor of just about any small- or medium-circulation newspaper and you’ll see a lot of people insisting he was a failure, an awful President who promised everything but wouldn’t work with the Rs and so failed to accomplish anything other than the destruction of Murca. They’re not even willing to credit him with dignity and gravitas.

    George W Bush was/is a doofus, but he wasn’t (usually) personally appalling.

    I agree with John Lewis’s underlying point, but he could have found a more felicitous way of expressing it. By using an inflammatory word, he gave —and Rs generally—a way to deflect attention from the circumstances of Trump’s election.

    Clearly Trump has no idea who John Lewis is. Hell, he may very well have no idea who Martin Luther King Jr was.

    It’s possible the transition team responded to controversy; it’s equally possible the team stood around with it’s collective finger up its metaphorical. I’ve seen precious little evidence of competence, so I’d put the chances at 50-50.

    Whatever Trump’s transition team said or did, Monica Crowley fell on her sword for Trump, so points for blind loyalty to The Dear Leader. Columbia University is probably trying to figure out how to rescind her PhD, but there’s no way she’ll lose her Wingnut Welfare over a trifling matter like that.

    The transitiion team might—might—be responsive to scandal, but I wouldn’t count on that happening very often after Friday.

    “Trump’s too dumb to be a supervillain.” One hopes so, but (damn, I’m using that word a lot tonight) his venality and ambition makes up for his dumbness. Besides, he’s surrounded himself by bright-enough henchmen.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’ve survived bad Presidents before. We’ll survive Donald Trump.


    • ranger11

      Yeah, we survived them but at each point there was great damage done. I can’t come up with any American equivalent to this guy. He combines the worst of the worst of hatefulness and ignorance. Nixon is slightly before my time and Trump makes him look like a giant. I’m genuinely scared. Next few nights are going to be tough.

      • muselet
        • ranger11

          Thanks, but I still think this is going to be a clusterfuck of unimaginable heights and depths.

          • muselet

            I don’t really disagree. The next four years will be a shitshow. The US will emerge with its reputation and influence much diminished, and Americans will be even more divided.

            Oddly, the reality of the Trump presidency will mirror the Right’s dystopian fantasy of the Obama presidency.

            Months (a year?) ago, someone suggested part of the reason for the rise of someone with authoritarian impulses like Donald Trump is because the generation that lived through the horrors of World War II was dying off. To people of a certain mindset, Fascism makes sense, and there aren’t enough WWII veterans around to smack sense into them.

            We are resilient. We will make it through this. Donald Trump will not destroy the United States.


    • If they were to try to oust Trump in favor of Mike Pence, they’d need to be clever and stealthy, two things Rs generally are not.

      Even if they are blatant and clumsy about it, they can rely on the 4th Estate to thoroughly ignore it.

      Cooking with Chez. I smell a Daytime Emmy.

      That’s funny. I smell booze.

      To me, that’s even scarier than most of the rest of Trump’s personality.

      I learned this very early in life–never trust a person who does not laugh.

      They’re not even willing to credit him with dignity and gravitas

      The election of the Orange Turd proves that as well.

      We’ll survive Donald Trump

      IF he doesn’t start a nuclear war.

  • Beth Scott

    My feeling is that George Orwell was off by 33 years in titleing his book. It should be changed from 1984 to 2017. The fact that he predicted the current political and journalism climate back in the 1950’s is terrifying. Especially since, as you say, if you’re at all alarmist, then your crazy. Yet we get the doublespeak every day. Yikes.

  • Scopedog

    I genuinely hope that the clusterf**k of Ol’ Yellow Stain’s administration will finally drive the stake into the heart of the “both parties are the same!” meme and kill it dead. It should have been put to rest during the Bush II years, but it came back during Obama’s terms, thanks to the idiot Left that kept bleating it out over and over again. And the mainstream media revived with into the “both sides” nonsense.

    Great show, guys. I do hope the press finds its sack and start practicing actual journalism, and I hope they learn their lesson that chasing after nothingburgers has consequences.

    • Badgerite

      The left left helped a lot on that one. Greenwald et al.

      • Scopedog


    • Aynwrong

      The Journalists who have done the best reporting on Trump in the last few months of the campaign should be elevated to every edition of the Sunday Morning Gasbag Cavalcade (h/t Driftglass) and start appearing on shows like The Today Show. But of course, I already know that won’t happen because those shows are no longer about delivery of the news but instead the delivery of a product. And middle America wouldn’t like it.

      But in all honesty, I’m not sure it would have mattered. “Real America” seems so determined to not listen to actual journalism because it’s elite and coastal and whatever else that I’m no longer certain any amount of accurate information about Trump would be enough to have steered them away from this catastrophe.

  • Good show! Bob, the car will dampen the sounds of your screams. I’m skipping the inauguration. I……just…..can’t.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show today! Hey, you forgot to mention all of the “great things” Rump said he was gonna do on Day 1—-which will actually not be done until Day 3—remember? He said the very 1st thing he’s doing after being sworn in is to take 2 days off. Monday is going to be his Day 1. Must be nice, no?

    • Watch Herr Grump go on more vacation days than any other President in modern history.

      • Aynwrong

        If we’re lucky.

  • Aynwrong

    The current state of affairs:

    “Infowars might get press credentials”

    Pass the whiskey.

    • leemoder

      Fuck that. Pass the mushrooms.