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  • Daren Sweeney

    Ok, now that I’ve had 9 days to mourn and calm down, a few thoughts on the last podcast. 1) HRC was a flawed candidate, simply because of 25 years of attacks from Fox and Fiends in the media convinced people she was a flawed candidate. Whether she was or not in reality was irrelevant. 2) Bob, Iraq was not a “policy decision” by Bush. It was done for political and financial gain. Both W and Rove remarked BEFORE 9/11 how good it would be for re-election if Bush was a “war president.” Richard Clarke said the neo-cons discussed invading Iraq in January 2001. When Clarke told Condoleeza Rice wrote a report saying that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, she wrote on the report cover, “Wrong answer; try again.” DOE told the White House that the tubing in Iraq could not be used in a nuclear centrifuge. The head of Iraq’s nuclear program gained political asylum from Saddam and told interrogators that the nuclear and chemical weapons programs had been abandoned after the 1st Gulf War. Cheney was supposed to divest himself of all Halliburton assets in a blind trust when becoming VP. He didn’t. When asked about, his response was essentially, “So? What are you going to do about it?” 3) If you say law enforcement should never go after the past acts of a previous administration, then Nixon was correct: If the president does it, then it isn’t illegal. Now, there is nothing that will keep Trump acting like a dictator because he knows he can act with impunity. We saw with the impeachment of Bill Clinton what happens to a party that goes after the President without real cause. Even ignorant Americans can figure a b.s. prosecution. You and Chez are like chess players who can’t see past 1 move.

  • Michael B. Conway

    Now that Obamacare is going to be repealed, my Social Security is going to be gambled away on the stock market, and my Food Stamps are going to be denied, which one of you is moving in with me for the rest of your life?

  • <—<< Deranged

    I’m listening to this show now.. can’t bring myself to listen to Tuesday’s show. Maybe in a couple weeks I can do it.

    I have not turned on news media at all. Can’t do it. Not one single tv news program.. I did send a nasty tweet to cnn and msnbc blaming them for 2 years of fking “emails” 24/7 and no other topics.. emails emails fking emails. and not once did they ever.. EVER vet Trump. … EVER.

    I fking hate this country too. I’m an atheist Jew so I won’t pray to some fake god .. but i do wish,, more than daily.. something horrible happens to the pres elect and to the states who vote red. I will never donate to any charity for this country again.. fk’em.. fk those in flood areas.. fk those in tornado paths.. fk’em all.. let their fake god save them from natural disasters and global warming.. and chemicals they eat and induce because the pres elect wants to remove all regulations.

    I could go on and on.. i’m fighting the temptation to delete my twitter account.. I’ve been on there since 2008.. I’ve posted a handful of headlines esp this details of how Stein and Johnson voters are truly at fault for this turnout.. of course they aren’t the only ones at fault.. but they played a huge part.. look at the critical state votes for those 2 candidates:


    Just look at the Johnson and Stein voters in those states and how it affected the results.

    And I fully blame fking Bernie Sanders. The guy who was NEVER a Democrat but is a socialist who’s spent 30+ yrs in the Senate and what the fk has he ever done for anyone? Oh and btw.. he never showed his tax returns either. Hillary showed over 30 yrs tax returns.. going far and beyond what she thought would be expected from her.. but alas.. the fking double standard this woman’s been faced with for 25 yrs.. It is stunning.. She is held to such a double standard I am flabbergasted when I think about it. How it was ignored all she’s done for so many. How females especially young stupid ignorant spoiled females have no fking clue what women in the 60’s, 70’s and beyond have done to pave the path for them.. a fight we are still engaging in.

    My husband was on the internet the day after the election looking at seriously moving to New Zealand. What it entails.. I said I’d prefer Canada.. I have malignant melanoma, the most deadly (and incurable) kind of skin cancer.. I don’t want to deal with moving closer to the equator.. (US and Australia have the highest rates of skin cancer and related deaths because of closeness to the sun and the culture of sun worship)… Anyway, we’re seriously talking about turning over the business we own to someone to run it and pack up the kids and just move.. I am so embarrassed.. so ashamed of my country.. I’m done.. I’m just done.

    I can’t even think about this.. I literally feel sick, physically and mentally sick over all this.. When I think of the man he is, the campaign he ran, the things he said and did, the kinds of people we saw supporting him.. the policies he intends to put in place. . I am physically ill. I try to not dwell 24/7 because it is having a huge impact on my state right now.. I will continue to wish evil upon him and those in the kind of locals who voted for him.. And I have no shame for that. fk’em all.

    To some degree, since we are financially secure.. I hope he puts upon this nation a devastation unlike anything we’ve ever seen or could possibly imagine.. It’s what the voters in this country deserve. I wish them 4 years of utter excruciating hell in their daily lives.

    Bigger military and more war = more dead soldiers
    Remove Dodd Frank regulations = banks bigger, more powerful
    Abortion rights deleted = southern xtian 14 yr old girls are most affected
    Regulations depleted = ‘lead paint got a bad rap’ (they actually said this)
    Trump’s buddy Putin = speaks for itself how that will work out
    His cabinet = Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, Giuliani, Gingrich, Christie, Alex Jones
    Erase all Obama’s policies = where do we begin?

    Bloomberg headline today: Trump Looks Bent on Sweeping Immigration Crackdown

    I have barely been online last couple days.. Not reading stories or headlines the way I used to.. I just can’t do it.. I’m staying offline for the most part.. Long morning walks on a nicely shaded path close to my home.. hugging my kids.. Not really looking forward to the holidays except for their sake.. hoping it takes my mind off this catastrophe by seeing the holiday joy on their faces.. Beyond that.. i’ll continue to wish evil upon Trump and those of his kind.. It makes me feel better..

    Yep.. you’re correct.. I’m a bitter vengeful person.

    I blame blacks who didn’t vote
    I blame gays who voted R
    I blame hispanics who voted Trump
    I blame Bernie Sanders more than anyone else
    I blame his rebellious ignorant trolls who voted Johnson and Stein
    I blame the spoiled rotten give-me-free-stuff generation
    I blame the give me everything I want, my way, or F U generation
    I blame stupid disgraceful females
    I blame churches and their fake god and illegally pushing policy in their tax exempt businesses for profit

    Just wait folks.. wait and see what changes..

    Republicans won the house, the senate and the WH

    Just wait and see..

  • Billy Bob

    Yeah… Bernie can’t win…. Nice job douchebags……

    • Victor the Crab

      He wouldn’t have, retard. See Russ Feingold as your proof.

    • Badgerite

      Yeah, well, Hilary Clinton is guilty of some great crime and is just utterly corrupt. Right back at chah. Some felony which didn’t exist. At some points it was hard to tell the difference between the GOP attack dogs and the Bernie Sanders campaign. The motive in vilifying her was the same. Between me and what I want. And, frankly, I don’t know that he could have won. There will be no charges there. There was never any case there. The way the relevant law is there was never any chance there would be. The whole “investigation” was a crock from day one. Requested by the IG office. The FBI should have just told the guy, a criminal case here would require a willful intent to hand classified material over to a foreign power. End of story. There should have been no FBI investigation in the first place. And guess who will not be going to “prison” – “lock her up”. No why. No crime to prosecute.
      The Sanders campaign and Sanders supporters were hardly guiltless. So don’t even go there, please.
      There is a big difference between the rural voter of Vermont and the rural voter of Wisconsin and Michigan and other areas. Bannon clearly upped the white vote percentage. Do you really think that had to do with economics? I don’t. Do you really think that the rhetoric engaged in that was full of fear of Muslims and Latinos and contemptuous of simple courtesy was about economics? I don’t buy that.
      I think Jones had it right. I think it was a whitelash. Maybe Sanders would have been able to campaign against Barack Obama and gotten some traction that way. Maybe he could have campaigned against the ACA. And what you would get would be what you are getting now. A repeal and no replacement. To get anything done he would have needed a Democratic Congress. No one ever really attacked Sanders. They would have. And there was lots of ammunition there. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Teaflax

    First time I’ve listened (I rarely have time to listen to podcasts, I fear), and I enjoyed it, but – please – can you stop beeping things? If you need to censor “bad words”, can you just drop out the sound instead? Those beeps are loud and annoying, I want to listen again, but the beepage is seriously making me consider not to.

  • real_earl

    Thanks for this guys. It was tough watching Steph Miller in tears this morning, I just wanted to hug her.
    (this is probably my last comment anywhere, I am deleting my accounts that have any public presence.)

    • Scopedog

      Damn. Do what you have to do.

  • Victor the Crab

    Sorry, but I haven’t listened to the podcast in awhile. And, after last night, I don’t think I’ll listen to it indefinitely, if ever. Maybe not even read anything here or at the Daily Banter.

    I have been in a perpetual state of depression all day long, never smiling once. The fact that Drumph managed to win the presidency in the most vile, lazy, obnoxious manner possible shows that there is absolutely no fucking future in America and that it and the entire planet is doomed. All I could read at the Banter was articles of “hope”. But there is nothing to that when hope get’s it’s knees taken out viciously and all of its ligaments and cartilage torn out beyond belief after we “aim high” when they “go low”. Add to that all of the asshole trolls on both sides returning going “nyah-nyah” at our plight, and quite frankly, it’s entering blight destitute area.

    The person I feel the worst for in all this is Barack Obama. He has spent the past eight years running the country in the most classiest, dignified manner possible, showing how everyone can be the best when working for the government. And what does he get in return? A public lynching of his legacy by the evil racist thugs he was trying to help. Now, he has to stand there on Inauguration Day while the tangerine nightmare who’s not worthy to hold his jock strap gets sworn into office to replace him, then mocks and makes fun of him for the whole world to see.

    No. No matter what the fuck anyone here says, there is no more hope left. America has been forever exposed as the fucking lie it always has been. It and everything around it is on a one way course for extinction, and we have only ourselves to blame for it. I’m just going to go ahead and crawl into a bottle of alcohol and wait for death itself to show up.

    • stacib23

      I wish I were a drinker. Other than that, I’m with you all the way.

  • katanahamon

    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled the Senate would move swiftly to repeal Obamacare now that the GOP Congress will have a Republican president next year.

    “It’s pretty high on our agenda as you know,” the Kentucky Republican said on Wednesday. “I would be shocked if we didn’t move forward and keep our commitment to the American people.”

    From politico..bye insurance. “commitment to the American people.” To take away their health insurance? Way to go America! From apathetic nonvoters to third party protestors to actual supporters of Trump..fuck you.

  • katanahamon

    Stop already with the Bernie bullshit..these wackos voted for Trump, with everything he one, no one with a (D) by their name was going to win regardless. Look at the lies, the insults, the bad behavior..all ignored and then rewarded. Bernie would have been the evil Socialist, that simple.

    Trump is going to find out he is required to do a major fuckton of stuff he never wanted to do..I still think he doesn’t actually want to do this at all, he just got caught up. What about a Trump indictment for fraud, then impeachment? Course the alternative is bad too, and they still have control of everything.

    Of course they are wrong..America was founded on principles very much other, than Trump, and we will have to fight. Yes, our leaders are setting the right tone of asking for a peaceful transition, give him a chance etc, but when the fuckups start, the media will have to stand firm. Yes, we are all Americans, and we somehow have to get back to facts in the media, and educating the public. But, the most dangerous thing has been Fox and propagandistic lies. As long as this continues, more Brexits will happen.

    • Badgerite

      I had someone tell me that George Soros was a Hitler Youth. George Soros is Jewish and his family had to flee Nazi Germany to survive. It doesn’t even have to be in the neighborhood of true or real any more.

      • katanahamon

        Yep..”Hillary is a felon!”

    • Scopedog

      but when the fuckups start, the media will have to stand firm.

      I hope so, because the media helped to grease the skids for Trump to get to the White House. Of course, he hates the press, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went after them. Maybe they’ll wise up and stand firm, but….Christ, they were lapdogs when it came to Bush.

      I can’t help but think of something SF writer John Scalzi wrote recently–that Brexit, the rise of far Right groups in Europe and the anti-immigration fervor there and Putin’s rule of Russia was a sign that the same forces we fought seventy-plus years ago during WWII were coming back. I never expected that it would reach these shores, but here we are.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    The thought of a Trump presidency is not nearly as bad, as upsetting, as terrifying, as the thought of what his election ratifies. Not only does it validate everything the Right and the GOP has said about President Obama, and utterly destroy his legacy, it ratifies the self-admiration, resentment and cruelty that both got Trump elected and the absolute sh**-kicking that he promised to dole out to everyone his supporters hate — including, perhaps even starting with, us.

    This election was a huge, collective cry of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!” except Jan has actually gotten all the attention. It’s going to backfire in a big way. There are going to be a lot of hate crimes over the next four years, because we as a nation just gave ourselves permission for them. We’ve given ourselves permission to hate in a way we’ve never done before.

    And all based on a pack of lies, an elaborate ongoing improv act that created a paracosm, an whole alternate universe where up is down, black is white, the economy sucks, crime is rampant, illegals are swarming over the border, and there aren’t enough as-yet-unconfiscated guns to kill them with.

    If electing Obama was the nation’s response to the Bush disaster, this is the bizarro-world fun-house-mirror version of that. The GOP and the right-wing media made sure of it. Their obstruction, their mendacity, their never-ending hike up Bullshit Mountain — and their holding Scalia’s seat open for Trump to fill — have paid off. They’ve been rewarded. They’ve been ratified. Any chance of ending the GOP’s two-decade schizophrenia died last night. If I live another 30 years (which I won’t), I’ll never see the end of it.

    I need to get out of this racket, or at least get away from it for a while. I’ve spent countless hours throughout Obama’s term, and beforehand, learning and studying and trying to understand the issues and why one side is right and the other is wrong, and trying to educate others by writing about it online and talking about it, explaining things as fairly and evenly and clearly and simply as I can, but I have to stop. I need a new hobby. I need to spend more time listening to and playing and writing music, on reading and writing fiction (real fiction, not fiction masquerading as “news”), watching movies and Game of Thrones instead of The Rachel Maddow Show, and get back on stage again. For some reason over the past decade, without even realizing it, I’ve sacrificed art for politics. And for what? I have the Mets and the Jets and the lifetime of crushing disappointment (and watching others celebrate) that goes along with them. I don’t need this sh**.

    As I did once before, I’m going to go away for a while. Knowing me I won’t be gone long. Maybe this time it’ll be for good.

    Today’s my birthday. It’s also the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Go figure.


    • xServer

      I saw that Kristallnacht anniversary pop up. It’s just fucking tragic. That and a meme about 11/9 being the second worst day in US history behind 9/11

    • Scopedog

      Damn. Sorry to see that something that marks a happy occasion has to fall on a day of two dark events.

      If you have to withdraw, do so. We understand, and I am thinking of doing the same.

  • Badgerite

    America has jumped the shark. ChaChi and all.

  • xServer

    Chez, I share your anger. I don’t even know how to function around other people right now. I want to scream at them. Because although I live in Minnesota, and it stayed (barely) blue, there are a lot of people that I live and work with who supported this monster. And I don’t know how to deal with them

  • katanahamon

    It’s simply come down to mob rule. But, I’d still like some reassurance that the voting was fair, as no one I talk to, no stranger has said they voted for Trump, everyone is shocked. 300 thousand votes in the right places would have turned it around..yes, hacked returns..isn’t that possible? That many varied polls were all that wrong? Since Hillary appears to have won the popular vote, I think that we should wait until the next president for a real mandate to fill the Supreme Court vacancy(s).

  • Badgerite

    Chez summed it up. The changing face of America and their own loss of power. And that is sad. Because if America has a future, it has to be a diverse one. Or it will cease to be America and turn into something else.
    David Duke’s America.

  • The Left probably needs to accept that there will be no Internationale. All that theory needs to go the fuck away. It’s all about the practice now.

    • Scopedog

      Yep. They should have learned that back in 2000, but they did not. And they still cling to the idea of “blowing up the system”, even though many innocents will get caught in it.

      But what do they care–their utopia is all that matters, even if it is built on the broken bodies of the innocent.

      • They also chose the path of writing off whole swaths of the population based solely on identity and historical grievance.

  • Badgerite

    Jill Stein. 30,000 votes. And she lost Wisconsin by 17,000 votes. There you have it.
    And she had the gall to tweet that “Bernie would have won”. Uh huh.

    • Seriously, fuck Stein and the assholes who voted for her. And Johnson too. We told them on this site and others, over and over and over–a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump.

      • Badgerite

        I think Stein wanted trump to win. As I think Cornell West did. Which is pretty f*cked up.
        I hope we can make it through this as a country and make it through the other side. But just watching some of the responses of some black people is enough to make you cry. How do we console them while David Duke takes a victory lap? How do we ask them to maintain their faith in this country?

        • I know what you mean. I’ve lost faith in my country….how can I ask it of others who have suffered and will suffer so much more than I?

        • Scopedog

          You’re right–they did want Trump to win, because that would cause the “system” to come crashing down. Stein was on Democracy Now! gloating about “seeing cracks in the system”. The crazy thing is that they do not care who gets caught in the collapse. It was all about their egos and getting revenge on Hillary while flogging the obscene, insane notion that things have to fall apart and then be magically rebuilt.

          Stein, West, and people like them make me sick, because they parade themselves around as being “for the people” when in truth they don’t give two s**ts about ordinary folk. The fact that they are fine with the country being thrown over the fence by Trump is proof of this.

          • Badgerite

            It’s sad, really. I listened to a video on Daily Kos of a man who grew up in the same neighborhood as the Central Park Five. And he was just devastated that this man who condemned these boys even after they were exonerated was now the POTUS. It was hard to watch. How do you ask them to still have faith in this country?

          • stacib23

            I don’t, and while trying really hard to remember it isn’t all white people who feel this way, I am truly hating a lot of people right now. We are two days in and I cannot make myself behave towards my co-workers with the ease I felt before Tuesday. I’m not sure I will ever feel comfortable and safe with these people again. Those Trump voters came from somewhere, and most probably identify themselves as good people. Probably a lot of these same folks who pretend to like me daily went into the booth and cast their vote for an obvious racist. I will never trust again anybody who doesn’t look like me. Sad, very sad, but how I feel for the foreseeable future.

          • Badgerite

            I know. I’m so sorry. I’m of the Caucasian Persuasion. And I am ashamed today. Barack Obama was one of the best presidents I have seen in my lifetime. He had concern for and commitment to everyone in this country regardless of any political or ethnic or religious differences. But keep in mind that I think the treatment of this President for the last 8 years and the ugliness of this campaign was designed to dishearten and discourage hope and thinking you and I and we can change things and make things better for everyone.
            I believe they are wrong. I believe this was a backlash (whitelash) and it needs to be fought back against. Either way, please don’t lose heart because the Bannon/Pence administration, scares and disheartens me also. And a lot of other people. And I can’t stand the idea of them wrecking the present and the future of this country.

    • Bernie raised money and campaigned for Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, and Feingold still lost. If Feingold didn’t even win his own home state, I don’t see how Bernie would be able to win there.

      • Badgerite

        He wouldn’t have. In case the Bernie Sanders people weren’t aware, he was responsible for a good part of the Democratic platform that was very economically oriented toward the working class person. As they mention, he campaigned vigorously for Hilary Clinton and became aligned with her in the mind of most voters except the most die hard Clinton haters. And who do you think those anti Semitic tinges and that last ad of President Trump Monster were directed against? What was Paul Ryan’s last argument for down ballot races? I will tell them what it was. “Bernie Sanders will be head of the Budget Committee in the Senate if the Democrats take control”.
        And Feingold, no “neoliberal” with “voted for the Iraq War” and “Nafta” or “TPP” baggage ….LOST.

      • Badgerite

        Seriously. Not good.

  • Badgerite

    Welcome to David Duke’s America. I can’t really get around what I saw in those debates and President Trump Monster’s behavior there. Or his treatment of a handicapped person. I don’t buy that this is about economics of the rural areas. It was just nasty, bad behavior. Obama never behaved like that. Ever.
    Nor did any of the people they called ‘thugs’. And then there is the lying. How exactly is this going to work when you cannot trust anything this guy has to say. About anything.

  • gescove

    Will the Republican majority change the Senate filibuster/cloture rules to fend off the ability of the Democratic minority to obstruct the implementation of the McConnell/Trump agenda?

  • Chez is correct. We are a threat to ourselves and the entire world. I don’t know how to explain it to my 6 year old son and my 13 year old daughter. She called me up upset when she realized Hillary was losing. I honestly didn’t know what to tell her.

  • I feel like somebody died. Logic is useless in assessing what happened. This is who we are…a country with half it’s population filled with hate, racism and bigotry and the other half too lazy to get off their ass and vote to stop a fascist dictator from taking over the country.

    • Apparently the breakdown among eligible voters was 25% for Clinton, 25% for Trump (ding ding ding Sasquatch territory) and 46% just plain didn’t vote. The real winner is apathy.

      • Yep, they didn’t like either candidate and they thought their sins were equivalent so they stayed home.

      • Scopedog

        And apathy is the true killer of democracy. Hate to admit it, but there it is.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      You’re right, except it’s about 1/4 of the country hateful racists and 1/2 apathetic. I’m really upset that this is where our country is after all this time——I had honestly thought we were better than this, but obviously, I was wrong. We’re NOT better than this! Makes me very sad.

  • gescove

    I’m not waking up from this nightmare. WTF?

  • TheDogAteMyVote

    Talk me back from the ledge, guys.

    • Badgerite

      John Aravosis of America blog has a video segment at his twitter site that was a bit of a pep talk.
      And it was very good. He has been an activist for a long time in DC and has had quite a lot of success and his segment was quite a balm for the injured and a call to action.
      Check it out. He is such a nice guy that even when he is down he tries to lift others up and oft times succeeds. He also advocates for a possible course of action. Fighting back.