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RELM_buttonBeach Balls: The Terrorist Attack Against Planned Parenthood; New Dan Bidondi Audio; Dan's Analysis of the Shooting; Republican Accountability for Inciting Violent Extremism; Republican Lies About the Planned Parenthood Videos; The South Dakota Law that Connects the GOP to Domestic Terrorism; Ted Cruz Blames Liberal Rhetoric; Joshua Feuerstein Calls for Killing Abortion Doctors; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • McKinley

    Seems Ted Cruz assumes Independents are Leftists. Interesting way to paint 65% of the American electorate, when you are hoping they will vote for you in the next year.

  • Mike’s 4 Basics:
    1) Eggs ain’t chickens
    2) Tadpoles ain’t frogs
    3) Caterpillars ain’t butterflies
    4) Ain’t nuthin’ goin’ on in my daughter’s uterus that’s any of your goddamned business.

    I’ll keep saying it ’til it starts to sink in.

  • katanahamon

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t catch the fact that Bidondi said “this guy shot up a PP building”….,yeah, I’m sure he was aiming for the building…

  • One quick point to make….the fact that Dear put F on his driver’s license may have just been him being contrary. I’ve known libertarians and extreme rightwingers who will put all kinds of nonsense on government forms….they think it’s funny and a bit of rebellion (pathetic as that sounds). Just a thought….

    • muselet

      I’m pressed for time right now so I’m not going to hunt down the cite (maybe later), but I read yesterday or the day before that it was a clerical error somewhere along the line that put an F on both his driver license and voter registration. He went to the trouble of getting his DL corrected, so if it was a protest, it was a short-lived one.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    @27:57—Looks like Barry Goldwater was correct—the Rethuglicon party will come to regret hooking their cart to Evangelical Xtians. If tRump gets the nomination and rethugs can’t find a way to get rid of him, this election cycle is going to be the END of this party. This split is too far gone to be repaired. They will never fix this.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Justifiable homicide my ass! These people need to get that not everyone feels or thinks the way they do, and that they have NO RIGHT to impose their “moral” code on ANYONE ELSE! Damn, these “pro-lifers” sure are big on executions. Fucking hypocrites.

  • muselet

    Bob, hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger vish everyone Seasonss Kreetinks somehow never gets fun.

    Bob, you’re right: by definition, the attacks, plural, on Planned Parenthood clinics are terrorism. While it’s as predictable as the sunrise that Righties would (a) frantically try to distance themselves from the people they’ve wound up and let go, and (b) try to parse the definition of terrorism so carefully that a Righty shooting up a clinic isn’t because the shooter wasn’t a dues-paying member of Terrorism USA, Inc, it’s disheartening to see straight news stories play the same semantic games. Josh Marshall in two posts (“Malign Hesitation” and “Are We Really in Doubt?”) has driven home the point that there’s no real reason not to call what Robert Dear did terrorism.

    The Republican Party’s responsibility for terrorism against family planning and abortion providers is not a recent thing. It started ‘way back when the party opened wide its arms and welcomed every Jebus-drunk halfwit who was registered to vote, and invited them all to help write the party’s platform and run for office. Instead of reining these people in and explaining that, like it or loathe it, Roe v. Wade was settled law, the GOP chose to put the inmates in charge of the asylum.

    Bob, it doesn’t matter how many times the claims in those CMP videos are debunked, there will always be people who believe them, and there will always be shameless people who see an electoral benefit to keeping that first group good and stirred up.

    Chez, “bullshit” is the right word. Carly Fiorina is, unapologetically, a bullshitter. She does not care if what she says is true or not, she has absolutely no interest in facts. All she cares is that what she says is of some tangible benefit to her.

    I don’t think even Ted Cruz really believes Robert Dear is a transgender liberal Democrat. Cruz knows better. However, he knows our glorious news media will quote him and waste hours of airtime and vats of ink pondering the question that Both Sides must face.

    Bob, Bob, Bob, John Kerry was a quiche-eating wuss who was taking a soft approach to international evil-doers. He deserved to be blasted for being weak. Ted Cruz is a manly man who’s talking about a white man with an arsenal, which is completely different. [/wingnut]

    Every time I hear Ted Cruz say more than two words, I feel compelled to throw my computer against a wall (luckily for my bank account, I have resisted so far).

    Bob, that jingle is almost as horrific as what Joshua Feuerstein’s brain conjures up.

    I think you guys are right: fetus fetishists enjoy describing what they imagine an abortion entails. That they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about doesn’t matter, either to them or the people they’re talking to.

    Damn, Feuerstein didn’t get the memo to stay shtum about Colorado Springs, except to point blame at the Left. In a world (Don LaFontaine reference not intended) where a bunch of hysterical ninnies panic and get the police involved because a 14-year-old builds a clock, it amazes me that someone who makes an explicit threat against an entire class of people doesn’t get a visit from every law enforcement agency on the planet.

    “Oh, boy.” Indeed. Every time you play Dan Bidondi audio, my brain tries to escape by leaking out my left ear. Can’t say I blame it.

    Zygote ≠ blastocyst ≠ embryo ≠ fetus ≠ baby. It’s really not hard to understand, no matter how desperately the fetus fetishists try not to grasp simple biology.


    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Boy, you had a LOT to say…….and all of it good! By the way, I agree whole-heartedly about the Ahhnold season greeting.

      • muselet

        You ain’t seen nothin’. I’ve rabbited on for much longer than I did tonight.

        And I listened to that Austrian meathead for eight seemingly endless years while he was governor. I don’t need to be reminded of his accent.


    • The sound of Bidondi’s voice feels like a singularity in my brain. I WISH it only leaked out of my ear. 😉