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RELM_buttonThe Threshold of Hell: Trump is the Grinch; White House says Trump knew about Russian hacking; Kellyanne Conway exploiting gullible Trumpers; Putin supervised hacked emails; Celebrity Electoral College video; Trump is historically unopopular; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Late thought here….you made an excellent point that I haven’t heard elsewhere. Now Herr Hairenfuhrer’s properties all over the world are political targets for our enemies. I’m sure it never occurred to the Orange Idiot that this would be the case and it would end up costing his companies millions in increased security.

  • muselet

    Bob, for any number of reasons, 2016 blows goats. Trust me, most of us will be as happy as Larry to see it finally go away.

    Donald Trump was not joking about wanting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server. Trump’s a lot of things; comedian is not one of them. I’ve never seen anyone with less of a sense of humor, and no less than Al Franken has made an interesting observation: Donald Trump doesn’t laugh. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t fully trust someone who doesn’t laugh.

    Trump is incapable of acting presidential. Doing so requires dignity and self-control and a sense of history.

    Bob, your subconscious has generated a disturbingly specific mental image.

    Graydon Carter found the perfect way to get under Trump’s extremely thin orange skin, and I hope he has some sort of securty detail because there’s a nonzero probability that some deranged Trump supporter will take it upon himself to rid The Dear Leader of this troublesome editor.

    Rodrigo Duterte is a madman, so it stands to reason that Donald Trump would think he’s aces. I genuinely hope we don’t see Trump emulating Duterte, but I wouldn’t risk two bucks on a bet.

    I’d call Kellyanne Conway a hack, but that would be a grave insult to hacks. “Monster” is far too kind a word.

    Trump voters are tribal. Whatever The Dear Leader says is so, they’ll go along with it. It makes for a funny, if horrifying, comedy routine, but that comedy routine doesn’t illuminate much. Uninformed supporters of Hillary Clinton could be caught out in the same way (no, that’s not an endorsement of Broderism, just a recognition that most people aren’t steeped in politics the way folks like us are).

    I’d be shocked if Vladimir Putin weren’t personally involved in the hacking of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

    The headline says it all: Russia Ran the Most Epic Ratfucking Operation in History This Year.

    “High level of confidence” equals borderline certainty in intelligence-service–speak.

    Bob, no. Just no. If the intelligence agencies jointly released proof beyond all reasonable—and most unreasonable—doubt that Vladimir Putin and the FSB had groomed Donald Trump for years to become US President and do their bidding, the Rs will never move to impeach him because he has an R after his name. Literally nothing he could do other than raise taxes on the wealthy would move the congressional Rs to consider impeachment.

    There aren’t enough faithless electors to overturn the election. That doesn’t rise to the level of a pipe dream, and I’m not factoring in the fact that Trump and his people have (indirectly) threatened R electors with reprisals if they don’t vote for The Dear Leader. We’re stuck with the Great Orange Hemorrhoid for at least four years.


  • The KGB Ate Our Votes

    ♫ On the 12th day of Christmas The Donald gave to me:
    12 Nazis Marching
    11 Klansmen Klanning
    10 Hands-A-Groping
    9 Goldman Cronies
    8 Maids Deported
    7 Security Briefings (nah)
    6 Tweets a Tweeting
    5 Golden Elevators
    4 Mocking Frogs
    3 Trophy Wives
    2 Douchey Sons
    Ivanka as the FLOTUS ♫

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Everything about Rump says white trash with new money trying to ape the gentry, thinking they will accept him as one of them. They won’t, ever!!! And they shouldn’t!!!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    If Rump keeps saying that it’s a 400 lb. man in his parent’s basement, I’m gonna start to wonder if he is saying that because he hired him. Would you put I past him? I wouldn’t!!!

  • Badgerite

    Oh dear God. The Putin Puppet just got done referring to “clean, beautiful coal”.
    This guy has clearly never been anywhere near a coal powered electrical plant.
    No such thing as “clean coal”. It is always polluting and damaging to the environment. They can make it somewhat less. But it is always going to be polluting.
    Both at the point of extraction and at the point of crushing it up and burning it to turn the turbines. Always. And it is simply filthy stuff. Unless you really like black, dirty snow and pollution filled slurry ponds. The closest this guy has ever gotten to a power plant is flipping a light switch somewhere.

    • I know I’m VERY late to the party here but since you brought up clean coal, NPR did a story on mesothelioma. They said that parts of Appalachia have seen an exponential increase in the deadliest form of the disease. And no one, literally no one, knows why and other than NPR I haven’t heard boo about it in the MSM. Something is very, very wrong.

  • Re: Trump drug policy, the whole “sudden raid on people who aren’t bothering anyone, shots fired, innocents killed” thing is already pretty common in America, it’s just considered a mistake (bad tip to the SWAT team, etc.). Trump legitimizing that sort of thing is of course beyond the pale state terrorism, but it’s maybe even more horrifically not too far off from the status quo ante.

    • The terror in the Philippines is not like the raids you describe. What goes on here doesn’t produce the kind of casualties the Philippines is now seeing. Over there, death is the goal. And it’s mostly not uniformed cops. But, hell, I’m glad you brought up our problems. That further imperils us.

      • That’s true. I’m not trying to equate the magnitude or prior intent of stuff like no-knock raids with paramilitary death squads. When I say “it’s not too far off” there should be an implied “in my moral view” or something.

        • Right, I knew you weren’t. I hope it didn’t sound like I was scolding or criticizing you. This is a conversation we need to have, and I am eager for. I do think that no-knock raids could be a brick in the path to anything much, much worse. They don’t have to be, but nothing ever does.

  • Cybercarl4

    There seems to no good options to this mess. I’m wondering if one solution would be for President Obama to declare a state of emergency and refuse to begin the transfer of authority until the investigation is concluded. A foreign power has attacked our country. Members of our congress appear to be complicit and could be committing treason. Would this qualify?

    • In theory, well, no. The Constitution does have some provisions for invasion and rebellion, which Abraham Lincoln availed himself of. Nothing about declaring a state of emergency, and keeping an outgoing President in power longer to resolve it.

    • Badgerite

      They would impeach him. Pretty quickly too. These people are desperate for control. They don’t really believe in representative democracy unless it is the kind that gives you the choice of which hard right, Christian fundamentalist, Goldman Sachs CEO you would choose to vote for out of those available for office. Look at what they are doing in North Carolina.
      To the extent that they don’t really believe in democracy, they and Putin are on the same page.