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RELM_buttonTaking A Stand For Christ: Stupid Trump meme says Obama banned Christmas; Trump voters are badly misinformed; 52 percent say Trump won the popular vote; FBI and DNI agree with CIA about Russia hack; Kellyanne Conway says it's unpatriotic to believe Russia story; Greenwald is completely wrong on Russia; Trump says China should keep the drone; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • muselet

    The Right has been telling itself that Barack Obama is a Christianity-hating Mooslim! for eight years. All Donald Trump needed was not be a black guy with a funny name to be hailed as The Man Who Won The War On Christmas. Because he’s a white guy with an R after his name. (I’ll even go further: Trump could personally, on live TV, throw the White House Christmas tree onto the South Lawn, light it on fire and piss on it while chanting “Hail, Satan!” and he’d still be The Man Won The War On Christmas.)

    Nearly all of the Cold War propaganda about the horribleness of the Soviet Union was couched in terms of it being an implacable, ruthlessly efficient foe that would take over the world unless we became equally implacable and ruthlessly efficient. When Alexandr Solzhenitsyn declared that the West had to become like the USSR and abandon silly notions like freedom and democracy in order to win the Cold War, conservatives grew a third leg. In Vladimir Putin, Righties have the authoritarian of their dreams: a vicious sociopath who will happily trample all opposition to his staying in power for life. Putin is now the model for the ideal Republican President.

    I don’t honestly know if Glenn Greenwald believes a word that falls out of his pie hole. If he does, he’s an idiot; if he doesn’t, he’s breathtakingly cynical.

    Trump voters are badly misinformed because they’ve allowed themselves to be badly misinformed. Ever since Richard Nixon claimed a mandate from The Silent Majority (it would have started with Joseph McCarthy’s Red-baiting, but he was too crude to be an effective spokesman for the idea), the Right has been busily creating an alternate reality in which only people who vote or behave in a specific way are Real Americans!™ AM talk-radio blatherers did their part to create an information bubble, Fox News Channel made that bubble more or less impermeable. When Righties insist, loud and long, that all sources of information other than FNC and Rush Limbaugh are not to be trusted—including search engines, encyclopedias, scientific research and empirical reality—because they’re liberal!, it’s the result of that nearly-fifty–year effort.

    Congressional Rs are using the slight differences between the conclusions of the FBI, CIA and DNI about Russian motives in hacking the November election to claim there’s controversy about whether or not there was a hack. I wish I could say I expect better of them.

    More crudely, my local paper—the Daily Fishwrap—this morning ran a letter that began with the statement, “I don’t believe a word the government says,” claimed Russia is our friend, and ends with the declaration that “Red China,” North Korea and Iran are the actual hackers of the election. How in the name of all that’s good and pure does one go about arguing against that?

    The guiding principle of the Trump administration will be “what’s in it for Donald Trump?” Trump sees the presidency as an opportunity to make money, possibly enough that his actual bottom line will resemble what he’s been claiming for years. Anyone who believes Trump will put country, or even party, ahead of cupidity is barking mad.

    During the campaign, Trump reminded me of Benito Mussolini. After the election, he reminds me more of Robert Mugabe or (as Trevor Noah said) Jacob Zuma.

    Helmut Monotreme at Sadly, No! says “… I fear the most used acronym of the next four years is going to be IOKIYAR or perhaps WTYSBYTIWBFTETSHI (We Told You So, But You Thought It Would Be Fun To Elect The Shit Head Instead).” Hard to disagree.

    Either The Dear Leader is being snarky with his “now you’re mellow” nonsense or he’s putting on a show of defusing the bomb he built during the campaign. If the former, he really needs to stop trying to do comedy because he’s just flat-out not funny; if the latter, it’s not a very convincing—but is a very dangerous—act.

    Calling Donald Trump a monkey with a machine gun is an insult to monkeys with machine guns.

    Trump’s original, outraged tweet about the Navy drone came from his deliberate ignorance. His later “let them keep it!” tweet was probably him trying to deny the Obama administration credit for dealing quickly and quietly with the situation (SEE: the front page of the current National Enquirer).

    It’s going to be a long four years.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fuck at 18:15 and your shit at 41:56.)


  • I’m not sure we can actually expect people like the Trump voters in the poll to “believe” those things in the same way they believe, I dunno, that the Social Security check should be here on Tuesday or the way I believe an apple to fall if I hold it up to my head and let go. I think it’s more of a “I will ‘believe’ this because otherwise that would be supporting The Enemy” thing. So as long as the belief can be glossed as “Yay Trump!”/”Yay conservatives!” or “Boo Obama!”/”Boo libtards!” they’re going to go along with it.

    In fact, maybe “go along with” is the better phrase.

  • Emily333

    I took a class once about the Jesus Seminar which was a gathering of scholars attempting to come to a consensus on which Jesus Bible quotes they believed he actually DID say, which ones were maybes, and which ones they were pretty sure he never said at all. One thing I learned in the class with regard to the Bible was that they had a different concept of “truth” back then. From what I understand, whether or not said happened was ACTUALLY LITERALLY true was less important than whether the words CONVEYED the proper SENSE of what they were trying to communicate. So if they were trying to communicate that Jesus was a good person, they might say he did this wonderful thing for this person. Even if he didn’t actually DO that thing, it was still ok to say that he did, because someone reading it would get the sense that Jesus was a good person, and that was the more important thing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately with this Trump stuff. I wonder if the definition of “truth” has, at other times in history, changed. But I agree that it seems like not a good idea at all that the definition of truth could or would change.

  • Aynwrong

    Please don’t walk away Chez. You and Bob help keep the rest of us sane. If for no other reason it’s a reminder that we’re not the only one who see the depraved lunacy unfolding before our eyes.

  • Scopedog

    Great show, guys. And yeah, I pretty much tuned out after the election…but damnit, we need to stand and face the storm and stare it down. No other options are available.

    How did we get here, Chez? Good question–I’m sure the answer is out there, but it entails a series of events over the past 30+ years, culminating with this year and the idiocy of the far Right, the far Left, and the mainstream media choosing emails and giving the GOP verbal fellatio and saying “Fuck you” to the facts and the truth. Lessons that we should have learned after 2000 were forgotten.

    The upcoming Presidency of the Orange Turd Blossom is going to be similar to TV shows–think of it this way: we are changing the channel from Masterpiece Theater to an episode of “Ow, My Balls!”.

    • Aynwrong

      Well said.

  • Nan Moder

    lovely man.

  • Do all three names mean he’s important, or is in fact a serial killer? I know, old joke. I’ll let myself out.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Rump needs to give up on the “humor” attempts, he’s NOT FUNNY!!! There is NOTHING about him that says humor, irony, or snark. It’s a otal fail for him. He’s not even playing checkers, you need a brain for that.
    Rump is going to kill us all! I just hope he does it quickly, I don’t think I can do 4years of that face and voice without losing my mind!!!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Isn’t there some way we can DEMAND a psychiatric evaluation on him before he gets sworn in? God, there has to be!!! Yeah, now they’re mellow and cool—-that’s why hate crimes specifically in HIS name have increased, what, 700%? They’re kittens!!!!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Tribalism, Chez. That’s how. Ever since conservatives decided their brand of republicanism is superior to all others. Since then, every “conservative” apparently decided that the R is the ONLY thing (as long as they’re Wingnutty enough), even at the expense of the country’s safety. I think they KNOW climate change is a true danger, but are willing to let the planet die just to make their point.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Of course they (dems) infiltrated the CIA. A. Jones has been saying lately that the CIA is trying to assassinate Rump before the inauguration now. No shit!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob, maybe you should spend the next 4 (NOT 8) years with a punching bag. Draw Rump’s face on it, and go to town. You never know, it might help! I know my kitchen cabinet doors are probably going to need to be replaced by the end of this! Drawers, too. Hell, they won’t last 4 years!!

    • I certainly agree Bob should consider a punching bag. I think anyway should do that because I just love punching bags. No politcal comment about that. I just like to promote activities that I enjoy.

  • Radical Sketicism
    Bertrand Russell wrote “Skepticism, while logically impeccable, is psychologically impossible, and there is an element of frivolous insincerity in any philosophy which pretends to accept it.”


    If you’re ill-equipped to make a good call between True/Not True, what becomes “logical” is to reject everything that doesn’t come to you by way of somebody who sounds “about right” to you – the Charismatic Cult Leader.

    Welcome to the golden age of The American Daddy State.

  • Good show y’all.