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RELM_buttonChina: The Trump Dictatorship Day 21; Kimberley Johnson fills in for Chez; Trump's Carrier deal is a huge mistake; Ben Carson tapped for HUD secretary; China responds to Trump's Taiwan call; The way forward for the Democratic Party; Texas GOP electors walking away from Trump; The Louisiana Senate race no one is talking about; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Scopedog

    Hah! Thanks for cracking me up with the Chez-bot, Bob.

    Kimberly was a terrific guest. I hope she returns.

  • muselet

    Welcome aboard, Kimberley Johnson.

    Donald Trump is an aggressively ignorant narcissist. Of course he’s going to cause some catastrophe. He’s off to a good start with his Taiwan call—which was planned for months and came off with the assistance of none other than BobDole’s law firm—and his intemperate tweets about China.

    In general, I tend to agree with Kevin Drum: Donald Trump’s tweets “are just shiny objects meant to distract us from the more boring but far more important ways he’s destroying our great nation.” It is, however, hard not to watch, gape-mouthed, as the President-elect behaves like a particularly stupid schoolboy trying to come up with a wounding insult.

    Ben Carson is spectacularly unqualified for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and admitted as much not two weeks ago, but Trump stroked his ego just right.

    Kimberley (may I call you Kimberley?), Ben Carson was 62 when he retired as a neurosurgeon. He didn’t have much of a choice: surgery is a young person’s game. It would have been nice if he’d found some hobby other than politics to occupy his golden years, but we’re sort of stuck with it.

    The Carrier deal both sucks and blows

    but Trump (and Mike Pence) got exactly what they wanted: good, bordering on fawning, press and an excuse to give bales of cash to corporations like United Technology. The number of jobs and where they will be is absolutely irrelevant except as a distraction.

    It is all too easy to find sources of information which are congenial to our beliefs. We all frequent the sources we like, but it seems people on the Right never venture away from them (and after thirty years of being told not to trust anyone but some AM talk-radio loudmouth—*cough* Rush Limbaugh *cough*—that’s not surprising). Without some common understanding of politics and government (and current events and science and, ultimately, reality), I don’t know that it’s possible to have anything resembling a nation, but I have no clue what to do about the fragmentation of knowledge into spheres of competing opinions.

    It’s been said by people smarter than I that the internet made smart people smarter and dumb people dumber.

    If we had a functioning news media in this country, the Kansas disaster would be known far and wide, and everyone would know that the testbed for R economic ideas burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp.

    Bob, paying a lot more attention to local and state elections makes all kinds of sense, but those offices aren’t glamorous. That’s why we don’t see state legislatures with Green Party majorities [insert snarky comment about potential Green governance here]. The Democratic Party should know better. I’ll spare everyone my usual rant about voter reliability on the Right—tl; dr: They vote. Every. Single. Election.—but it’s no less true now than the last umpteen times I’ve said it.

    Kimberley, Rs never get in trouble for ignoring conventions or breaking rules. Never. IOKIYAR is an undeniable and unpleasant reality. (Ds tend to honor institutional norms and rules, tend to be the grown-ups in the room, and don’t get nearly the credit they deserve.)

    Trump’s Boeing tweet is one of the shiny objects Kevin Drum warned about (he also suggested Trump’s nose was out of joint because the planes won’t be completed until 2024, so the next President will be the first to use them). It’s schmuck bait, pure and simple. What’s Trump trying to distract us all from? (And yes, Bob, Trump really wants to use his own aging plane—which doesn’t come close to meeting the requirements the Air Force has for long-range presidential aircraft, incidentally—and bill the government for it. Grifters gotta grift.)

    The Left has to come together, develop coherent policy proposals and find a coherent message to present those policies to the public. If we don’t do that, and quickly, we’ll be partly responsible for the coming awfulness.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    terrific show today! Love, love, loved it! I missed Chez, but Kimberley was a great addition! I like what she brought to the party.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Yes, Chez may be negative, but then he speaks for so many of us!! How can you possibly be positive with the fucking mess that’s coming?
    Yeah, as bad as an unpredictability in a world leader is, Rump thinks it’s a “cool” quality. He’s a moron.

  • Aren’t we all Charlie in the Boxes sometimes?