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RELM_buttonPooping in Heaven: The Most Hilariously Ridiculous Fox and Friends Clip Ever; Anti-Choice Planned Parenthood Video Producers Indicted; The Irony of the Charges; The GOP Won't Stop Pretending the Videos Are Real; The States That Have Exonerated Planned Parenthood; Ted Cruz Lied About His Healthcare; Ted Cruz Spanks His Daughters for Lying; Rush Limbaugh Says Bernie is Worried Hillary Will Murder Him; Political Reality and Giving Ammo to the GOP; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Badgerite

    Wow. If anyone on the left actually believes that Rush Limbaugh would not be thrilled to have a Bernie Sanders as the Democratic party nominee to throw mud at, they are delusional. He talks like “Bernie” is his new best friend. That should tell the Berniacs something. But I’m sure it doesn’t. And they are back to that Vince Foster shift. They are scared of Hilary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, they are not scared of.

    • Victor the Crab

      That’s because they’re not that smart and have no life experience. Look at them over at the Banter for proof.

      • Badgerite

        Do I have to? I lose patience. Though they do say Bernie would beat Trump in a match up. But, of course, the smear machine hasn’t targeted him yet.
        And it will target him.

  • katanahamon

    Protect life…Defund Planned Parenthood..

    Prominently displayed on this page. Taking the loser’s advertising fees is one thing, but, really?

  • Pantless Wednesday! Certainly gives a new meaning to Hump Day.

    Thank goodness for your show. I listen to it while I’m at work and it helps me keep my sanity (what little remains of it).

  • Camacho/Trump 2016!!

    Bob, it sounds like the Judas Priest concert you mention is the one that Heavy Metal Parking Lot was filmed at. That is amazing. And if you haven’t seen it, you must.

  • Black Hitler

    FBI indictment coming, Dims

    tick tock


    • katanahamon

      Yeah..for the yahoos that doctored up the PP videos..!

  • muselet

    News of the indictments of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt brought a smile to my face, as well. The fact that it was a Texas grand jury that brought the indictments made the story particularly sweet.

    Andrew Napolitano graduated from Notre Dame Law School, taught law and served as a judge, yet he doesn’t understand that these were grand jury indictments? I don’t buy that for a second. What Napolitano is doing is generating a cloud of misleading characterizations so his audience can dismiss the indictments as merely political and Devon Anderson as a RINO.

    Carly Fiorina labors under the continued misconception that she could be elected President. I don’t doubt she really believes the hooey she’s spewed about Planned Parenthood and the edited videos and Hillary Clinton and all the rest, but her political aspirations are the only reason she’s saying those things in public.

    Guys, don’t believe the rhetoric. Fetus fetishists don’t believe abortion is really murder or they would be advocating criminal penalties for women seeking abortions—their laughable excuse is that the woman is a victim of abortion, too—and they don’t actually care about fetuses, either. What they care about is punishing women for daring to have sex for any reason other than procreation (the thought of someone having sex for pleasure gives them the willies).

    I’m not surprised Ted Cruz spanks his daughters for lying, which is terrible and ineffectual. However, it does open up an interesting possibility: for consistency, Cruz should be spanked for lying about his health insurance. I’d suggest he be spanked with a 2×4.

    Of course the Rs are trying to ratfuck the Ds in the primary process. It didn’t really work in 2008, but it’s such a cool idea! that they can’t help themselves.

    Bernie Sanders is not a reasonable man. That’s fine and dandy, the world needs unreasonable people, but does he actually believe he can start from scratch on so much in this political climate? There’s a difference between unreasonable and irrational.

    Rush Limbaugh has lost his voice, has lost his delivery and has lost whatever professionalism he ever had. The only reason he hasn’t been dumped by every radio station on the planet is because of who and what he was twenty-five and thirty years ago.

    Brian Kilmeade has never been particularly articulate, but he outdid himself in trying to summarize David Axelrod’s (not entirely implausible) argument. It sounds to me like the floor director was giving Kilmeade the “hurry-up” signal and he panicked, although I also like Chez’s theory about the teleprompter.

    You guys were right, Kilmeade meant to say “homestretch.” He didn’t make up a word, though. From the New Oxford American Dictionary:

    backstretch |ˈbakˈstreCH|
    the part of a racecourse that is farthest from the grandstand and parallel to the homestretch.
    • the area adjacent to a racetrack where the horses are stabled and stable employees have temporary living accommodations.

    None of that means Brian Kilmeade isn’t a dimbulb, mind.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fucking at 47:39 and fuck at 55:21.)


  • HilaryB

    Bob’s laughter is contagious.