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RELM_buttonTrump Trolls: Trump Wants to Ban Muslims; Joe Scarborough Hammers Trump; Lindsey Graham Sounding Reasonable Again; Ted Cruz's Roommate Talks About Creepy College Cruz; Ben Carson's Forced Birth for Rape Victims; The Injustice of the Abortion Debate; Erick Erickson Literally Shot The New York Times; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    Jon Stewart didn’t call Paul Ryan sane. He said he is “human” in contrast to Mitch McConnell who is basically holding the bill for the 9/11 responders hostage to things like slashing medicare, etc. The usual laundry list of why we cannot have nice things.

  • Boko999

    Where’s Keith Olbermann when you need him?

  • I didn’t even know Lindsey Graham was running for President, seriously. But I was shocked to hear him be so strident. Good for him.

    Is it wrong to say that Trump is the GOP’s “tar baby”? If it is, I’ll retract it.

    The guy sitting in the cubicle next to me is a very smart man and he totally believes that the “No go zones” are real.

    “Trump trolls” in Chez’ pubes — tears on my face, at work, thanks guys

    “Rebuild our military” — There’s nothing wrong with our military as it stands in regards to readiness and capabilities. Now there is something terribly wrong with how we are dealing with tens of thousands of soldiers who have returned home with major trauma and we still aren’t dealing with it well.

    Cruz is the new Nixon–disliked (dare I say, hated by) everyone who really knows him but still could be President….Cthulu help us all.

    Ben Carson is such a…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz And I had to google Paper Willy. Did you know your show on Sound Cloud is 7th down on a Google search for it?

    Erickson–Use your big boy words, please.

  • Draxiar

    A case of the Trump Trolls…great googly-moogly that’s funny!

  • Badgerite

    I can’t think of a more appropriate symbol of how the Party of the Lizard Brain has turned the Constitution on its head than Eric Erickson’s shooting a New York Times opinion piece. The right to shoot something is all that matters. The right of free and open debate is so totally not important. They have elevated the Second Amendment, which, frankly the Republic would be fine without, above the right to freely speak your opinion and criticize anyone without fear. A right which is essential to any democracy.

  • muselet

    Yes, Bob, it is just you. Sorry, but it’s you.

    I’m sure Trump fancies himself a Big Picture sort of person who doesn’t like getting bogged down in details. In reality, he has no understanding of either the big picture or the details. I doubt the short-fingered vulgarian could point to a Muslim country on a map, let alone explain why stopping the immigration of Muslims would make a particle of difference in the safety and security of the US, but he has to say something.

    Actually, guys, it was Dan Savage’s readers who defined santorum. And I’ll suggest chancroid lesions as the definition of “Trump trolls” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might not want to look it up—you can thank me later).

    Oh good grief, Trump resurrected the myth of “No-Go Zones”? Fox News’s “terrorism expert” Steven Emerson claimed that about Birmingham, earning him a flat denial from Chris Sim, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, and a blunt assessment from PM David Cameron:

    Bobby Jindal made a similar claim about London and was slapped down by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London:

    “With great respect to Gov. Jindal and everybody else who’s made this kind of comment, I think they’re in need of some sort of gentle education on this point,” Johnson said. “I would be more than happy personally to escort Gov. Jindal around any area that he thinks is a ‘no-go zone.’ I will show him what a happy, thriving community it is with people jumbled up in all sorts of ways.”

    Next Trump’s going to insist there are places in the US that are under Sharia law.

    This will be the first—and possibly last—time I’ve said this, but good for Joe Scarborough. The only problem I have is that he and his producers didn’t simply flush the Trump interview and move on to a new guest after the break.

    “Trump is Dan Bidondi.” With worse hair and slightly better diction, but yes, you’re right.

    Chez, the problem with your Bob and Chez Show Christmas Party idea is that, to keep it fair, you’d have to meet somewhere in the middle. Fresno is, I’m sure, quite lovely this time of year, but … no. Just no.

    Chez, you’re absolutely right. Lindsey Graham can afford to be not-crazy because he’s polling at zero, near as makes no difference; otherwise, he’d be trying to out-Trump Donald Trump.

    Lindsey Graham must have decided not to run for reelection, because The Base will have his guts for garters for insulting Trump and for not insulting Islam.

    Ted Cruz’s ad borders on self-parody. And to think his poll numbers are rising sharply. *facepalm*

    Craig Mazin (long A, Bob: MAY-zәn) was reluctant to say much about Ted Cruz for a long time, and I don’t remember what set him off but at that point it was Katie bar the door. Anyone who’s curious, the transcript is available (scroll down between half and two-thirds of the way down the page). It’s a spectacular rant.

    Chez, you’re right. Republicans weren’t this stupid a few decades ago. But the party embraced the seditionist, racist, revanchist, nutso people in 1964 (yes, Barry Goldwater has a lot to answer for), and it’s been down the slippery slope ever since. And yes, since the late 1980s, talk radio—and since the 1990s, Fox News Channel—has reinforced the madness. Righty media have pandered and reinforced, but they did not create the insanity.

    When Ben Carson is raped and gets pregnant, then his opinion might (might) have some meaning. Until then, he really needs to put a sock in it. (Yeah, I’m like a broken record—ask your parents, kids—on this. You got a problem with that?)

    Dan Savage several years ago said Republicans want to shrink government until it’s small enough to fit in a woman’s vagina. He was joking, sorta, but he was also right. Would that it weren’t so.

    Bob, I disagree. Republicans should talk about rape all day, every day. Maybe then people will realize that one of our major political parties can no longer be taken seriously by anyone with more than half a brain.

    I like Steve Benen‘s thoughtful take on Erick ibn Erick’s reaction to the New York Times (“There’s something unsettling about the state of our discourse when high-profile media figures and candidates for public office effectively declare, “I find myself confronted with ideas I disagree with. Where’s my gun?””), and also Driftglass‘s more visceral one (you’re just going to have to read it for yourself, since there’s no way to excerpt it).

    Bob, you’re determined to torment me with Arnold Schwarzenegger, aren’t you?

    (Bob you missed your—well, Paper Willy’s—fucks at 43:23 and 43:38 and fucking at 43:26.)


  • Aynwrong

    Hey Bob, may I suggest this as some Christmas noise that Chez might actually like.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    10 POINTS for Chez! The PERFECT analogy—-monkey’s and monoliths. The new name of the Rethuglicon party. Especially if tRump gets the nomination! Great show guys!