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RELM_buttonThe Hairless Bigfoot: Farewell to the Tarp Man; The Oregon Militia Takes Its First Casualties; Oregon Militia Doofus Screams About the Cops; Trump vs Fox News Channel; Trump Fans Tweet Sexist Slurs at Megyn Kelly; Sarah Palin Defends Trump Against Fox News; Robert Reich's Bernie Sanders Video; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Cybercarl4

    I’m compelled to caution you both, the appeal of Trump and Sanders is motivated by belief that the system is hopelessly broken and has to change. Why vote for a politician who says they are best qualified to try and fix things if in the end it’s still broken? The change necessary in our system requires first and foremost belief that it can happen and that a leader can achieve it. Why vote for a candidate because they fit a demographic analysis of pundits? How many times have they been proven wrong? Vote your conscious. Vote your beliefs. Labeling it unicorns and pipe dreams and saying the adult attitude is to be patient—is how we got here. Yes change can be that quick. It’s called a movement.

  • katanahamon

    Well, caucus is over, Cruz ..blarg..blech..”won”.. I know how much you guys love him. I’ve been trying to think of how best to succinctly refer to him. “Smarmy Doughnuthole”, “Ex Serial Killer Turned Preacher”, or maybe make up a tv/movie extra name for him like..”Pockmarked Villain #2″, “Doughy Henchman”…possibilities are endless.

  • real_earl

    Those pathetic cammo-goobers injuries won’t be bullet wounds … they are Freedom Holes™

    Strange that no mention of Trump founding an ENTIRE University has not been mentioned in the “debates” or in any of his wonderfully informative speeches …

  • Badgerite

    Robert Reich is engaging in wishful thinking. And he confuses Hilary Clinton with Bill Clinton. She is a different person. She will exercise her own judgement. All the GOP will need to do it play that dumb YouTube video by Sanders about Eugene Debbs. The ads almost write themselves.

  • Kavonde

    So who are these moderate Republicans Hillary’s going to be able to work with? Because I seem to recall them being systematically purged from Congress over the last five years. And anyone left of Mussolini being considered part of the Establishment. And Hillary being hated with an intense derangement that matches and may even surpass Obama.

    Not saying Bernie could do more. Just saying it won’t matter which one’s President, so you may as well vote for the one you like better.

    • Badgerite

      It matters that a Democrat IS president. These are a scary group. Do not underestimate the damage they can do. They are afraid of the public catching on though. And in my opinion, Hilary is the best person to get the public on her side. If Rush Limboo is saying complimentary things about Sanders, it is not because he thinks they could not effectively smear him. Count on it.

      • Kavonde

        Hey, same team. If Hillary wins the primary, she’s got my vote. I just think the idea that she could get more done than Bernie is naive. Neither of them would be able to do much as long as the Republicans retain any degree of power in Congress.

        • Badgerite

          I don’t think I have any naivety left when it comes to the GOP. Which is why I think it is of primary importance that whoever is nominated can win.
          I don’t believe Bernie Sanders can. They haven’t even gone to work on him yet. What’s more, Hilary Clinton has served in more than one branch of government and has had a GOP target on her back pretty much forever. And she is still a formidable force. Bernie Sanders has what legislation that he has ever gotten passed? How long has he been in Congress?

          • Kavonde

            I wasn’t calling you naive, I was calling Bob and Chez’s assertion that Hillary could “get more done” naive. As far as electability goes, I agree that it’s vitally important that the nominee be able to beat the Republicans handily. I just don’t believe Hillary is the unstoppable force you make her out to be. Yes, she’s survived 25 years of slander at the hands of the Republicans and Fox News, but the general public is only vaguely aware of it–just a lot of angry people grumbling about Hillary being “corrupt.” When the campaigns become less about appealing to the base and more about winning over the low-information undecided voters, they’re going to be hearing about a lot of this stuff for the first time, and they’re going to be overwhelmed by the backlog of bile the Republicans have built up. “Surely,” they’ll say, “ALL of this can’t be bullshit. She really must be a piece of work.”

            Plus, there’s the general malaise towards “the Establishment” of both parties. Even clueless folks will readily agree that the country needs dramatic changes. They’re going to be ambivalent at best towards anyone considered Establishment material–and if it’s Trump vs. Hillary, Trump’s going to be more appealing in that regard.

            I’m not saying Burnie would have it easier. I’m just saying that Hillary may not be the safe bet that some people think.

          • Badgerite

            I didn’t say “safe bet”. But when a GOP hack like LIMBOO makes out like Bernie Sanders is his new BFF, it should tell you something.
            When Nader ran in 2000, the GOP spent money to get him on the ballot that should have been a wake up call to the “Naderistas”.
            It was not. “You say ya want a revolution”? Well, most people don’t.
            That is why the right wing fringe has the ‘three percenters’.
            Revolutions come at great risk and with the threat of much blood shed and the tearing apart of the fabric of society.
            What Bernie Sanders is talking about is change through the existing political process and we call that evolution. It is not dramatic. It is considered and gradual. And Bernie Sanders is not FDR.
            FDR would have been no FDR except for the times he lived in.
            He considered himself a reformer. Not a revolutionary.
            He really had no ideology. He just believed in the country and its principle and tried whatever he thought had a chance of making it better. Sanders is no FDR. And these are not FDR times.

      • Victor the Crab

        I wanna upvote you for infinity for that post! 🙂

        • Badgerite

          “To infinity, and beyond” (Couldn’t resist – Toy Story quote)

  • There is no way in fucking hell those FBI agents shot him while his hands were up and he didn’t have a weapon. No fucking way.

  • Badgerite

    Clinton is ready to be President and ready to take on the GOP. I don’t think Bernie has the experience or the political game to beat the shit storm that the power brokers of the GOP will aim at anyone who gets in their way.

    • Draxiar

      Hillary has navigated through a 24 year gauntlet of investigations, grandstanding, undermining, and general bad behavior. The GOP has inadvertently trained her to handle their infantile ways. Let’s not forget her resume during those 24 years. If she couldn’t deal with it she would have dropped out of politics a long time ago. In the current political climate, Hillary can sail the shark infested waters better than Bernie I think. I like Bernie and I think he has some great ideas…Hillary can get it done. Maybe Bernie as VP…

      • Unfortunately I don’t think Bernie should be the VP. I like him and his ideas too but I think the “socialism” label is too explosive to go into the general with.

      • Badgerite

        All of the above. I particularly liked her appearance before the Spanish Inquisit – errr, the Benghazi Committee. She eviscerated them with a look.
        That’s political talent.

  • Badgerite

    “Jane, you ignorant slut”. Not even original.

  • Badgerite

    I feel sorry for Finicum’s family, but he didn’t “die for his country”. I view his death as similar to someone who dies while driving drunk. Sheer stupidity and recklessness. And vanity. The vanity these guys engage in that they are somehow acting on behalf of some great principle. Had they not noticed that next to no one in the country actually supported or agreed with what they were doing, let alone the people of Oregon.
    The government entities that had to deal with these armed hotheads were eminently patient in the interest of preserving life. Theirs.

  • muselet

    Am I the only one who hears a wee bit of Mongo in that “I … do not f-fully understand”? I’ve always felt sorry for the actor who had to deliver that line after William Shatner chewed the scenery so thoroughly. Appropriate clip, though.

    Bob, there was no tip. The Freeloader Militia openly announced that the leadership would be leaving the gift shop to meet with another mob of armed lunatics.

    The problem with LaVoy Finicum as a martyr to the glorious cause of getting free stuff is that if he wasn’t armed and wasn’t threatening law enforcement in any way, then he took what I presume the followers of the glorious cause would consider the coward’s way out. I’d have thought it would make a better narrative for Finicum to have died, bravely charging the feds with guns a’blazin’ like some weird cross between a Berserker and a Klingon, midwifed by Braveheart‘s version of William Wallace.

    To show just how touched the Freeloader Militia was by the death of LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy‘s attorney released a statement from his client that misspelled Finicum’s name. In fairness, I will give Bundy this much credit: he did ask the remaining heavily-armed dimbulbs to go home (of course, if he hadn’t, the feds would have piled another metric shitton of charges on his head).

    In Search of … Dan Bidondi. Damn, it’s too bad Leonard Nimoy isn’t with us any more. Nobody else could do the topic justice.

    Bob, I don’t think that’s bourbon talking. Peyote, maybe.

    Chez, I like the way your brain works. Mal’s full quote, from the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds”:

    Now think real hard. You’ve been birddoggin’ this township a while now. They wouldn’t mind a corpse of you. Now you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.

    Bob, they understand they can be shot and killed. They don’t understand that their own actions make that outcome more likely. They’re the heroes of their own narrative—there’s that word again—and they think they’ll be able to face down an overwhelming force of Evil Federal Agents! and get away without a scratch, because they’re just that awesome.

    “Donald Trump is a nightmare on feet.” Well said, Chez.

    Trump pretending that Fox News Channel is part of theliberalmedia is him pandering to the Right fringe of the Right fringe, also known as The Base, a large part of which has thought that for at least ten years. Of course, had Megyn Kelly not asked him about some of the vile things he’s said about women in the first debate, Trump wouldn’t bother.

    It’s fascinating—for which, read “disgusting”—that of the top ten words tweeted about Kelly by Trump supporters, six are explicitly sexual, three others are insults that would only be applied to a woman, and only one (“ugly”) is gender-neutral. Wastes of oxygen, those Trump supporters.

    Of course Sarah Palin defended Trump. She’s hoping for a cabinet post (there is a Secretary of Incoherency, right?).

    The idea that idiots on the internet are driving views of politics and elections in a stupid direction is, as far as I can tell, true enough. That’s less of an argument for bringing back the gatekeepers—even though I’m certainly sympathetic to that view—and more of an argument for putting Civics classes back into school.

    I considered myself a cynical, tough-minded realist when I was 18 and first registered to vote (I wasn’t, of course). I did know better than to think voting for one candidate would magically change the world, and I did see, even mumble-mumble years ago, that the Rs were gradually going mad, but all the idealistic stuff we were taught in Civics simply didn’t seem to be happening. Even then, I realized progress—however defined—was a long, hard slog against entrenched opposition. I can’t imagine how anyone can manage not to drown in their morning oatmeal and yet think voting for a particular candidate for President would make it all better.

    I understand Robert Reich’s arguments for Bernie Sanders, and I admire the man, but I’m unconvinced. Goes to show we’re all susceptible to wishful thinking, I suppose.

    (Bob, you missed your bullshit at 57:54.)


    • Aynwrong

      Double kudos for the Nimoy reference. A show created for engaging scientific curiosity hosted by a man known for his erudition and dignity on the hunt for the modern day missing link.

      Would be worth seeing for the surrealism alone.

    • Love, love, love that quote from Firefly. And “Secretary of Incoherency” FTW

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Imagine tRump giving a press conference with Sam Donaldson!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    She also needs a rhyming dictionary.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    At 38:20, Palin talks about “those with the heart to serve”…She does remember that she quit halfway through her governorship, doesn’t she? Is that her definition of having “the heart to serve”?

  • katanahamon

    What is fascinating is that what is going on with the militia cosplayers is directly related to what is happening with Trump and Fox. The right wing bubble that reinforces the wackos is unprecedented in history, and as you guys said, what is going on between Trump and Fox is worth at least analyzing. Because Fox isn’t an actual reputable news organization that follows rules and has a shred of dignity (see their attack on Trump) they are free to make up a wacky universe where it is reasonable to promote grabbing your guns and shooting abortion providers or taking over a federal building. At this point, if we can’t get rid of Fox, we need to set up an equally outrageous left wing “news network”. (Yeah, of course the right wing already thinks anything with actual facts is left wing propaganda). The existence of these outlets that promote fantasy is destroying our country.

  • josephebacon

    Hey Bob & Chez! I warned you about Trump Steaks and now I got to warn you guys about this…

    • muselet

      Oh, good grief.