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RELM_buttonTiny Hands Off My Obamacare: We're back from vacation and illnesses; The Trump Crisis Day 68; Republican calls CBO numbers 'fake news'; Hearings on Russia hacking underway; Trump's bromance with Putin; Chez is drinking too much; Bourdain predicted the Trump Putin alliance; Trump is writing his own inaugural; GOP authorizes trillions added to debt; Trump voters realizing they're losing their healthcare; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • josephebacon

    I’ve said for years that there is no difference between the Republican Party and the Communist Party of the USSR. People used to laugh at me.

    They’re not laughing now.

  • Maybe we should start calling Republicans “porn star politicians,” because their behavioral justification can be summarized by “suck my dick.”

    Q: Why are you proposing massive deficit spending when you were so opposed to it under Obama?
    A: Suck my dick.

    Q: Why did you attack Obama for “appeasing” foreign leaders or going on “apology tours” but now praise Vladimir Putin?
    A: Suck my dick!


    • Scopedog

      You might be on to something there. It looks like “Suck my dick!” just might be the default GOP response to anything now, especially with Trump.

  • xServer

    Hey Chez – just a note…I feel you. It’s not productive or good or a long-term solution but there’s been too much drinking going on in my household, and more anger than is healthy. I’m hoping we all pull out of this soon. Because none of us deserve to drive our lives into the ground because of THAT shitheel’s election and the truths it has revealed about our country.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    We are now the failed state with a nuclear arsenal that we keep warning the world about. Talk about irony!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob, you MUST be sick!!! You’re either not thinking clearly or being way generous—–you just said Rump (the Twit in chief) had a brain! Addled, yes, but still, a brain! We all know he has no brain. There is just a dry, dusty road with the occasional tumbleweed blowing by. Nothing else in his big fat orange head.

    • Whoops!

      • ProudLiberalAlways

        I’m really glad you’re better, Bob. I have had the same thing for the past 3 weeks, and can’t seem to shake it. Thank the Lord your experience was different.

  • My ACA premiums did go up quite a lot, almost doubling and I get no subsidies. HOWEVER, the majority of people who do get subsidies and who would not have healthcare otherwise, did not see an increase or not much of one. Also, without the ACA the cost would have gone up at an even higher rate. So I still support the ACA. I no longer use it because I’m finally on my husband’s plan but that only lasts for two more years when he retires. He will get insurance through his tribe but I cannot. So I either pay for Cobra which is still expensive or I go back on Obamacare, which won’t be there anymore. Plus my 6 year old gets insurance through ACA. What if they drop him after the repeal? What if I can’t get insurance for my son? What do people in the middle class like me do?

    I’m with you Chez, I’m raging inside.

  • muselet

    America Held Hostage: Day 68 (yes, I’m stealing from what became Nightline—wanna make something of it?).

    Donald Trump has a burning need to surround himself with sycophants. Nobody would know who Omarosa Manigault is without Trump and she gave him a (figurative) tongue-bath (“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to president Trump,” Manigault said in a promo for [a PBS] documentary. “It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”), so of course he’s going to hire her for some made-up baloney position. If he were confident, he wouldn’t need to have lickspittles and toadies around him at all times.

    “Czar of Leaks and Douchebaggery” sounds like a perfect job title for Julian Assange.

    Chez, that amount of anger isn’t healthy. I understand why you’re feeling it—believe me, I do—but you need an escape from that, one that doesn’t involve drinking your liver to death.

    If the Rs do what they’re threatening (repeal and delay), the health insurance industry—not just the individual market, but the whole shebang—goes tits-up. The Rs would introduce so much uncertainty into the health insurance market that only a few companies wouldn’t flee screaming. Plus, hospitals start hemorrhaging money again because of treating uninsured patients. Plus healthcare providers start losing money. Plus people get sicker and die younger, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Rs.

    Kevin Drum is dismayed that Ds haven’t enthusiastically defended the ACA. As for Barack Obama, if he had gone out of his way to defend—or, worse, champion—the ACA, our glorious news media would have spent endless hours, ink and pixels accusing him of “grandstanding” and “spiking the ball” and “not being presidential” (for which, read “being uppity”); by keeping a low profile, he let the ACA go into effect without his (unpopular in certain places) name being attached to popular programs like the KYnect exchange.

    Jim DeMint is an ideologue. That’s why he heads Heritage. To the best of my knowledge, he’s never actually said, “These are the conclusions on which I base my facts,” but in practice he’s never been far from that. That he would call a number from the CBO “fake news” doesn’t surprise me. It appalls me, but it doesn’t surprise me.

    Russell’s Teapot is a lovely illustration of the burden of proof. After Antonin Scalia died, a troll on the blog or Banter, I misremember which, insisted I was wrong about both Occam’s Razor and the burden of proof because it was blindingly obvious that Obama had ordered Scalia—an overweight, almost–eighty-year-old smoker and drinker with an aversion to physical exercise—killed by his secret ninja assassin team or some such. I stopped responding after a couple of rounds. The troll stopped posting shortly thereafter.

    “Trump is establishing policy, basically, by memes.” Scarier words have seldom been uttered.

    Donald Trump is a sore winner. A second-grader would be given a stern talking-to about behaving that way. (Of course, Trump claimed in The Art of the Deal he punched his second-grade music teacher in the face—he’s since backed off the claim—so it’s unclear whether a talking-to would have had any effect.) A man-child, indeed.

    Bob, the inauguration won’t be like passing a car crash on the freeway. It’ll be more like passing a kidney stone.

    Guaranteed, Trump will go off-prompter. If we’re all very lucky, he won’t challenge Kim Jong-un to a duel or order nuclear strikes on Beijing.

    Party Before Country. That’s the Rs’ slogan, whether they admit it or not.

    The funniest—yes, I have a strange sense of humor—complaint by the RealMurcans is that we “coastal elites” look down on them. Meanwhile, an article in the LA Dog Trainer maybe two or three months ago opened with one of those salt-of-the-earth RealMurcans saying (quoting from memory) “we have values and morals out here.” Who exactly is condescending to whom?

    Of course Trump considers people who didn’t vote for him enemies. That’s bad enough, but his supporters think so too, and they don’t have nearly the self-control of Donald Trump.

    Bob, nothing will get Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to withdraw his (not yet official) nomination as Attorney General. Nothing. This is his opportunity to get back at those who torpedoed his District Court nomination in 1986. You think Trump is petty and vengeful? Just wait.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s shit at 4:40 and his fucking at 49:57.)


  • Badgerite

    I find it nothing short of amazing that we now have celebrities of Fixed ‘news’ praising Assange who published all the material that we now have an American soldier convicted of espionage sitting in prison for sending to Assange and that put the lives of American soldiers and citizens and foreigners working with American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in peril. I would have to say, that’s pretty ‘deplorable’.
    But then if you look at the proposed cabinet, the one qualification, other than you are not the person who prosecuted and jailed Jared Kushner’s father, would be how favorable are you to the interests of Vladimir Putin. It couldn’t be anymore obvious as to why Putin would have ordered Russian intelligence to do everything it could to elect the Trump Monster. As Digby points out, he has not released his tax returns for a reason and that reason has to be what is contained in them and what it shows about the influence on and the power of foreign interests over trump’s financial affairs.

    • Scopedog

      I said this a couple of weeks ago in regards to the Obama Administration vs. the Trump Administration–it’s going to be like we’re switching the channel from “Masterpiece Theater” to “Ow! My Balls!”.

      I mean…you can’t even call what Trump is putting together an “Administration”. It’s a huge, stinking pile of shit.

      And to see some in the GOP and on Fox perform verbal fellatio on Wikileaks and Assange drives the point home about how the political spectrum is shaped like a horseshoe–go far enough to the Right, you end up bumping into the Left, and vice-versa.

      Finally…I wonder if all those “protest voters” who flocked to Jill Stein or Gary Johnson because Hillary was supposed to be worse than Trump have come to grips with what’s happening. Part of me doubts it, based on my experiences with a few Nader voters back in 2000-2001. Even as the Bush team started to tear down what Clinton had fixed, and even after 9-11, they would still beam about how wonderful it was to vote for Nader, because somehow, Gore would have made things worse….the mind reels.