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RELM_buttonThe Almighty Zuckerberg: Rare Species of Dolphin Killed by Selfie Seekers; Humans Suck; Trump Gets into a Pissing Match with the Pope; Mika Brzezinski Nails Trump; Facebook Controls the Election and the Internet; Bernie's Legislative Road Map; New Polls Showing Hillary Victories in March Primaries; Hillary Barked Like a Dog; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Victor the Crab

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Social media is evil. And Mark Zuckerberg is Satan incarnate.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Another great show!
    I’m glad that Bernie is running because he pushes the conversation left and I’ll support & vote for him in the unlikely event that he wins the nomination. Just as I will strongly support Hillary if she wins.
    I’ve seen the evil of wingnut bigotry and the power of Kochtopus organizations that grip our country, attack the middleclass, demean the poor, distort our national conversation and subversively tip the scales for the the 1%.
    Let’s face it, sane Americans realize the republican party has gone off the rails insane and covets lunatics.
    Success depends on a Democratic concession speech/handover that keeps liberal progressives galvanized & focused. For me Hillary failed grotesquely at this task in her primary against Obama and I hope that whoever loses displays more decorum, better judgement and holds the team together better.
    We need to recognize that the SCOTUS, middleclass America, basic healthcare and much more are at stake when we feel compelled to get into a snit and sit home on election day. Just like in the midterms when liberals didn’t all get a puppy whilst ignoring the unprecedented GOP obstructionism against the President WE elected in a landslide.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the ignorant barbarians are at the door and if you don’t vote Liberal, you deserve what you get.

  • On your question: How’s Bernie gonna put his agenda into motion?
    He’s been in congress long enough to know how it all works, guys. It’s not like he’ll have no allies or support on Capitol Hill, or that he’ll waste the entire Transition Period taking a long nap. The GOP won’t treat Bernie any worse than they plan on treating Hillary. So I think that tack doesn’t work.

    And also too, the “BernieBots” being unable to articulate a plan doesn’t mean there’s no plan.

    That said, Go, Bernie; or Go, Hillary – whoever comes first in Philly this summer.

    • >>And also too, the “BernieBots” being unable to articulate a plan doesn’t mean there’s no plan.


      • Just sayin’ the supporters of any given candidate are often very much uninformed about the specifics of their candidate’s agenda – much less about how the candidate will go about putting that agenda into motion in congress.

        Not to get too Both-Sider-y about it, but the Hill-Bots haven’t talked much about how she plans to get things going either.

        And actually, it’s pretty much a moot point anyway because the election campaign is about broad-strokes policy, and the strategy and the tactics of the campaign; it’s not about legislation rollouts and putting cabinet staff together to support those rollouts, etc.

        Go Bernie; Go Hillary – get yer ass out there and vote like democracy’s on the line or somethin’, dammit.

  • muselet

    Bob, I laugh every time you play the audio of that fake ad (two years and counting). It may be the most perceptive—and hilarious—takedown of campaign ads I’ve ever seen.

    I try very hard not to be a misanthrope (oh, stop laughing, I said I try). However, the terribly stupid people on that beach should be held under until the bubbles stop.

    I’m not Catholic, and I’m rooting for the Pope in that particular slap-fight. f I were a militant atheist, I’d still be rooting for the Pope.

    Bob, I must respectfully disagree. Donald Trump is a product of (oh, how I hate this term!) reality television, not of social media, and yes, I’m splitting hairs rather finely.

    Chez, do it! Misattributed quotes are one of the (many) banes of my existence.

    Joe Scarborough has been humping the leg of every R candidate he thinks has a chance at the nomination, and I apologize for the imagery. As little as I think of Mika “Meat Puppet” Brzezinski, I have to admire anyone who smacks down the short-fingered vulgarian.

    I don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg as far as I can throw a fit, which is the main reason I am not on Facebook (the other big reason is that I don’t really give a monkey’s about the quotidian minutiae of others’ lives). Google’s original motto was “Don’t Be Evil” (though in succeeding years, the “Don’t” has been removed); Facebook’s motto might as well have been “Evil” from the very beginning.

    People who will vote in presidential elections but stay home for every other election irritate me. It’s not as if it takes a huge amount of time and effort to become aware of candidates’ positions every year or two.

    You guys can expect a lot of angry comments from Bernie Sanders supporters on the subject of superdelegates.

    “Bernie Sanders versus the calendar” seems a reasonable way to frame the D primary season.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show as always, and very well reasoned. I’m sorry you keep getting crap from one segment of voters. If they would just listen all the way through your statements with some critical thinking working, they would probably HAVE to agree with your premise.