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RELM_buttonSweet Meteor of Death: Bob spilled coffee on his technology; Trump easing sanctions on Russia; White House reportedly disabled phone recording system; Trump goes bananas during Prayer Breakfast; Trump threatens to invade Mexico, threatens war in China, offends Australian prime minister, and puts Iran 'on notice'; Trump's incompetent Yemen raid; Trump doesn't know who Frederick Douglass is; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • katanahamon

    I know a labor attorney who did work for the steel unions and traveled extensively during the run up to the presidential election. He told me that the steelworkers believed that the TPP was “bad” and that China was “bad” and that they believed Fox News when it trashed the trade agreement. Unfortunately, China wasn’t a part of that, and would have been effectively isolated had it been implemented, but, the propaganda and lies won out and they voted for Trump. Fox News and the “alternate facts” being promoted by the right wing remains the most dangerous thing in our country. 77,000 votes if re-cast in the right places would have seen Hillary Clinton in office.

    We must push for the free press to be factual, and not propaganda wings for the right wing. I also think Trump can be hamstrung if people keep hammering his hot button issues, like the fact he isn’t a legitimate president due to his huge popular vote loss and small inauguration crowd size, things like that. Those things, shockingly, occupy as much space as far more important things in Rump’s tiny brain.

    • Rancor Lautner

      Hey KatanahamonBagger, remember back in August or September when you told me to enjoy president billary?

      Yea! I’m still celebrating PRESIDENT TRUMP!

      Get used to eight years of THE DON, Libbagger twit. You are ging to spend all your money in an extended, frenzied, 8 year wanque session that will see your fetid dwelling littered with empty lube bottles, depleted batteries and mounds of soiled tissues.


  • Don P

    I must admit, I did NOT have “War with Australia” on my Trump Mess-ups Bingo card! Occam’s Razor theory: The Aussie PM is a member of the liberal party, despite the liberal party actually being the most conservative. One quick Wiki search by Bannon or Miller is all the prep they did, and the hijinks begin!

  • Draxiar

    The alternative timeline…like you Chez, I can’t stop thinking about it.

  • muselet

    Bob, a few years ago I managed to spill most of a pint of (I believe it was) Newky Brown across the keyboard of my laptop. The repair guy soaked the motherboard and everything else he could separate from the chassis in absolute alcohol for a couple of days, then tested the bits. To his amazement, while the keyboard and trackpad had joined the choir invisible, the motherboard and hard drive were okay. He told me laptops that had had coffee spilled on them tended to stay dead.

    Which is a long-winded way of saying both that I empathize and that you might want to change your morning beverage.

    I would be more or less okay with Donald Trump remaining president if we could be rid of Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, Michael Flynn and the other lunatics with whom Trump has surrounded himself. With better—for which, read sane—advisers, Trump would be just a dumbass in an ill-fitting suit.

    NBC News reported that easing sanctions against the FSB looks like a “technical fix” rather than a broad change in policy. I’m not sure that makes the decision less alarming, in part because of this sentence:

    While the modifying of sanctions against Russia may be a “technical fix,” it is being viewed in Russia with interest.

    Disabling recording equipment is exactly the sort of thing I’d expect from an R administration (and yes, it’s very Nixonian).

    Trump is a vulgarian, a crude, boorish clod of a man who never bothered to learn the social graces most third-graders have had drilled into them. That he would think it appropriate to turn the National Prayer Breakfast (itself a silly tradition that badly needs the soft knock on the head, but that’s a discussion for another time and place) into a campaign rally (and gripe session about The Apprentice, of all things) surprises me not in the slightest.

    In a slap-fight between Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can only hope they both lose.

    Rising to Iran’s bait is an almost unimaginably stupid thing to do, and to bleat that the administration has put Iran “on notice” without any indication what that means is even stupider.

    Malcolm Turnbull would happily feed Trump to the sharks after his phone conversation was abruptly terminated after 25 minutes of Trumpian abuse over refugee resettlement. I doubt Turnbull is alone, either (Theresa May, for example, cannot be happy that the White House’s press release styled her Teresa May, the name of a British porn performer).

    “Does anybody really think that anything is beyond this lunatic at this point?” A fair question, Chez, but Trump voters don’t care as long as he acknowledges their pet obsessions (evidence here and here). If The Dear Leader blows up the world, they’ll vaporize happy because them damn’ illegal Messicans won’t have Obamacare, or some such drivel. Horrifying, it is.

    John McCain is useless. I suppose he actually means the words he says when he gets all mavericky, but when push comes to (very gentle) shove, he’ll put party before country and support the R in the White House. It’s what he does. If Joe Hockey believes anything McCain told him, he’s a fool.

    Threatening to invade Mexico might make Trump feel as if he has normal-sized fingers, but it’s (here’s that word again) stupid. It might be ever-so-slightly less stupid if he had the first clue who those “bad hombres” (sheesh!) are, but Mexicans would not stand for a US invasion, especially during this administration. Small wonder Enrique Peña Nieto is playing it cool.

    The military is trying to get out in front of the inevitable claims of incompetence that will flow like a mighty river from the White House. It may work, too, because it’s not likely anyone in the Pentagon is terribly impressed by Trump and they won’t be intimidated by him. Dominance games work in both directions, and military officers train to be dominant.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is a special place in hell waiting for Sean Spicer.

    Trump is an ignoramus. Of course he had (and even now has) no idea who Frederick Douglass was. If he did know, he’d never have mentioned the man. Spicer should have been ready to respond to his boss’s screwup, and would have been if he weren’t so bad at his job.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s shit at 46:56.)


    • katanahamon

      Yeah..just change the morning beverage to pure alcohol, that way it only cleans things if you spill!

      • muselet

        Vodka—it’s not just for breakfast anymore.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    SO………’s going to be war with China? Australia? Iran? and Mexico? Dear God, we’re all gonna die! Here I thought maybe we’d get blown to smithereens by Russia, and apparently they’re the only ones who aren’t “after” us at the end of just the 2nd week!!! Bob, your reference to “The Enemy Within” was a welcome giggle. Thanx!

  • Badgerite

    No words. This crew it a God damned embarrassment and a danger to everything.
    Life, the universe and everything.

  • Mea culpa….I thought or at least hoped that our government would work as some kind of control on him. I underestimated the depravity of the Republicans and their desperation to be in power.

    As a result of the Drumpf Administration Russia and China will ascend to be the most powerful nations on Earth while we run a distant third at best. Have you ever read the “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”? Every college student should be required to read it. That’s where we are going and the things that will do us in, we have done to ourselves.

    Chez…you’re not alone. Every time I hear something on the news, I think about the alternate timeline too. And then I re-experience the anger and regret.

    When I heard about the failed op in Yemen, I immediately thought of the mother of one of the guys who died in Benghazi who tearfully accused Hillary of killing her son and supported Drumpf. Where is she now? I better see some fucking families of the dead on TV crying big ol fucking crocodile tears about how Herr Gropenfuhrer killed their son(s). I don’t mean that to denigrate her grief. I say it because the hypocrisy that we are already seeing in the media about what happened and who should be held responsible, as you guys said, is glaringly obvious. And that poor soldier and poor child are only the first victims. The pile of bodies is going to get much larger, very quickly.

    • Scopedog

      You know, this has come to mind over the past couple of weeks:

      I mean…remember when this asshole was claiming that he would be so good at the military, our heads would spin? Or that he didn’t need briefings because he was, like, a smart person? That he was smarter than the generals?

      Well, shit.

      As Chez said, this is not a joke, it’s not a game. And yet too many last year thought it was, and chose to play the idiotic “vote third party!!” or not vote at all.

      Shit–some people did not fucking learn from 2000.

      • It’s infuriating, I know. Herr Drumpf, just 13 days in, not only has a failed military mission to his credit but his press secretary revealed the name of the soldier’s widow. Anyone in the military that voted for this yahoo is going to get a very ugly wake up call. And though I disagree with their vote, I sure as hell don’t want to see them die in some foreign land for his stupidity.