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RELM_buttonThe Poorly Educated: Special Friday Show; Loud Noises at the CNN Republican Debate; Ben Carson's Fruit Salad; Lindsey Graham Nails Trump's GOP; Trump Pledges to Sue the Media; Biff Tannen was Based on Trump; Trump's Supporters Oppose the Emancipation Proclamation; Ted Cruz Wants to Pardon Anti-Choice Video Pranksters; Bob Fights Pro-Hillary Propagandist; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • When Rubio interjected during the debate about how Trump never funded him I was reminded of my 6 year old. My son is often left out of adult conversations I have with my 12 year old daughter and he just can’t stand it. So he will try to say something to get attention. Sometimes it’s related to what we’re talking about and sometimes it isn’t. But no matter what, it’s a pitiful, obvious ploy to get attention. That’s exactly what Rubio sounded like.

  • Badgerite

    I thought that video of Il Duce going up to and menacing an individual protester who did nothing more than wear a t-shirt pointing out the undeniable truth that the leader of the KKK ( David Duke ) endorses Donald Trump truly disgusting and rather instructive of what a pompous and dishonest bag of gas Trump is.
    “Who will rid me of this troublesome First Amendment? Where are the Brownshirts?”
    Makes Nixon look congenial and well adjusted. Of course, Il Duce seemed to develop amnesia as to who David Duke is when asked point blank by Chris Wallace about his support. And then later gave a very Nixonian non-disavowal disavowal. And I quote: “All right. I’ll disavow it”
    Uh huh. I’m sorry, they’ve gone well past the Bat Sh-t Crazy line and now have trampled into the territory of Disgusting Vermin.

    • muselet

      I could be wrong, but I believe it was Driftglass who was the first to call Donald Trump “Il Douche.”

      And I know it was Charlie Pierce who said on Friday that “the current Republican frontrunner now has stopped flirting with fascism and is now taking it out to dinner and a show.”

      Both of which are funny, but it’s scary that there’s someone in American politics who makes such jokes necessary.


  • Badgerite

    “Didn’t approve of freeing the slaves”? Your modern day GOP, ladies and gentlemen.
    Yeah. Lincoln. That loser.

    • Possibly more depressing: that a good chunk of the “disapprove” respondents had already decided on that answer when they heard “executive order” and didn’t bother listening further.

      On the other hand, “Trump supporters are what, like 30% of 30% of the country? So 20% of *nine percent*? So less than 2%? I think that’s probably as good as we can expect, or close enough.

  • leemoder

    Christie’s hugging is easily explained: He’s a star-fucker. Whenever he he’s around someone of perceived greater power Chris Christie is moved to attached himself to that person in any way possible.

  • Badgerite

    Lindsey Graham. ( Applause,applause, applause. )

  • muselet

    Bob, your voice wasn’t unlistenable, but it made me want to clear my throat in sympathy every ten seconds or so.

    Sweet mother of pearl, to think one of those Rs could be elected President in November.

    Lock all the R candidates in a room with salty snacks and nothing to drink until they work out their differences in private. Maybe we could check to see who’s left in two or three weeks, no rush.

    Lindsey Graham is right about his party. There’s a first time for everything.

    The crazies have been gaining control of the GOP at least since the election of Ronald Reagan (I’d argue since the nomination of Barry Goldwater, but that’s just me), and you guys are right, the only party to blame is the Republican Party. The cries of disbelief and outrage from the Rs and their enablers in our glorious news media—hi, David Brooks and Ron Fournier!—ring false.

    It sounds like Chris Christie got offered a cabinet position by Donald Trump.

    Bob, the respondents are taking polls seriously, the problem is that a goodly percentage of them stop thinking as soon as they hear “executive order.” Phrase the question differently and you’d get (slightly) different numbers. That said, Rubio supporters’ 5% is still far too high a negative response to the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Ted Cruz is not a drooling moron—don’t get me wrong, he’s a terrible excuse for a human being and I wouldn’t piss down his throat if his guts were on fire (apologies for the mental image), but he’s not stupid—which means either he’s pandering to the fetus fetishists or he really and truly is delusional enough to think David Daleiden isn’t a lying liar who tells lies. Either way, he has disqualified himself from being taken seriously by anyone with two or more operational brain cells.

    Chez, lawnorder only ever applied to melanin-deficient people.

    Bob, it’s very simple: after Cruz abolishes the IRS, your taxes will something something tyranny something something something Founding Fathers something something freedumb!

    More seriously, when Sarah Palin declared she wanted to do away with the Department of Energy a couple of months ago, Kevin Drum pointed out that what matters isn’t agencies or departments, but functions. Republican voters don’t understand the notion of functions, they simply see the evil and hated gummint being too big and cheer themselves hoarse whenever an R promises to eliminate part of it.

    Bob, Dennis Miller was never funny.

    As I said at The Daily Banter, there have always been ways for True Believers to convince themselves their candidate is going to win, but now they’re using the internet, where everyone can see the circle jerks in real time (apologies for this mental image, too).

    (Bob, you didn’t bleep Chez’s asshole at 48:10.)


    • Badgerite

      No. He never was funny. Even less so now.

      • Couldn’t agree with you both more. In fact, the Republican Debates and Sideshows have been inadvertantly funnier than Dennis Miller could ever be.

  • HilaryB

    That “debate” was horrifying but a little amusing at the same time. One of my favorite moments was Ben Carson asking for someone to attack him. I also appreciated how Trump said he wouldn’t let people just die on our streets and that he would want to keep the law regarding pre-existing conditions in place. Rubio got some really good jabs in, but I thought his performance made it more apparent that he’s too immature to be president and that he’d just be another puppet like W was.

    Thanks for doing the show even though you’re not feeling well, Bob!

  • Don P

    The CSA movie they were takjing about is on youtube:

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob, you still sound a little sick, sorry. Hope you feel better soonest. Great Thursday Night Fights, wasn’t it? God, I’m ashamed to be American!! By the way, Ted, you are a liar.