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RELM_buttonPlease Clap: Jeb Bush's Droopy Campaign; Old School Republicans vs The Reality Show Era; Rand Paul and Rick Santorum Pull Out; Last Night's CNN Town Hall; Previewing the Maddow MSNBC Debate; The Real Progressive Purity Test; 100 percent Establishment Guy; Newspaper Calls for Audit of Iowa Results; Bernie's Youth Vote; Jesse Ventura on Campaign Finance; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • cddb

    After all the recent nastiness between the campaigns, the thing you guys latch onto is Bernie using the word “establishment” as a pejorative? Really??

  • Bosma

    “Please clap..”

    Shades of Fred Thompson.

    Opps. Too soon..?

  • Ceoltoir

    The term corporatist is a way to call someone a fascist without someone calling Godwin on them.

  • Badgerite

    Thuuurrmite paint. OH. It is almost as good as Dan Bidondi.

  • Badgerite

    Dear Lord. Iowa should get over itself. We can all agree that it was a close race. I don’t see that it really matters who “won”. They were basically tied. It will determine nothing of consequence is one or the other came out on top in what is essentially a tie. Move on.

  • Badgerite

    Bernie’s stance that you cannot be moderate and progressive ( see argument as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin ) is not only nonsensical in terms of any real content, it is also a rookie mistake.
    Were he to actually get the Democratic party nomination, unless he plans to do anything but be the roadmap for the GOP to control all three branches of government ( see checks and balances and the lack thereof )
    he will desperately need those “moderates” to support him and support him big time. I see what Barny Frank was talking about. Hilary Clinton seems to know that she needs a unified Democratic party to keep that GOP monster at bay so she reached out to the left wing. Bernie Sanders does not seem to be aware of how destructive this kind of divisive tactic is to a unified front necessary to prevail come election day.
    Hilary Clinton is. And that is why I will vote for her. No matter what stupid label you want to try to pin on her.

  • Badgerite

    I wonder if Ventura even thinks about his drinking water and the piping and all when there are so many more important issues like thermite paint and chem trails to consider.

    • Lancelot Link

      Jesse Ventura doesn’t drink tap water, because of Nazi mind-control Flouride.
      I’m not kidding.

      • Badgerite

        How did this guy become Governor of Minnesota? He has “Fruitcake” practically engraved across his forehead.

        • cmolson

          I actually voted for him. At the time, he sounded good.
          I apologize.

          • Badgerite

            Te absolvo. Go. And sin no more.

  • PJ Bravo

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to today’s show. Definitely will tomorrow. I doubt you had time to factor in Shkreli’s juvenile antics before Congress today. I really hope you guys eviscerate him at your next opportunity. You did a great job with his perp walk. Now he has demonstrated the full scope of his ego and absolute disconnect from reality. He needs the full Bob and Chez dress down. Great show, guys!

  • muselet

    A self-aware man would have folded up his tent and slunk away into the darkness after having to remind his supporters to applaud after an obvious, red-meat applause line. Not our Jeb!, nosirree. I still say Barbara Bush is making Jebbie run, even though he clearly wants nothing to do with the grubby and disreputable business of campaigning.

    On a purely human level, I feel sorry for John Ellis Bush Bush. On every other level, I must confess to being a terrible person for laughing fit to bust a gut.

    Chez, you’re right. ¡Jeb! isn’t evil. That’s exactly why he’s being beaten by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    Chez, you think verbing nouns is awfuling English? Just wait until “dictionary” becomes a verb. (I blame Google, almost entirely without justification.)

    I miss sane Republicans.

    Yes, Donald Trump is the reality show candidate of this cycle. However, as I said about the last show—you guys said it, too—what matters is how Trump’s supporters react to his finishing as the first loser in Iowa. It’s possible the short-fingered vulgarian’s middle-school mean-girl persona won’t be as compelling now that he’s been wounded.

    If Jeb‽ wants to continue to light bales of other people’s money on fire, he can stick around until the end. As I keep saying, though, he looks like he’d rather be shoes off, feet up in Coral Gables instead of mingling with commoners.

    Hillary Clinton is better equipped to deal with the shitstorm the Rs will unleash than is Bernie Sanders. Sanders is (justifiably) proud of the fact that he’s never run a negative campaign, but—for the first time in his political life—he would be up against an opponent who would relish the opportunity for a low blow. Clinton is a good enough politician—for which, read “dirty fighter”—to calibrate her responses precisely, to go for the groin—you should pardon the expression—while (justifiably) presenting herself as the victim of nasty and unfair campaign gossip. You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton, but it’s hard not to admire her.

    Bob, I couldn’t agree with you more about the false “progressive vs. moderate” dichotomy. I may very well be farther to the Left than you are, but I’m realistic enough to know things have to change gradually (maybe it’s my background in biology—Darwin rules OK!—manifesting itself, I don’t know).

    It sounds an awful lot like the Des Moines Register wants to be the agent of chaos on the D side of things. Maybe my memory isn’t what it was, but I don’t recall the paper pitching a fit over the multiple results coming out of the R caucuses four years ago (Romney won! No, it’s Santorum. Oh, wait, we have no idea who won because we’ve lost a huge percentage of the vote tallies. Oopsie.).

    Bernie Sanders may very well be more pragmatic than his more enthusiastic supporters believe. No sensible person could possibly rule out further military action overseas, and Sanders is, once you strip away some of his more … erm … ill-advised rhetoric, sensible.

    As ever, Jesse Ventura is very hard to take seriously, even when what he says makes sense.

    Please clap.


  • Aynwrong

    Haven’t listened to the show yet. Just finished watching the debate. IT WAS EXCELLENT! Hillary and Bernie acquitted themselves wonderfully. Each had their better and weaker moments. But after this debate both candidates made me proud to be a Democrat. There was nothing embarrassing. There were no personal attacks. There was no “low energy” or “the boy in the bubble” idiocy. Two adults debated policy in a serious, detailed and mature manner. There were parts of this debate that were electrifying.

    Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have just made me very proud to be a Democrat.

  • Victor the Crab

    I’m thinking H.A. Goodman’s initials stand for “Huge Asswipe”.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show guys! You’re spot-on with your comments about Bernie’s vetting-to-come. It’s going to be a real bitch. I’ve been wondering about how the far RWingers are going to react if Bernie gets elected. Just like we saw all of the hard-core racists come out after Pres. Obama’s election, will we be seeing the hard-core anti-Semites’ that we know are there? I shudder to think. And Bob, you’re NOT 100% establishment, any more than Chez is.