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RELM_buttonHaters: The Chris Lavoie Suites and Casinos; SNL and Melissa McCarthy kicked serious ass; Betsy DeVos confirmed; Trump says the most unpatriotic thing ever; Trump still pushing fake voter fraud scam; The jihad against the Judiciary; The so called president; Reversing the tennis ball machine; Trump accuses press of not covering terrorism; Alex Jones is responsible for terrorism coverage story; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    Here we go.
    “President Donald Trump spent much of a recent phone call with French President Francois Hollande veering off into rants about the U.S. getting shaken down by other countries, …….”
    “It was a difficult conversation because he talks like he’s speaking publicly,” the official said. ” It’s not he usual way heads of state speak to each other. He speaks with slogans and the conversation is not completely organized.”
    New slogan – Make America Not Completely Organized Again.
    Jesus. It’s like Home Simpson is in charge of foreign policy.
    Now one can see why Ivanka sitting in on his initial meeting with the Japanese Ambassador maybe wasn’t such a bad idea. At least she is not Homer Simpson.

  • The DumFux News interview will only serve to help the rubes rationalize their belief that they’re the ones being straightforward & pragmatic, and that they’re reasonable enough to see America’s faults too, blah blah blah.

    Don’t forget:

  • It occurs to me that the “fake news” thing is something 45*’s staffers and handlers are doing to humor him – to keep him relatively calm and reassured, while they put as much distance as possible between him and the actual decision-making machinery.

    Norquist said it (and you guys have hit on it pretty often) – they just want somebody to sign whatever they put in front of him. He’s the near-perfect Empty Vessel. Reagan was the prototype; W was the Beta Test, and now here’s 45*, ready for world-wide distribution.

    It’s worse than we thought, and I don’t know if I should praise you or condemn you for getting me to think about all this.

    Is there like a low-dose Blue Pill? Just something to take the edge off?

    • He’s the Useful Idiot of so many factions…bad enough he’s Putin’s first and foremost but we have alt-right in there as well.

  • The scariest thing to me is that Herr Hair didn’t even read the f*cking order that Bannon put before him. We’re just lucky that the order wasn’t an order to do something even worse than the ban. And we shouldn’t have to depend on luck to avoid disaster. He’s completely incompetent.

  • Badgerite

    Malcolm Turnbull is the “leader of his country”. So is Enrique Pena Nieto. So is Angela Merkel. Somehow it is only Putin that President So Called cannot seem to bring himself to do anything that doesn’t involve President So Called being on his knees. He has insulted China, Australia, Mexico, Germany, probably Poland soon.
    Never a cross word or so much as anything but gushing when it comes to Putin.
    Putin owns him.

  • Gussie Jives

    Bob, love you always, but… you gotta stop name-dropping Sam Harris. The argument that you cited was just unconvincing.

    Let me put it this way: you’re a Tragically Hip fan, right? Did you pick up Gord Downie’s last solo work, Secret Path? The one about Chanie Wenjack, the Ojibwe kid who died of starvation and exposure after fleeing his Residential School?

    Try applying the Sam Harris logic to Canadian aboriginal policy at the turn of the 20th century. After all, you’re trying to educate kids, teach them skills that will be valuable to them, let them learn English or French, teach them our Christian values, civilize the heathen and all that. Best of intentions.

    Some kids get abused? Spread tuberculosis? Die on a rail bed after walking 20km in -6C weather? The Canadian government didn’t intend for any of that. But it still happened, and intentions are cold comfort for Chanie Wenjack after his windbreaker was soaked through with freezing rain in the middle of the northern Ontario wilderness.

    Putin’s a murderer. He has ordered the execution of journalists who oppose his regime. Canada ordered the separation of families and the placement of children in institutions meant to strip them of their family connections. And at the risk of debunking an American myth and taking my life in my hands (*wink*), the American CIA’s track record in places like Chile, Iran, Honduras and Nicaragua (to name but a few) speaks for itself.

    There’s a great quote on Gord Downie’s Secret Path website attributed to Joseph Boyden that says: “Do we want to live in a haunted house the rest of our lives?” Maybe Americans are content to live in a haunted house, content with the comfort of good intentions. As a Canadian, I’d like to put my nation’s ghosts to rest. Noam Chomsky wants to do the same with America’s ghosts when he dismantled Harris’ logic in their little email exchange.

    If Harris wants to placate his conscience with a thin layer of intentions, that’s his prerogative. Me, I ask a bit more of myself and my people.

    • Chez brought up Sam. I don’t think I did.

      • Gussie Jives

        Fair cop. I’d still recommend steering clear of Harris’ rationalizations though.

        • While it’s fair to say that “the road to hell is paved with Good Intentions”, consequences DO matter. That’s your argument in a nutshell. And I agree.

          A better argument against Putin is definitely the degree of his intent. He maliciously and with foreknowledge plotted to kill and did kill many journalists. That is worse than not meaning to kill someone but doing so. The debate then devolves to “is this a distinction without a difference”?

          I think that’s the wrong debate to have. If the person making the argument has condemned the US’s inadvertent murders in the past, then they can safely condemn Putin. Essentially, the US does NOT want to be the country that murders people with good or bad intentions. Putin does want Russia to be that kind of country. And I believe Herr Hairenfuhrer wants us to be that kind of country. That should not be anything that ethical, patriotic US citizens would want. That’s the real objection.

          • Gussie Jives

            Sam Seder had a good summary of the proper angle in Trump’s statement: “Trump is correct that the US isn’t innocent, but he’s brushing that aside as something that doesn’t require action.” To the degree that the US isn’t acting with malice of forethought against its own people, its government is better than Putin’s, but that’s damning with faint praise.

  • Aynwrong

    At this point there are people in the White House whose sole job is to play catch-up with Donald Trump’s public brain farts.

    People have brought up the fact that Saudi Arabia is not on the list of Trump’s travel ban countries despite the fact that 14 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from there. Rightly so of course. It’s no coincidence that Trump does business there I’m sure. I find it interesting that Chechnya is also not on the list and that Trump hasn’t used the Boston Bombing as fear mongering nightmare fuel. This is the country that foreign born terrorists came from (I don’t want to use their names).

    I guess the notion of banning travel to and from a part of the world that falls in Russia’s sphere of influence might get a little too close Trump’s comfort zone. Which is hardly surprising, but should be shocking.

    Also, it’s possible that in the minds of Trump’s voters (and maybe Trump himself) that Muslim terrorists come from the Middle East AND THAT’S IT!

  • muselet

    Chez, that’s not the ethanol talking, if you wondered. It all feels unreal to me, too.

    Betsy DeVos is a shockingly unqualified nominee for Secretary of Education (of course, she’d be shockingly unqualified for any position of authority). On one hand, American schoolkids will suffer because of her confirmation; on the other hand, the Rs own her and everything she does from this day forward.

    The funniest part of the “Trump tweeting in his bathrobe” story was the pushback from the White House that Trump doesn’t own a bathrobe, as if that was the important part of the story.

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that Trump didn’t read the executive order putting Fat Goebbels—as Roy Edroso styles him—on the NSC before he signed it. His outrage at not having been fully briefed on the EO is telling, since it’s not a long document; I’m convinced Trump is functionally illiterate, as I said on the blog.

    Bob, certain parts of the Right think Fox is part of theliberalmedia, so it’s not a huge step from there to “fake news.” Just wait for the backlash against Bill O’Reilly.

    I defy Donald Trump to name a single journalist or opposition politician murdered by the United States government in the past 17½ years, roughly the same amount of time Vladimir Putin has been running Russia. Arsehole.

    Trump hasn’t gone after Putin because Putin has his … erm … goolies in a vise, so Trump doesn’t dare. He hasn’t gone after Theresa May because he wants the EU to split apart (the EU combined is too big a competitor to the US for his taste) and sees Brexit as the first step toward that goal. Of course, by deliberately insulting just about every other head of state, he guarantees China becomes the dominant economic power in much of the world.

    Donald Trump has a child’s understanding of voter registration.

    Hey, as long as Trump didn’t spell it “haterz” we have nothing to worry … oh, hell, that ‘s not even funny. Several years of careful diplomacy and negotiations between Iran and the P5 + 1 is not the same as Trump giving Putin a hummer in return for corrupting the US electoral process, and even a simpleton should be able to grasp that.

    That Trump would look preemptively to scapegoat the judiciary is not surprise, and Trump’s fans will go right along with him if something happens. Judges have always been a favored target for the Right, for whatever reason, but there are now enough highly-armed dingbats to make that antipathy genuinely dangerous.

    Bob, I respectfully disagree. The tennis-ball machine exists to distract from important news. We in the reality-based community really need to ignore the barrage of nonsense and focus on what’s really important. For example, the Charlie Foxtrot of a raid in Yemen, apparently undertaken because Trump got manipulated by James Mattis and Joseph Dunford; you know, the guys who were supposedly going to keep Turmp in check.

    Oh, good grief. Paul Joseph Watson is now a credible source of information, according to the current resident of the White House (who is, by the way, a credulous boob).

    Donald Trump reminds me more and more of Silvio Berlusconi: a wealthy builder turned politician, with a very wide authoritarian streak and an unfortunate taste for young women. I’m waiting for the revelation that there are “bunga bunga” parties at the White House (just typing that made my skin crawl).


    • I don’t buy the distraction theory, my friend. There’s no grand strategy at the White House — it’s all flailing and incompetence.

      • muselet

        No, you’re right. This administration isn’t competent enough to bury its incompetence under more incompetence.

        Grand strategy or no, however, the effect is the same: the White House’s endless supply of lies and blunders (not to mention Donald Trump’s wee-hours tweetstorms) are clouds of chaff that distract just about everyone from events and issues that have a real impact on the world.

        What helped end Silvio Berlusconi’s misrule of Italy was the press deciding to cover him as an ordinary politician rather than as an outrageous, offensively outspoken, cartoonishly randy, rich developer-turned-media tycoon who just happened to be Prime Minister. We all need to make that same decision about Trump.


      • I agree. I think that Herr Drumpf thinks he is in control but the people around him know that he isn’t. And they are all jockeying for position with Bannon representing one group, Ivanka/Jared another, and Priebus the other. And then you have the rational, actual public servants who give a sh*t about the country. They fighting for us. Unfortunately, they are also the weakest group of the bunch. The chaos is due to the fact that every day (possibly multiple times a day) we don’t know which group is ascendant. All of this will make a damn fine book. Bob, you should write an examination of these political machinations…seriously, I would buy it (hell, I’d write it myself if I had the time).

        Great podcast BTW!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    The first time I heard “if it bleeds, it leads” was in the 1933 film The Front Page. (I’m an easy mark for old movies. No DC comics).

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Can he even think things through? I personally don’t think he’s capable of thought that involves anything other than himself. Yes, he does have the most massive intelligence apparatus at his disposal, but the narrative is only about what is said about or done to HIM. Or what he thinks is done to him. SNL is the evidence that tRump is a misogynist. The ultimate insult to him is being portrayed by a woman. And yes McCarthy was hilarious! (and not that far off).